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If the flowers in the true lab are the same as Flowey, why does Flowey have 6 petals instead of 5?

(undertale spoilers)

It’s possible that this is something that made Flowey immediately distinguishable from all the other flowers. However, from a design perspective, the six petals could represent the six souls Flowey’s determination came from.

» read more: flowey only met two humans

Made With Adrenaline

An angsty sterek drabble – written during a delirious 2am bought of inspiration – as promised♥ Based very loosely on this prompt.

rated G, 2.3 Also on ao3!

“Yo, dude.”

The mans eyelids twitch - an absent flutter that sets off a deep, nasally inhale.

“God, you could’ve told me you’d be passed out when I found you.”

Before his mind has caught up, his eyes open. He blinks, focusing his vision, performing a routine sweep of his surroundings. A little girl with a green beanie over tangly blonde hair is kneeling in front of him. He watches the pom-pom on the top of her hat bobble as she talks.

“I’m totally gonna be late for school. You said this would be quick.”

His eyebrows furrow. There’s a pressure in his head, the pulsing ghost of something forgotten that’s desperately trying to be remembered. He tries grasping for it and falls through air, and keeps falling, and falling. There’s nothing. No ledges or vines or steps to catch his bearing on.

He can’t remember.

He can’t remember in the way that, if remembering is a skill, a task to be performed, he’d have never been taught how.

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Vegan Birthday-Cake Cupcakes

This is your new go-to, foolproof vanilla cupcake recipe for when birthdays swing around the corner.

These cupcakes are light, sweet, moist, and heap of vanilla give them the most iconic birthday cake taste. Top with pink frosting and colourful sprinkles and you’re set with a classic that won’t displease anyone.

To make these cupcakes you will need: (Makes 12)

1 ¾ cup all purpose flour
1 cup cane sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup unsweetened almond or soy milk
¼ cup coconut oil
¼ cup vegan butter
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Start by beating the butter, oil, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add in the milk and slowly mix until combined. Add in the flour, baking soda and powder and stop mixing as soon as there are no lumps on a medium speed, if using a mixer. Finally, add in the vinegar and immediately fill your cupcake liners. Evenly distribute between 12 liners, you can also make up to 15 if you fill them just halfway, they rise quite a bit. Bake at 350 C for 18-22 minutes.

The cupcakes should be golden, not browned. The surface should be springy to the touch, if it doesn’t spring back and leaves an indent they are not ready. You can also insert a toothpick in the centre and ensure it comes out clean.

As you can see, these cupcakes are light sweet clouds. They are very fluffy and not heavy, so they make a perfect individual serving. A more fun, and personal treat as opposed to a slice of cake.

To make the frosting, you’ll need:

1 cup vegan butter
¼ cup vegetable shortening
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4-5 cups icing sugar
2-3 tablespoons almond or soy milk
pink food coloring

Whip the butter and shortening until fluffy and glossy. You want to incorporate as much air as possible to ensure a fluffy frosting. Add in the icing sugar 1 cup at a time until you reach the desired sweetness and texture. If your frosting becomes too stiff, loosen it with a couple tablespoons of milk. This makes more icing than needed, but can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. You’re bound to have a birthday within that time! You can also half it.

Make sure the cupcakes are completely cool before icing. Store them in an airtight container in the fridge and pull put 1 hour before serving to come to room temperature. Don’t forget the sprinkles, otherwise you’ve basically wasted all your time making these cupcakes and you’re an awful friend.

Weapon (Thorin x Reader)

Originally posted by daoriginalhigh

Summary: In the modern world, the reader was turned into a weapon against her will. Now part of Thorin’s company, she has to deal with the fallout of Thorin’s close call after the company barely escapes Azog’s ambush and takes refuge in Beorn’s home.

Notes: Written for the dear anon who underwent chemo a while ago. I hope it’s what you were hoping for. :)
Warning: It gets quite violent in the beginning.
Words: 4164

Sweat drips into your eyes as you twist and slash your dagger across an orc’s bare thigh. The orc howls. Blood spurts from the femoral artery. You lean sideways to evade the spray and twist again to evade a clumsy mace blow.

The orc stumbles, dragged off balance by the momentum of his own weapon. To your enhanced senses he seems to move in slow motion. For a moment, the orc’s chin lifts, exposing his throat above the armor. You feel a short pang of dismay as you flip the dagger and slice again.

Time speeds up as you dip beneath the flashing arc of a mace blow meant for your throat. You turn, quicksilver fast, and make use of the opening it affords you. Another orc drops to his knees. You leave him to choke on his own blood and press on.

Around you, the forest is burning.

You are forging a path toward Azog. The Company is cornered and outnumbered, and time is running out. There are entirely too many orcs; killing their leader is the only way to survive. Thorin was right about that. But he shouldn’t have tried to go it alone, weakened as he was by a persistent bout of illness that had swept through the Company for days.

