golden spoons


God.. Protect this Precious Man

When I see spoons, I think that I have to live fully. Even if things get hard and I get exhausted, I think [to myself] that a spoon of rice can become different with a side dish, so I live life to the fullest.. To be honest, as a celebrity, I am often under the spotlight, and some people might think that I was born with a golden spoon. Looking back at my middle school and high school days, I wonder if I had been born with a crap spoon.. My family conditions were not that good. I have been the breadwinner for 13 years since debut. When I was young, I resented my parents a lot, thinking, ‘Why could I not have been born to a richer or happier family?’ But as time passed, when I look back and think about it, it was that kind of situation that made me the strong person I am today. When we read books or biographies of great people, [we see that] none of them are from rich or happy families. It’s always people who encounter hardships that create a new era and become heroes. Because of this, I have hope that I too can become a small hero, and so, to our university students and high school students who are struggling, it would be great if you become small heroes too.”   –  Leeteuk

yes, ten does come from a rich family, but i dont think ten likes to talk about it or wants to be known for THAT (in that one radio program they talked about idols with the ‘golden spoon’ aka idols who come from rich families, or ‘spoiled’ idols, and ten didnt say anything) he wants to be known for other things, like his dancing. he never mentioned the fact that hes rich anywhere, you can only see it through pictures of his GIGANTIC house and the fact that he went to an INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE international school (“its bangkoks most expensive international school, the tuition fee is approximately $25000 per year”)..yet hes so humble and you always see him giving the money he has to charity, or doing things for charity. remember the charity run he was gonna be part of this year? (it was cancelled because of king bhumibols death) or when he won teen superstar and gave all the money he won to charity? ten is such a sweet human being and yes we might know him for his dancing and his playful personality, but i want him to be known for doing these great things as well. ten is so amazing and kind, and he seriously has such a big heart.

Exo as k-drama roles
  • Baekhyun: your gay best friend
  • Suho: that one random rich guy who was born with a golden spoon up his ass
  • Kai: the dude everyone likes
  • Kyungsoo: the demon mom
  • Sehun: the unemployed dude that lives off of first lead's couch
  • Chanyeol: the first lead
  • Yixing: the really nice second lead that always gets friendzoned lol
  • Chen: weird ass supporting character with an equally weird partner
  • Minseok: probably a chief in charge or something i mean have u seen those guns dAMN

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How about some Caitlin relationship hcs?

Haha, sure thing, anon. Had to do my research with this one, because Black 2 was a while ago for me. (And Black 1 is nonexistent, due to me never playing it before.) I’ll try my best, but do tell me if this somehow differs from your own headcanons? I love seeing other people’s opinion and takes on characters, it really helps me evolve my own thoughts on them!

  • Caitlin is your typical anime tsundere. I will fight you on this one. She’s clearly rich and pampered with a golden spoon in her mouth, and while I wouldn’t say she’s snobby, I do think that she’ll act tough and calm even in front of her crush, just because she was raised all nice and proper.
  • It could be a little difficult if you don’t know how to take her reactions. She’ll act cold, even harsh at times, but she really does love you. It’s just…really embarrassing for her to admit it.
  • She loves cute little gifts. Keychains, stuffed animals, you name it. (Of course, she’ll never admit it to you. Who likes dumb cute stuff anyways, right?) Good luck figuring out if she liked your gift or not.
  • Dates would be a bit hard. After all, she’s used to expensive restaurants and high-class things…but this is precisely why she’d enjoy simple dates so much, even if she complains about it during the date, the memories will be some of the most precious to her.
  • She loves going shopping, too. She simply adores showering you with gifts. After all, her s/o deserves only the best.
  • She gets jealous super easily. You don’t understand how easily. If she sees you talking to another girl, (Or boy.) she will be jealous. She’ll pout about it, and ask you if she’s really not special enough for you, so you’ll have to reassure her often that she’s the one you want.
  • But, when she’s not being a typical tsundere…she’s really sweet and loving and shy. She enjoys soft,warm pecks, but always gets embarrassed afterwards.
  • She likes the types of cuddles that let her hide her face, because she wants to grin like an idiot whenever she’s cuddling with you, seeing how lucky she really is.

I can’t see her as anything but your typical anime tsundere, as I’m sure you’ve noticed…but those types aren’t so bad. (I watched Future Diary lately and boy am I thankful for tsunderes rather than the yandere in there…holy hell that thing went south fast.)

Anyways, hope you liked this, anon! Thanks for the request!

~Admin Sylveon

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Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character I’ve RP’ed in the past, want to play in the future or currently playing somewhere else!

She remained solitary within the dining hall of the school, remaining in the shadows of which the very left corner provided. She was silent, her attention solely focused upon the spoon of mapo tofu that she held out in front of her. Gently blowing upon the food, she appeared to be in a state of blissful ignorance, the spicy aroma which was tickling her throat not fazing her in the slightest. 

As she proceeded to take another spoonful, her golden eyes fell upon a stranger adjacent from where she sat, who appeared to be giving her such a welcoming smile. He had such a bizarre appearance, wearing no such uniform she had ever seen. She gazed upon him in wonder for a few moments, before setting down her spoon on top of her bowl. Deeming it was only proper to introduce herself before returning to her lunch, she spoke to him, her voice containing nothing but a reserved and composed tone to it.

‘Hello. My name is Kanade Tachibana. It’s nice to meet you.’

Looking upon the stranger for a little bit longer in silence, she turned back to her lunch, before realising she had something to ask him.

‘Tell me, after having looked around at all the other students, am I the only one to comment about your uniform? I’ve never seen anything like it before.’ she continued, her tone unchanged. 

(Muse: Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!) (Yet to play)

a castle made of stars

set in the same au as the affairs of a kingdom

sort of a prequal

he’s been raised on silver spoons and golden thrones and full length windows that show the stars.

he’s told to be like one of them.

“you must be bright; you must burn so bright. but you must also be cold- colder- than ice. you are a prince, my darling. and you will be the king.” his mother smiles at him, cups his cheek with one elegant hand.

in less than a week, she’s dead.

he’s followed his mother’s advice to the letter.

it’s all he can do. he’s a marble statue, with perfect alabaster skin and perfect posture and perfect manners. he never has a hair out of place.

and he is so, so cold.

his manservant tells him he’ll find a queen to marry one day.

he’s ten, probably, and preparing for a royal wedding. 

“you’ll be having one of those soon enough, sire.”

“i’m sorry?”

“a wedding, my prince. when you’re old enough, you’ll find yourself a wife and rule the kingdom together- king and queen.”

baz considers this. “must it be a queen?”

the manservant sneaks a quick look at baz, and there’s pity in his eyes. “yes, master, it must be.”

baz is disappointed. “i see.”

he’s brilliant, a prodigy.

he learns latin and french and italian and he’s soon challenging his tutors.

just like his mother before him.

he hopes she’d be proud.

he’s as pale as snow, contrasting starkly against the dark tunics he’s prone to wearing.

his hair falls around his face like an inky curtain, and his subjects swoon over him.

he never gives them a second look. 

“you must also be cold- colder- than ice. you are a prince, my darling. and you will be the king.

“but one day you will find someone who will melt all your walls down. that’s how you’ll know.” 

“know what, mother?”

she smiles and leans close, like she’s telling a secret. “they’re the one that’s made into your heart. we pitches don’t love easily, but we love forever.” she kisses his cheek. 

“go on, my little prince. i love you.” 

he flashes his sparkling grin over his shoulder. 

and simon snow is fire.

Mama brings me oleander in the morning. Golden spoons clinking against fine china. Every proper girl should drink a cup of tea she tells me. People in town have been talkin. But mama wraps her head in a silken shroud. Can’t hear them when she’s wrapped up in her finery. Takes me to polo lessens, pours something golden from her flask onto my bruised knee when I fall. Not without taking a swig first. But I don’t say nothin. Mama has taught me which secrets will go and get us in trouble around these parts. So I don’t say nothin when mama starts wrapping maids up in tapestry in the dead of night. Today she brings me orchids. I swallow my tea with a handful of Xanax. Go to polo. Every horse is afraid of me. When no one is lookin I take a mallet to Suzy’s mare. They say he won’t walk for weeks. When I find her crying under a crabapple tree I hand her a pearl earring with a smile. What’s this about? She asks me. I tell her that sometimes precious things lie waiting in the dark for years, growing. That sometimes the ocean swallows you and you spend years becoming until someone pries you open. She looked at me with cherry mouthed wonder. She always looked so pretty in velvet. That night I sing to every raven that reminds me of her eyes. I wrap it in velvet before I bury it by the hydrangeas. I paint my nails cherry red like her mouth. Mama spills tea on the marble in the morning. She spills dead roses over the banister. I’d never smelled a rot that sweet. I find her screaming by the sugar. That’s alright mama. I tell her. That’s just fine. I can take my arsenic with water if you want. I don’t mind the taste. No. she shakes her head. Every proper girl should drink a cup of tea, darling. It’s what my mama taught me and what he mama taught her. I don’t tell her that tea wasn’t the only way her mama spread her poison. Later I lead Suzy to Crypts. She smells like hay and sweat. There are bruises on her throat and suddenly that farm boy whose shoulder she was crying into seemed a little more than friendly. Her eyes looked like crystals when she cried, but she don’t smell like lavender no more. So I make a necklace out of her teeth. Lie it next to my ivory comb. On Sunday I am a cathedral. Go to church like I’m too big for god. Drink absinth with the altar boys like I could forget her. They smell like incense and sin. The silver crucifixes at their throats lie pretty in their graves. Mama said people are talking. I tell her people always will. Coil decadence around me like armor. Like mama taught me. Coif myself into a pretty thing. Mama brings me azaleas. She is starting to bore me. I wrap her in something lacy. Something that she’d hate. Sprinkle her in honey. I hear the wolves come and tear into her that night. That morning I made a bouquet of femurs from the cellar. Set them by the mahogany music box. Hum Rachmaninoff to myself when I make myself a cup of tea. I’m sitting next to Suzy when they come. Lights glowing red and blue outside like a carnival. I just wanted a party. So what if I had to go digging for houseguests? At least I’m resourceful. Tell them that I haven’t any seats left when they come in. All my mama’s skeletons are lined up next to mine and there’s no room for anyone with all these secrets crowding in. Sometimes. I tell them. Women gotta grow darkness big enough to fill a house like this. I’ve been tryin. Be a doll and have some tea at least before you take me won’t you?
—  A tale of decadence and decorum

Someone born with a golden spoon in their mouth, but someone just with a wood one…the real “fair” is not existing in this world…

SHINee debuted in 2008, an era which kpop is not yet a worldwide trend in the society. They are part of the one to build a bridge, to let the people from all over the world to know kpop, to know SM, to know the culture of Korea…

In 2008, the location their first debut performance is a park, a very common park! No grand stage, no luxury costumes, no backup dancers, no laser effect, but just 5 little boys, promoting themselves by their own and gave the fans their handmade lollipop candies!! Omg, think of how their company “upgrade” the promotion nowadays? (5 individual teasers for 1 member, Chinese version album, Chinese version MV, international live debut showcases blah blah blah…)

SHINee is famous, you have to admit this! Their fans come from all over the world, they have a huge fan base too, but, somehow, I may think of they are a little bit underrated by the media…they are so damn talented, hard-working and kind-hearted!! They are so real for me..just like a close friend? They are the very few kpop group which can stand for 6-years-time and can still keep this high popularity…they write their own songs, even write for other idols, the main dancer can sing amazingly great!!!! The rappers and vocalists can dance like a boss!!

They are angels for me…HERE, SHAWOLS, our 5 shining boys are going to comeback probably in May, if, normally you will give 100% effort to support them, THIS TIME, PLEASE give 500% effort and support to them!!!!

Sorry for my bad English, but I would like to share my feelings…after hearing that news…

Come from love and peace.

Recipe of the Day: Blueberry and Nectarine Cobbler
Juicy summer stone fruit and berries come together in one homestyle oven-made dessert, complete with drops of golden biscuit dough spooned on top. Serve it with ice cream for a hot-and-cold summertime treat. 

161011 Starry Night Radio

Kangta: If you could go back to the time when you received your first pay where do you wanna use it
T: Oh…
K: To me, give it to me
T: Ah to key hyung
K: My father is in finance and since I’m my father’s son I’d mostly manage it well J: The one born with a golden spoon from drinking solo is right here!
Cr: fantaemsie

Okay so obviously Hillary won.  She’s an amazing debater, and Trump was his complete baby self.  Being defensive, spitting out false facts, playing down the golden spoon in his mouth that he was born with.  And Hillary was laughing AT him along with all of us, and he thought she was laughing at herself.  But the jokes on him.

كل عآم وأنتم بخير, وعيدكم سعيد 

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