golden state


Filth, total filth!!!!!

 Gone is the Soarin’ Over California sign on the building and replaced with a more National Park looking sign. The tan color is the original hanger has replaced with a forest green. The palm trees and the tall lightpoles have all been replaced with pine trees and more natural looking wood lightpoles. Even the asphalt has been replaced with a more natural looking pavement.

As far as the actual attraction is concerned, the switch to digital has finally happened. You get a 4K quality experience. You have never seen the film look this good. All the scratches and other imperfections are gone and you are left with pristine colors. The projection system now utilizes four different projectors utilizing digital projection mapping to stitch the four images together into one seamless film.

On the last weekend of summer, we hope you can appreciate this California-shaped pool. It belonged to architectural historian Charles Jencks, whose home The Times wrote about in 1986. 

“When you design a building, you’re designing it to live a good life–to personify and symbolize the good life,” Jencks said. Read more

Photo: Ken Lubas / Los Angeles Times archive / UCLA Library