Taking refuge in the trees had been the only option. Not for you — you had been subjected to years of experimentation and conditioning for this very purpose: infiltration, Guerilla tactics and the whole array of wetwork skills. So you had signaled Thorin and went to ground, making your silent way towards the white warg. Undetectable. Deadly.

Your whole body is a precision instrument engineered for this specific purpose. Even your sweat adapts to mimic the scents around you. You could stand right in front of a warg and it wouldn’t be able to smell you.

But none of that matters now.

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I suddenly want Ianto to really spell out to Gwen just how thoughtless she was in pushing the resurrection glove in TKKS. And how little compassion she showed the team when Suzie came back. I think he’d see it and feel it, that she was utterly clueless, just pushing and pushing with not even a “Hey, I know she was your coworker, but we’ve got to do this.” Just blaming them for the Retcon murders and pretty much ignoring how hard it had to have been for them. She must have seen it - Tosh walks away and Owen flat out admits he’s terrified. 

I need more Ianto lets Gwen have it fics in my life. Real ones, not petty jealousy, and ones where she actually gets it as well. Any recommendations? Because the one I’m writing sadly won’t be it. I suppose I could add it to my TBW list…Ten Times Ianto Let Her Have It…or…Ten Times Ianto Dropped a Truth Bomb…Ten Times Ianto made Gwen Cry…

Sorry, just in that sort of mood…

Skinny Dipping

No, it’s not what you think.  But it is slightly NSFW.


Starfire hummed to herself as she headed for the Tower’s indoor swimming pool. The day was hot, and while the Tower’s air-conditioning was working properly and maintaining a pleasant seventy-five degrees throughout it, she still felt the need to refresh herself. She pouted a little as her mind went back to her boyfriend’s morose refusal to join her. He could be so infuriating with that obsession he had with paperwork and crime pattern research.

A small smile spread over her face, just a little crooked. To be sure, it would all go on his tab, and she would have him pay it in full come the evening. But for now, she would have to enjoy her swim by herself.

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Bread Pudding

Title : Bread Pudding

Characters : Jungkook of BTS & You

Genre : Fluff

Rating : -

Summary : Jeon Jungkook is your new neighbour whom you one-sidedly label as a jerk because he has eaten your bread pudding. The one who whistles in class, whose hair glitters every time the light hits, and who wears only one earring. However, just like how you have realized too late, Jeon Jungkook is so much more.

Word Count : 12,399 words

A/N : So I collect all the cheese (mozzarella) I have in me and glaze it over this piece of story that turns out -immensely- longer that I had planned. I hope you like this, loves! Please gimme them notes if you do <3

My Other Works : Submerged (Dream!Namjoon), Luna (Taehyung of BTS), Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS), My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B) , Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

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flowers wilt [draco x reader]

a/n; well i tried

warnings; sad??? angst??? i’m not sure myself…


prompt; (from luna lovegood iguana (q))  Could you maybe do one where The reader and Draco are in a secret relationship, and she’s a half blood from a mostly Pure blooded rich family. And she gets a love stone necklace from Draco and it lights up at both of there touch signifying they are soul mates. And then later she gets kidnapped by Bellatrix or something and gets brought to Malfoy manor, and Bellatrix wants the necklace but doesn’t want to touch her so she makes Draco do it, but it lights up and Lucius gets all mad and try’s to kill the reader? I got that from another fanfic but I would appreciate a fanfic based all around that scene though. /   please please please could you do a draco angst please please I love your writing so much and take your time 💌 (anon)


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A touch of one’s true love can make the heart glow, quite literally in the situation you found yourself in.

It is almost comedic. The locket he had gifted you as a show of love and protection is now an omen that foretold of nothing but upcoming pain and heartbreak. The lights here, in the Malfoy manor, are pale blue and cold, making the warm glow coming from your heart-shaped necklace glimmer on your soft skin and pierce the air. Draco’s hand, that resting on your forearm as he was told to escort you away, stays permanently frozen as his pupils shrink in alarm. The room occupied by mostly his family and you falls completely still. No one dares to take a breath. No house elf dares to poke his head through the ajar door.

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I’m the girl men fall in love with the idea of.
They catch glimpses of parts of me and think
 They know the rest hidden beneath the surface;

The golden girl with the flaming heart.
The playful exuberance too world weary by far.
 The nighttime temptress down on her knees.
The selfless caretaker too kind to believe.
The warrior-princess covered in scars
The simple girl who still wishes on stars.

They all choose a part of me to worship
Setting aside the rest of the puzzle pieces
Still looking for a heart to call home
Because it’s easier to put me in a box
Than to put me together until they find a whole picture.

In the end sparkling bits and baubles of me adorn their memories
Until I become the one who got away
Which is the reason I never could in the end stay.

I’d rather love the reality that is all of myself
Than be put on a pedestal so high up
There’re no odds of surviving the fall.

© Courtney Turley 2017

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So I'm new to this fandom and even though I've made all runs I still can't understand how Asriel became Flowey? Can you...?

Asriel turned into dust when he died after returning from the surface. That dust (his “essence”) was scattered over the throne room. Seeds from the golden flowers on the surface had stuck to him and he carried them into the underground. The seeds planted themselves and grew (with Asgore’s help cultivating them).

Years later, Alphys takes the first golden flower that grew in the throne room as a test subject for her DT experiments. She injects DT into it. The flower develops a consciousness because it is still infused with some of Asriel’s dust, containing his essence.

That flower had grown where he died, so it carried a part of him with it. The DT gave it the ability to keep living after it should’ve died, essentially bringing him back to life. However, as a flower he can’t feel emotions as strongly as he once did. He’s not human, he’s not a monster… he’s something totally different and unnatural now.

There’s discussion in the fandom about whether Flowey is REALLY Asriel, or just a fragment of him. He’s only made out of SOME of Asriel’s original dust. I think the game wants us to believe that he’s Asriel reincarnated. But you could also argue that it’s just a new host carrying the memory of Asriel.

You can also find the golden flowers in other parts of the Underground, as other characters who have been to the throne room pick up the seeds and spread them wherever they go. Toriel (either purposely or accidentally) brings them to the Ruins where Chara is buried. They also appear in Waterfall, possibly because Alphys or Undyne are commonly found there and have worked in the throne room too.

Big, warm bowl of tofu and veggie udon noodles for dinner.

To make the udon:
Fry some firm tofu in a non-stick pan and flip it on all sides, until the surfaces get golden-brown. Add chopped onion and garlic, and sauté. Next, add any veggies of your choice. I added bean sprouts, mushrooms, cabbage and sliced carrots. In a separate pot, cook noodles according to package instructions. While the noodles are cooking, make the sauce by combining 1 tbsp tahini, 1/3 tbsp miso paste, 1 tsp lemon juice and some warm water to thin it out. When the noodles are done, toss the noodles with the veggie-tofu mix, then pour the sauce over. Add about 1tbsp soy sauce and toss everything well to combine. I added some kale at this stage and let that wilt for a minute. Top it with dried seaweed and sesame seeds. Enjoy!

“Unexpected romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic Part 15/15. Final .

AN: Hello everyone. I know nobody cares but this story has came to an end. Hopefully you guys liked reading this as much as I enjoy writing. Now this doesn’t mean I will not post anything anymore. I might post a one shot related to this plot or some other interesting fanfics with Rami or his characters. Anyways, I would appreciate much if anyone sent me some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Word count: 1124
Warning: mature content :) wink wink

 - - - - - -

You were already running, wanting to see the pharaoh as quickly as you could. As you were fumbling with the keys in your hands to open the exhibit, they had fallen down on the ground several times. It was extremely noticeable you were nervous. And once you’ve finally picked the correct key you managed to unlock the door. Opening them slowly and a bit awkwardly, since you had no idea how to act. This was completely and only your fault. Now the sight was a bit confusing to your eyes. Has he not awakened yet? Where is he? You’ve thought to yourself before slowly approaching Ahkmenrah’s sarcophagus, it was half opened but for some reason you were afraid to peek inside. So you’ve decided to knock on the golden surface several times in hope he will answer.

“Who is it?” you finally heard him speak, but no motion. “I-it’s me …” you mumbled as loud as your anxiety allowed you too.

“Why are you here? I figured you don’t want to see me again.” He said in a bit rougher than how he would usually speak to you. “I-I was incorrect. My acting was not thought through at all and I was mistaken. I was hoping, you and m – “

“You and I could what?” he interrupted you and sat up in his sarcophagus, slowly removing the linen of his neck for more comfort. “Try having something new to you can hurt me again? Is that what you wanted to say?”

“N-no! Of course not. I don’t want to hurt you. And as you say I have, but those were not my intentions. As I said I was mistaken… “

“Well in case you are still looking for that answer, it is absolutely negative. I cannot allow you to do that to me again. You know if we were in the ancient times right now, my father would have ordered his servants to burn you alive. Because I’m too nice.” He said his final words before lying back down inside.

You were left speechless, since you two were doing just fine two days ago. Your stubborn body and mind refused to leave the spacious room. Instead of that you sat down on the stairs before lying down on the stone, placing both of your hands under your cheeks. “This can’t be happening…” you mumbled as silently as you could in fear your sniffles would become louder. Several tears were already rolling down your cheeks. But since now you were not sitting down anymore, the tears had changed their direction, rolling down the left side of your cheeks and sort of landing and wetting your hands. It was difficult for you to process what has actually happened just now as your selfish and unprocessed words you told him were crossing your mind.

Minutes have passed and nobody was saying anything. Maybe that was a sign for you to leave the room, and maybe even go home. You slowly stood up with your legs and thighs feeling like jelly. Rubbing your cheeks with both of your arms in attempt to cover up the fact that you are crying. You were already exiting the exhibit when you heard him spoke a bit louder.”No, wait! Please! I don’t want you to go …” As you turned around slowly to look at Ahkmenrah, He was standing there with the linen sheets partially removed of his body and his cheeks stained with dirt. I am guessing he was crying for some time as well.

He made his way towards you before taking both of your hands in his. “I really don’t want either of us to be in ache…” Ahkmenrah said before placing several kisses on your hands which he had bought closer to his face. “You know I love you deeply… Just the words you said hurt. My really weak, dusty and almost deeply decomposed heart.”

His words made you bit your lip and chuckle a bit. “You know I love that heart of yours. It is damaged and really, I mean really old but I think it’s perfect.” You said with a weak smile before letting go off his hands. Opening your backpack and taking out a package of wet wipes, beginning to clean your boyfriend’s cheeks. “Gosh you’re really dirty… despite that you always smell really nice.” As you cleaned his face completely he pressed his lips against yours, kissing them with all his might, with as much as love as he could. He picked your waist up to carry you in his arms bridal style. “Let me make you my queen” your boyfriend said with a soft smile as you wrapped your arms around his neck with a little giggle. “Of course my pharaoh”

~ ~ ~ ~

With your hands completely wrapped around his already sweaty torso, you held tightly onto him. He traced loving open mouth kisses all over your neck and shoulders as he thrusted his length inside and outside of your wet cave. Being able to lock up the exhibit you were in charge for had its benefits. A sinful moan escaped your lips before you moved one of your hands to touch his warm cheek. Looks were exchanged, a tiny smirk on his face and a warm sort of weakling smile upon your cheeks.

The moment had been broken once Ahkmenrah kissed your lips in a bit hungry manner and moved his hand of the ground to cup your perky breast. His movements and actions were so wet and dirty, yet so wonderful.

Bringing your body to an absolute trans. As his thrusts began being more intense you felt yourself shifting a little and letting out a little cry, holding tighter onto pharaoh’s body. He then quickened and thrusted faster deeply inside of you, seeking and touching you special spot bringing you to a bliss. With a soft moan you felt yourself coming up with body’s climax, shutting your eyes completely.

After both of you had finished your little session, you closed your eyes slowly and rested against his firm chest. “That was absolutely lovely…” you mumbled as well as you could, listening to his heartbeat that was going like crazy. He then muttered in between his pants. “Well I must agree.” He said so then let out a little chuckle. With a loving smile he placed several kisses over the top of your head, keeping his eyes closed.

You extended your arm up and opened your eyes, sliding your hand over his cheek and caressing is slowly. “You are such a sweetheart. I love you so much Ahkmenrah.”

“You know I love you too my princess, right?” he asked and smile once he saw you nodding your head in agreement.

I Can Beat More Than Just A Bludger (Luhan x Reader)

Originally posted by baekthoven

Pairing: Luhan x Reader

Genre: Smut, HogwartsAU

Summary: After helping Gryffindor win the Quidditch Cup over Slytherin, Luhan pays you with a very generous reward.

A/N: Never written smut before, so tell me how I did! Open to all criticism!

Swish! Whoosh!

The cold chill of the billowing November wind made you shudder visibly on your broomstick as you dodged the black, devilish shape of a Bludger aiming at your head. You craned your neck to look at the scoreboard beside Professor McGonagall’s head.

Gryffindor – 30. Slytherin – 10.

You were in the lead.

The game had been going on for nearly thirty minutes and Luhan been losing his mind issuing orders, fervently watching the game, and keeping up with the Bludger’s whereabouts all at the same time. You’d tried to help him, instructing one of your Chasers named Wooyoung on how to dodge the Bludger when Luhan swiftly yelled at you to get back to finding the Snitch.

And now here you were, irritably glancing high and low for that tiny little golden ball. You weren’t exactly angry at Luhan; he was the one who’d even given you a chance to be on this team and it was up to you to eagerly prove to him he hadn’t made his decision out of vain. You’d heard from one of the other Chasers, Sehun, that Luhan had scraped you a spot on the team because he found you pretty hot, but you were more determined to prove Luhan’s impression of girls awry than hook up with him.

Though about that, though—

I mean, you couldn’t lie: you had had more dreams about Luhan than you could count. Where the two of you were darting after the Snitch together, resulting in your fingers locking simultaneously over the shiny metal before you shared a kiss in front of the whole school who had leapt from their seats to celebrate Gryffindor’s win. Then, Luhan would sweep you off your feet where you’d end up in his room and he’d slip off his robes and—

“(Y/N)! The Snitch! Get going!”

You snapped out of your daze to find yourself back in the whirlwind of the Quidditch game. Slytherin had just scored and you were about to fly head-on into one of the goalposts. Firmly biting your lip against the cold wind whipping against your face, you swiftly veered so you were now flying in the opposite direction and continued forth. Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin team’s opposing Seeker was also furtively searching high and low for the Snitch. He caught sight of you and sneered devilishly, stopping in his tracks when you two came in passing.

“What’s up there, Gryffindor? Too busy daydreaming about hair products to pay attention?”

“Shut up, Malfoy!” You absolutely could not stand that guy. His greasy blonde hair, his pointed rat-like face. Oh, how you wish you could just—

“Hey, hey!” Luhan came steering over to the two of you, looking furious. “Get back to the game, Malfoy and leave her alone!”

Malfoy glanced at Luhan, his face masked with cold fury, and then back at you. A malicious leer broke out on his face. “So this is what you were daydreaming about, huh?”

Your face obviously blanched, but you chose to ignore Malfoy. “Luhan, go find a Bludger before one those stupid Slytherins score!”
Luhan opened his mouth as if to protest and then shot a furtive angry look at Malfoy. The blonde boy merely sniggered in response before Luhan took off in the opposite direction, his ears glowing red.

“Your daydreams may not be too far off!” Malfoy called as he suddenly dove off ahead of you. “Looks like Lu was jealous!”

You looked back at Luhan, angrily staring ahead at the sea of green robes flapping through the sky. You couldn’t deny you’d thought Luhan had seemed a bit jealous, but it could’ve all been in your head.

“Ah, there it is!” came the commentator’s voice from the stands. “The glowing golden Snitch!”

You looked up. Glittering right above your head was the Snitch, its tiny wings flittering as if begging you to catch it. You darted up so fast you actually felt a bit dizzy and the Snitch flitted past your fingertips as you outstretched an arm.

“Come on,” you grunted, edging yourself forward on the broom as the Snitch madly flitted away. “Get over here!”


Malfoy breezed past, arm oustretched, and the Snitch, seemingly not wanting to be touched by Malfoy, zoomed above his head and soared in the opposite direction. You took off after it, the wind breathing harshly against your face as the goal posts and the stands were a completely blur. Judging from the commentary, you heard that Slytherin scored again and inferred that they were close to tying with you. If you got the Snitch right now, Slytherin would lose by 150 points.

A sudden nudge made you nearly fall off your broom and you found that Malfoy was right beside you, arm pushing against your ribs as he dived right after the Snitch along with you.

“You’re not gonna get it,” he muttered. “Just accept it. Your boyfriend’s going to be pissed.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you spat through gritted teeth. “He’s my captain!”

You and Malfoy both swiftly dived towards the ground where the Snitch was heading. You could hear his cold rich laugh ringing in your ears as you both outstretched your arms ready to catch it. The Snitch dove farther and farther towards the ground as you and Malfoy both swiftly descended towards it, the icy chill freezing both of your necks. You felt a smirk growing on your face: Malfoy was going to be an idiot. He was going to soar upwards, thinking the Snitch would do the same and you would catch it. You just knew it.

Pong! Slytherin scored once more. The two teams were now tied.

You inched closer and closer to the ground, your fingertips edging closer to the golden surface of the Snitch.

Come on, come on, come on…

Malfoy gave a loud, forceful grunt as he rose upwards, his blonde whipping in front of his eyes. You stayed right in place, waiting for your fingers to close around the surface of the Snitch.


A violent force thudded into your back and next thing you knew, you were suddenly jolted off the surface of your broom and hauled face-first in the mass of dirt below. Your whole body had crashed violently into the ground and your broom lay forgotten next to you. The crowds above gasped and screeched and Madam Hooch hoarsely blew her whistle. Next moment, you felt the rough thuds of feet all around you and suddenly two hands wrenched your shoulders and flipped you, so that the icy cold air was now blasting in your face. Your eyes screwed shut against the torrent of noise suddenly flung at you and it wasn’t until you felt a coarse something beating its wings passionately against your fingers, did you realize what was happening.


You popped open your eyes. The whole Gryffindor team was huddled over you, cheering and clapping with merriment. Sehun and Jongin, the other two Chasers were hugging tightly and Woohyun softly ruffled your hair. Your other fellow Beater and Keeper, Hyoyeon and Seulgi, graciously pulled you up in a sitting position and before you knew it, you were face-to-face with your captain Luhan. His blonde locks were waving exquisitely in the wind as he stared at you with his gentle, doe-eyed gaze.

“Are you alright?”

You nodded assuringly, brandishing a tender smile. “I’m all good.”

A broad smile broke out on his face so you could easily see his adorable dimples. “Excellent.” He took your hand to pull you up and you slowly climbed to your feet, the rest of the team slowly crowding around you two. Dumbledore descended the stands with the gleaming Quidditch Cup and the smile momentarily left Luhan’s face. He was gawking intensely at it as if he’d never seen anything more precious.

“To Gryffindor,” Dumbledore handed Luhan the Cup and he beamed, pompously. He took the precious metal into his hands, feeling it, running his eyes all over it as if it could disappear from sight at any moment. And then before you could prepare, Luhan turned to you and took you into his arms, eyes glittering with joy, and lifted you off your feet. Your arms automatically draped around his shoulders as he heaved you high in the air, staring gingerly into your eyes.

Then, with speed quicker than a bolt of lightning, he found himself tediously pressing his lips against your own.

Your mind went blank for at least half a minute; all you seemed to focus on was the feeling of Luhan’s lips moving soundlessly against yours, kissing you so sweetly your head seemed to be spin. His strong arms held you still in the air as he captured your lips over and over again, making you feel like a puddle of dense goo. You kissed him back just as eagerly, never wanting the moment to end.

“Good job,” Malfoy’s cold, drawling voice suddenly filled your ear. “I bet that won’t matter to your lot at home. Being a Mudblood at all.”

Luhan’s lips quickly seceded from yours as he listlessly set you down, watching as Malfoy’s eyes twinkled with malice.

“I told you to leave her alone,” he growled.

“And I believe she told you to mind your own business!” Malfoy spat, contemptuously. “Then again, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t listen to a Mudblood—”

You quickly leapt forward as Luhan made to punch Malfoy, dropping the Cup and drawing back his fist.

“Luhan, no,” you whispered gently in his ear, placing your hands on his shoulders. “The professors are watching.”

Luhan’s eyes briefly flickered up towards Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall who were too busy chatting to notice the commotion beneath them.

“Later,” he growled, staring menacingly at Malfoy. “Later I’ll get you.”

“Sure,” Malfoy grunted and he swept off, taking extra care to roughly clash into your shoulder as he went.

“Malfoy’s such a rotten little—”


One of Luhan’s eyebrows hitched amusingly and you giggled at his puzzled expression.

“A what?”

“I don’t even know. He looks like an egg, but he’s pale like a wipe so—”

“Good one,” Luhan smirked as he joyously picked up the Cup from the ground. Despite the tracks of mud and dirt littered beneath you, the Cup was completely spotless. “You did great out there. Not to be sexist, but I told Sehun I was a bit worried about a girl joining a team full of boys.”

“Oh no,” you faked a tone of understanding, “not sexist at all.”

“No, really,” Luhan’s tone had suddenly turned very solemn. “I didn’t mean to be mean, I just–”

“Doubted my talent cause I was a girl?”

Luhan licked his lips nervously. “No. I—honestly I was trying to protect you. Sehun can be a real skeez sometimes, I swear.”

“Protect me?” you said, sharply. “Do you not think I can protect myself?”

“Well, with that fiery attitude I know you can,” Luhan teased, playfully. “But you didn’t show that at tryouts. It wasn’t until you punched Sehun for hitting on Wendy during our first practice, did I know I wouldn’t have much to worry about.”

You felt yourself smiling a little at his words, even though you’d tried to shamelessly hide it. “So…” Your memory flashed back to the kiss. “When did you know you had feelings for me?”

“Oh,” Luhan reached a hand back to scratch at his nape. “Uh…a few months ago.”

“Months ago?” You’d only been on the Quidditch team for two whole months now. “When, in fifth year?”

Luhan nodded, sheepishly. “That’s why I was really happy when you tried out. And not only that, but you were good too. You’re the best Seeker I’ve seen in a while.”

“So you just like me ‘cause I’m a good Seeker?” you teased watching as Luhan’s face dawned red.

“N-No. Y-You’re really p-pretty too, actually. I dunno if anyone’s ever told you that, but—”

You quickly silenced the last few of his words by swiftly placing your lips back against his, fixing your hands upon his shoulders. He responded immediately, kissing you back sweetly as his hands landed on your hips.

“No one’s actually ever told me that,” you whispered once the two of you broke apart, “but thanks.”

“Party back in the common room!” Wooyoung suddenly yelled, pumping his fist in the air. “Let’s go!” Luhan’s sudden confession had nearly made you forget about Gryffindor’s recent win. Heart bursting with excitement, you quickly followed Luhan off the pitch, promptly locking fingers with him as the two of you trailed through the grass. The Gryffindors were ecstatic the whole way back, screaming and jeering at the Slytherins who in turn grimaced in response. Woohyun and Sehun couldn’t stop giggling and smiling the whole way back, but you and Luhan remained quiet, merely feeling the softness of each other’s skin as you continued on. Occasionally his hand would slip from your grasp and accidentally scrape against your inner thigh or splay against the small of your back, but you paid no mind to it as you all neared the entrance of the castle. The Gryffindors all pooled into the entrance hall and filed up the stairs to the common room, but while on the second floor staircase, a flight down from where the Gryffindors were now trailing up, he quickly clasped your hand and dragged you towards the nearest portrait hole. After listlessly murmuring the password, he quickly dragged you down the corridor which was completely empty.

“Luhan, where are we—”

You didn’t finish your sentence as Luhan suddenly slammed you against one of the classroom doors and planted his mouth right back against yours. You found yourself responding immediately, arms folding around his nape as his mouth greedily sought yours. His tongue slipped inside quicker than you’d expected and you lashed yours against his, listening as he groaned recklessly.

His mouth trailed down to your neck, sending a trail of heat along with it, as his lips sucked at the sensitive skin. You instinctively pressed your legs together as he pressed his body right up against yours, nipping and licking at your earlobe. It’d always been a sensitive spot of yours and how Luhan had discovered it so quickly was beyond you.

“I want you,” he muttered. “I want to show you I can beat more than just a Bludger.”

Your hand quickly found the cold metal of the doorknob and you twisted it open, barely hearing the soft creak over Luhan’s heavy pants in your ear. Your legs were still tightly wrapped around his waist, your arms enveloping his neck and your lips pressing gently against his robe-clad shoulders. Never would you have expected this. Not even in your wildest, wettest dreams.

Luhan charged into the room and you heard the door quickly shut. He gently laid you down on one of the first tables he saw and latched his mouth back onto yours; both of your tongues collided roughly and his hand ran down your hip, the other cupping your covered breast. You could feel him grinding against you, his pants heatedly rubbing against your concealed core and you whimpered in need. Luhan kissed you harder in response and massaged your breast again. You could tell he wanted nothing more than to strip you.

“Luhan,” you whispered his name as he suddenly hauled himself off of you. He grabbed the ends of his Quidditch robes and drew them over his head, flinging them to the other side of the room. You smiled devilishly at the sight of his firm, built abs; there was a thin line of sweat running from the valley of his chest and you caught sight of the obvious erection protruding from his pants.

“(Y/N),” he murmured, eyes glistening with need as your hands immediately latched onto his pants. “I want you.”

“I never said you couldn’t have me,” you muttered, tugging down his pants to reveal his gray boxers. You threw the pants aside as Luhan began his assault on your own clothing. Your robes were swiftly pulled over your head and cast aside. Luhan took in the sight of your body, watching as the sweat from earlier ran down your stomach.

“God, you’re beautiful. I never expected you to look this good.”

“Is that a compliment?” you teased, watching as he playfully smiled at you.

“Yes,” he quickly pecked your lips, “it is.”

His hand went down to cup your covered core and his mouth traveled down to your bra-clad chest, letting his tongue run in between the valley of your breasts, tasting your soft, warm skin. You arched your back as his hand ran feverishly up your spine, his fingers wasting no time to grasp the buckle of your bra. He undid it in no time and threw it aside, his eyes sparkling madly at the sight of your round, supple breasts. You whimpered helplessly as he took one of them into his mouth, his tongue swirling passionately around the nipple.

You grabbed impatiently at your pants, quickly unzipping them and tugging them listlessly down your legs as Luhan grinded firmly against you. Pants long gone, he slipped his hand beneath your underwear, finger quickly grazing your clit. You shuddered against him as he tenderly kissed you, rubbing his fingers slowly against your sex.

“Luhan,” you gasped, throwing your head back as his pace increased.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he whispered in your ear. “Am I making my baby feel good?”

You responded by kissing him again, your hand traveling down his stomach towards his member. You brushed your fingers against his boxers and it was his turn to moan this time; a rich, deep moan that reverberated in the caverns of your mouth. You let out a soft gasp as one of his fingers curled inside of you.

“You like that?” He pumped his finger rapidly in and out of you, making you bite your lip in need as you wanted nothing more than to feel his length sliding inside of you. “Do you want more?”

“I want you,” you whispered, greedily. “I want your cock.”

Luhan swiftly pulled down his boxers and your eyes fell upon his length. It was a lot bigger than you’d expected, but you were perfectly content with that. You ran your hand along his shaft, eliciting a few stifled groans and allowed your fingers to curl around it, stroking it softly.

Luhan’s lips suddenly broke from your own and began sweeping down your body, pressing chaste kisses against every inch of skin exposed. He reached your panties and his eyes seemed to glitter mischievously as his fingers hooked around the edges. He latched his mouth onto the covered lips of your wetness, licking and teasing the concealed skin. You gasped at the feeling of his wet tongue running along your panties, which you undoubtedly knew were soaked to the core.

Without having to ask, Luhan tugged down your underwear, throwing them aside in the pile of clothes in the corner of the room, and let his tongue brush against your free clit. The feeling of his mouth plus the cool air of the room on your core seemed to drive you wild. You threw your head back, tangling your fingers in Luhan’s hair as his tongue ran up and down your folds, pressing flat against your clit and flicking furtively at your lips.

“You taste so good, baby. Just as good as I expected.”

He seemed to really be enjoying it; letting his tongue explore the wet caverns of your core and sucking gently at your clit. It wasn’t until you were dripping wet and lining his lips with your wetness did he finally break away from you. He grabbed his length in his hand, pressing it softly against your burning sex.

“How bad do you want me?”

You grinded helplessly against him, trying to push yourself onto his cock, but he placed a hand firmly on your hip to stop you.

“How bad do you want me?” he repeated, eyes glowing dangerously.

“R-Really bad,” you moved your hips in circles now despite his tight grip, allowing your clit to somewhat circle his tip, eliciting a whole new wave of pleasure. “God, just fuck me, Luhan.”

And that he did. He slowly entered you, allowing a little bit more than just the tip to sink into your core and you let your head fall back again, letting out a long, rich moan. Luhan grunted under his breath as he pumped in and out of you at a slow, gentle pace. You watched as his length became coated with your wetness as he drove deeper inside of you, breaths coming out in harsh pants. He began to speed up, tightly gripping your waist as his head fell in the crook of your neck. Your hands ran and up and down his back, gripping at his spine as he went harder and harder, driving you closer to the brink of orgasm.

“Just like that,” you whispered. “Just like that—don’t stop.”

He didn’t stop. He went harder. He lifted himself up and stared deep into your eyes, groaning as the heat of his orgasm began to reach him.

Eyebrows knotted together in a thin line, he looked you straight in the eye as he murmured, “I think I’m gonna cum.”

You nodded, feeling that familiar feeling in your stomach gradually emerging. “I’m gonna cum too.”

It wasn’t long before you did, moaning and writhing beneath Luhan’s body, legs trembling a bit from the force of the ecstasy pummeling through you. Luhan followed a little after, warmly blanketing your body with his own, head buried in the crook of your neck. You wrapped an arm around his shoulder as a rush of happiness seemed to hit you.

Not only had Gryffindor won, but you’d always gotten and fucked the boy of your dreams. How wonderful.

Luhan suddenly lifted his head up from your skin, looking alarmed. “We’re in McGonagall’s classroom.”

You looked around at the assortment of Transfiguration-related notes littering the walls. McGonagall’s neat, pointy hat was even fixed upon the desk in the corner of the room.

“Yeah,” you panted. “So?”

“So,” Luhan quickly climbed off of you to your chagrin. “We need to go. She’ll surely come back soon. The others are probably wondering where we are.”

You sighed, lifting yourself up off the desk as Luhan began swiftly putting on his clothes. Midway through shoving on his robes, he turned to look at you, fixing you with a sad smile.

“You can come in my room. We can sleep in there.”

You got up off the desk, smirking as you walked toward him, caressing his face. “Are you sure you want us to sleep in there?”

His eyes roamed down your still naked body and it wasn’t long before his hands found your waist again and his lips locked with yours.

“You’re right, sweetheart,” he murmured once you broke apart. “There’s still a bunch of positions we didn’t try.”

You laughed, allowing his lips to once again capture yours as you leaned into his amorous embrace.

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Prompt:  “She opened her handbag and tipped the contents onto the floor…” with Bruce Banner, do with that what you will!

Pairing: Slight Bruce Banner X Reader

Y/N- Your name

L/N-last name

TW: None, pretty tame and fluffy.

Word Count: 1,230-ish

You stood up from your desk at the Avenger’s Tower. You were a simple secretary at the Tower, in charge of your own number of floors. You weren’t the only secretary, thank goodness, not wanting to deal with the over ninety-foots that contained more than three Separate Businesses or Stark Industries Department within them. There were three Lobbies, one at the ground floor, one mid-way up, where you worked and one right before the last ten floors. I

It was a coveted position- to be at that top lobby. Not only was the pay better, but it was far less boring. Anytime there was an opening-which was far and few between- Pepper Potts would personally look over all the current secretaries’ resumes -that applied for the position- and then chose the winning applicant herself. For three years you’d been working at the the Tower, and for the first time you had enough experience and references to finally send in your application. You had just finished it and had put it in the mail-cart with the correct labeling so it would get to Pepper.

You cracked your neck as you gathered up your coat and purse, ready to go home. You walked to the elevators and happily entered when it finally made it down to your floor. “Headed Home Miss. L/N.” JARVIS said as you stepped in.

You looked up at the camera and nodded, “Yep. Floor Lobby please.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” JARVIS replied, and the doors closed. Your stomach lurched as the elevator began it’s decent. “How have you been?” The computer detecting your unease. You never did like the elevator, it was fairly fast, but it still took a good five-ten minutes to get down to the ground-floor.

“Good,” you replied tensely, looking at your somewhat blurred reflection in the shiny golden-chrome surface of the elevator. Finding your hair not to be what you’d like it to be, you pulled your comb out of your purse and started to run it through your h/c hair. “I finally managed to get to move back into my apartment.” You said referring to the demolished- Thanks to the Battle of New York- little space you rented, having complained about it one day to your mother, and JARVIS had apparently overheard. Next thing you knew, construction workers were at your apartment (you had been staying in the complex’s lobby with several other tenants who’s apartments had been uninhabitable) and fixing up the whole building. They claimed that your insurance had paid for everything. Only- you didn’t have insurance on your apartment. (Well, now you did, as Stark Industries stated to pay for it for all employees ever since New York.)

You tried to think before you said anything in the Tower now.

Keep reading