golden time spoiler


On the first twilight, offer the six chosen by the key as sacrifices.
On the second twilight, those who remain shall tear apart the two who are close.
On the third twilight, those who remain shall praise my noble name.
On the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.
On the fifth twilight, gouge the chest and kill.
On the sixth twilight, gouge the belly and kill.
On the seventh twilight, gouge the knee and kill.
On the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.
On the ninth twilight, the witch shall revive, and none shall be left alive.
On the tenth twilight, the journey shall end, and you shall reach the capital where the gold dwells.

  • Regina: Rumple and I, there was always a certain amount of chemistry
  • Killian: EW???
  • Emma: EW???
  • Henry: EW???
  • Charming: EW???
  • Snow White: EW???
  • Belle: EW???
  • Zelena: EW???
  • The Blue Fairy: EW???
  • Archie: EW???
  • Pongo: EW???
  • Leroy: EW???
  • Robin (from the grave): EW???
  • Morpheus (from the womb): EW???
  • Zeus: EW???
  • Literally Jesus Christ himself: EW???

Mates mates mates

Mat has written ‘elaborate aliases with backstories’ for people oh my gosh what is going on this is unreal why is this happening

cute pickup line ideas
  • my appearance is a conscious manifestation of light
  • by the way i saved your planet and your species and you’re welcome

Have an early holiday present on me (๑・ω-)~♥”

Christmas edition bbys to celebrate their freedom from “new home”.  Please take good care of them ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3

When the writers make Evil Queen × Rumple a thing:

When they deep kiss on screen:

When someone thinks Rumple should leave the EQ and go back to Belle despite how he has being treating her:

When EQ acts all kittenish around Rumple:

When people actually ship them and hope it’s canon:

When u remember Rumple is Henry’s grandfather and the EQ (Regina’s evil half) Is Henry’s foster mother:

When u remember Belle is pregnant with Rumple’s child and he’s still fucking around with the EQ:

When you remember the only way for the EQ to die, Regina must die too: