golden spoons


yeah who said my spoon is dirty?
I don’t care, I grab the mic
I got several golden spoons
I lash out, y’all undercooked, several of you steaks
I will continue to chew you out, during the star’s dinner
World Business headline
#1 casted, sold out
this isn’t common, I enjoy the value of this class
bad smell on a good scent is against the rules
mic mic bungee

mic mic bungee
bright light move forward
you thought we’d fail but I’m fine sorry
I’m sorry Billboard
I’m sorry worldwide
mom, I’m sorry because your son is too famous
fulfill the filial duty that you couldn’t do
there aren’t any grapes at our concert (fans call tickets grapes)
I do it I do it, you are tasteless Ratatouille
sue me if your tummy happens to hurt from jealousy
sue it

did you see my bag
did you see my bag
I got many bags filled with trophies
how you think bout that
how you think bout that
hater hating us already
but my success shines like gold already
I’m so firin’ firin’ sacred-torch relay
you urgently, urgently run away swoosh swoosh
how you dare
how you dare
how you dare

ah, I have too many trophies in my hands
too heavy, I can’t hold them all with my both hands
MIC Drop
MIC Drop

watch your step, your step
watch your words, your words
lodi dodi, ah I’m so busy
too busy that my entire body can’t handle
MIC Drop
MIC Drop

watch your step, your step
watch your words, your words
these words are real
“truth wins out in the long run” ah
once upon a time
Aesop’s Fables fly

look at your realities, serves you right
I’d be f*cking happy even if I die now
which country are we flying to this time?
how many hours is the flight?
yeah I’m on the mountain
yeah I’m on the bay
drained on stage

did you see my bag
did you see my bag
I got many bags filled with trophies
how you think bout that
how you think bout that
hater hating us already
but my success shines like gold already
I’m so firin’ firin’ sacred-torch relay
you urgently, urgently run away swoosh swoosh
how you dare
how you dare
how you dare

ah, I have too many trophies in my hands
too heavy, I can’t hold them all with my both hands
MIC Drop
MIC Drop
watch your step, your step
watch your words, your words
lodi dodi, ah I’m so busy
too busy that my entire body can’t handle

MIC Drop
MIC Drop
watch your step, your step
watch your words, your words
haters gon’ hate
players gon’ play
live a life man
good luck

I don’t need to see you anymore, this is the last farewell
there’s nothing more to say either, don’t apologize
I don’t need to see you anymore, this is the last farewell
there’s nothing more to say either, don’t apologize
watch closely, that’s just how your life ends
we shoot, like cola
your corneas are surprised
we’re quite fly, we’re fl-fl-fly

trans by Kai @ bangtan tumblr do not take out or repost without permission.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.15.17

beautiful textured brass goodies by spicewildflowers

i’ve been looking for a salt cellar spoon for a while (not for me; as a gift — my pal jenny gave me a beautiful cellar-and-moon spoon set for christmas last year!!) and this gorgeous spoon by spicewildflowers may be just what i need! love the texture. it’s the same as the dotty teardrop crystal (or ring) dish too — doesn’t it look a little like a ouija planchette?! both are SO RAD.

Owned - pt 10

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

“Darling, look at this arrangement. They’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Kim said.

The flowers you gave her were, of course, from the best shop in town.

The reporters were buying everything. Mr. Kim smiled and nodded at his wife.

“I’m glad you like them.” You said.

Namjoon remained silent.

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When We Collide (Part 19)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“She asked you to be their fake surrogate? For fun? I’m sorry but was she dropped as a baby because the lack of brain cells and situation awareness are concerning!” 

The conversation had been serious until now. Nicole’s frustration was almost bigger than yours and it was the reason why you couldn’t keep a straight face. She almost hated Holly more than you did. 

“How do you even bother to be their assistant…” She shook her head in disbelief and glanced over at Luke and Holly talking by his director chair, a script in their hands and their faces serious. 

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God.. Protect this Precious Man

When I see spoons, I think that I have to live fully. Even if things get hard and I get exhausted, I think [to myself] that a spoon of rice can become different with a side dish, so I live life to the fullest.. To be honest, as a celebrity, I am often under the spotlight, and some people might think that I was born with a golden spoon. Looking back at my middle school and high school days, I wonder if I had been born with a crap spoon.. My family conditions were not that good. I have been the breadwinner for 13 years since debut. When I was young, I resented my parents a lot, thinking, ‘Why could I not have been born to a richer or happier family?’ But as time passed, when I look back and think about it, it was that kind of situation that made me the strong person I am today. When we read books or biographies of great people, [we see that] none of them are from rich or happy families. It’s always people who encounter hardships that create a new era and become heroes. Because of this, I have hope that I too can become a small hero, and so, to our university students and high school students who are struggling, it would be great if you become small heroes too.”   –  Leeteuk

Stage one is the end

The true revolution is in mind
Your antique fingers released the shadow of death
The true revolution is in your heart
Intrusive spectators doomed to hang upside down
Since forever into Hades’s forsaken tomb
The true revolution is in your soul
Boroughs and Kerouac on the road again
Slaughtering the scarlet apple for the perfect honeymoon
Sweet memories and roses and golden spoons
Stage one is the end now the theatre of pain begins

001 | prince yoongi

a/n: i’m writing these out a lot faster than i thought omg but i hope you enjoy!! i kind of imagined the setting to be like genovia, the fictional kingdom from princess diaries lol. so this is like modern prince!yoongi

word count: 941

“that’s starting to get annoying.”

yoongi was born with a golden spoon tucked firmly in a pout that never seemed to leave his features. growing up, that pout turned into a frown and soon into a stoic expression that no one could quite read. other than his younger brother, taehyung, and of course, you.

but as the king’s eldest son, he was used to being waited on hand and foot, opinions morphing to fit his own and while it was annoying, he was adjusted to never being disagreed upon. until you came along. you were the advisor’s daughter; although you had no grand title or royal blood, you held importance in the king’s court and was bowed to once in awhile.

when yoongi was eleven, he was adamant that apples were the best fruit there was. taehyung, the small nine year old he was, wanted to disagree that it was oranges but with the glare that was leveled towards him, he had almost given in but—

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anonymous asked:

What about modern ninej hc's ?

this is the reason why i hurried to open tumblr this morning ngl adjfjkd

- actually, scratch that… waffles in bed!! for breakfast. every morning.
- as we all know (since it is an actual fact) nina LOVES waffles but i headcanon her as a lousy cook so it’s always inej who does all the cooking/baking
- nina opens a crystal shop that slowly but steadily turns into a psychic/know your future kind of booth and at first nina considers herself a bullshit artist bc she doesn’t actually have to SEE anything - some things are written on people’s forehead without her even trying and she can always recognize a brokenhearted client or someone who’s had a recent loss or someone who just needs to hear smth good and positive and she doesn’t need to ask the universe to know this
- but then inej suggests that, since nina can literally raise the dead, maybe she can use that to help people and like… actually give them an opportunity to say goodbye without turning this into a b-class horror movie or even just reassure them that their loved ones are okay and they’ve found peace
- nina literally?? can’t stop?? saying?? inej’s her gf?? usually TO inej lmao
- like everytime inej does smth even remotely amazing like, you know… breathing, nina’s like ‘wow look at my girlfriend. that is my GIRLFRIEND right there!! my girlfriend who isn’t just a friend who’s a girl. my girlfriend as in, i sleep with this celestial being wOW good job @ nina look at youR GIRLFRIEND)
- inej likes to be practical both in her appearance and daily life but nina likes to be VERY extra: golden spoons mixed with 1$ napkins and dior purses next to a shopping bag that’s so ratty and old it basically looks like a ripped dirt brown hankie just dangling from her shoulder
- nina buys things for inej ALL THE TIME and it’s usually fancy snacks and pastries but sometimes she buys symbolic necklaces or frames old pictures of them or/and the rest of the crow squad bc inej is too busy to spend time (and money) for such small and unnecessary luxuries
- i kinda see inej living a double life that REALLY fits her personality so maybe she could be a social worker and activist for women’s rights during the day (heck she probably has her own center to help poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, poc women, bullied women, abused women, trans women, mistreated sex-workers!!!!!, mentally ill women etc. etc.) and a vigilante during the night so she basically lurks in the shadows and beats up bad people who want to hurt other people (especially women, especially women who can’t or don’t know how to defend themselves)
- oh my god just imagine ninej AT THE BEACH. they’re on their traditional june vacation and nina ROCKS THE FUCK out of her bikini bottoms and two-piece swimsuits and forgets about the existence of bras, period
- nina’s loud and out there where inej’s composed and put together but honestly that only makes them greater
- some insecure ass airhead ass dumbass calls nina “fat” in a mean, hurtful way and nina barely even gets up from her spot bc it honestly doesn’t faze her and inej seems very proud of how mature nina is, how confident, how Amazing
- …. 5 minutes later, inej “went to get ice-cream” and there’s a man shrieking in the distance about someone sparing his hairy ass and yes OF COURSE he’s sorry, and yes he’ll NEVER call anyone fat ever again, he PROMISES
- nina incorporates some pastels into inej’s wardrobe bc they look SO good on her
- they probably get matching tshirts and necklaces
- they DEFINITELY have at least two cats and one dog that’s basically raised by the cats so it lowkey behaves as one
- just bc they’re in a steady relationship doesn’t mean they can’t go out on dates like they did when they were first crushing on each other
- coffee dates!! movie dates, chill stay in dates with greasy boxes of takeout and a cheesy romcom playing in the background while they recreate that lady and the tramp noodle kiss
- hickeys!! everywhere!! hidden love bites on inej’s thighs and scratchmarks on nina’s back
- painting each other’s nails and homemade cookies
- karaoke!! spice girls!! destiny’s child!! GIRL GROUPS and dance battles and high-pitched giggles when inej FINALLY finds nina’s secret ticklish spot
- reruns of antm where nina makes a mental list of the times tyra Put A Rude Contestant In Their Place and inej’s just like ‘wow how do they even WALK in those’

Klance back on Earth headcanons

(I told you all a lot of headcanons would be happening tonight…(to be fair it was in the tags of the last post…) but anyway here is some more klance because haha, I flipping love them crap! Anyway I hope these are good!)

.When they first return to Earth Lance obviously sees his family.
.Many tears and joy and just everything good on so many levels!
.Eventually Lance introduces Keith (they had been dating for awhile now in space as well as on Earth)
.Everyone is so welcoming and kind to him it is quite sweet!
.The littler siblings ask SO many questions!
.It is pretty adorable though!
.The older siblings ask less…
.Again everyone is very welcoming and kind!
.Lance on Earth as well is constantly pointing out that him and Keith are dating and it is an ongoing joke with his family now…
.They eventually move in together and THEY GET A BEANBAG!
.By Keith’s request…
.He had always wanted a bean bag and he finally got one!
.From Lance!
.It was even red how cute.
.However…due to Lance always sitting in it and stealing it Keith got him a blue one as well so they have matching bean bags.
.Neither of them can cook unfortunately…so takeout is a common occurrence…
.However Lance is trying to learn!
.(he doesn’t admit that he had the chance to learn how to cook form his family…but he wasn’t interested at all…)
.This proved bad for his younger siblings…
.But anyway he is learning!
.And Lance’s discovery of how much Keith loves reality TV is amazing and funny yet also horrifying…
.The real housewives of basically anywhere is a giant one…
.Like Keith will go on rants about how someone did this, or someone did that…
.While also saying that he doesn’t really care about It and that it is ‘so bad that it’s good’
.Sure thing Keith, sure thing.
They also go to the beach a lot!
.Lance loves it and Keith loves Lance so…
.They will often also get icecream which is nice!
.Lance always gets Mango and vanilla (strange combination but ya'know it works!)
.And Keith will always get mint and strawberry (again another strange combo but it tastes good)
.I am going to say that one time they take a trip to Australia and get cold rock because it is amazing! (Trust me if you haven’t had it you need to cold rock is SO good!)
.And with cold rock they always both get gummy bears…with everything it is mutual the gummy bears are the best!
.Another things that they have a lot are bath bombs (thanks to Lance!)
.Keith was…very skeptical of first of them but now they are amazing!
.And all the different types and they look so nice and smell so nice!
.The relaxation of not having to save the universe is nice…
.They also eventually get a dog!
.A golden Retriever called spoon!
.(Seriously don’t ask why it is called spoon…)
.But spoon is a very good dog!
.the end…I guess…


Getting Together Masterlist

A Castle Made of Stars by macroglossus

he’s been raised on silver spoons and golden thrones and full length windows that show the stars.

Breathless by sugar4ndroses

In which Simon and Baz never had that Christmas Eve incident, but have instead become friends - and maybe something more

it goes like this by macroglossus

a rainy day and a grey-ish sky and a pretty little coffee shop with a pretty little barista.

Only Cowards Run Away by snowkatze

based on the song “Rio” by Mika.

Save Myself by snowkatze

Based on the song ‘Save Myself’

Simon, You Idiot by jackieneedsmoresleep

Simon gets a gift for Valentine’s day but makes a mistake.

the grey dove by eroticgropefest

The one where Simon works at a coffee shop, Baz needs to finish his Christmas shopping, and they both need to find their chill (aka the gay xmas movie we all deserve)

the skies above us by eroticgropefest

Baz and Simon meet in a community center art class and become fast enemies; much to the chagrin of their matchmaking therapist. Over the next few months tensions escalate, paint is thrown, coffee is had, and the two of them learn that there’s more to life than just doing what’s expected of you

Valentine’s Day by nhhell

They were forced to do it, but they never thought it would end up like this

yes, ten does come from a rich family, but i dont think ten likes to talk about it or wants to be known for THAT (in that one radio program they talked about idols with the ‘golden spoon’ aka idols who come from rich families, or ‘spoiled’ idols, and ten didnt say anything) he wants to be known for other things, like his dancing. he never mentioned the fact that hes rich anywhere, you can only see it through pictures of his GIGANTIC house and the fact that he went to an INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE international school (“its bangkoks most expensive international school, the tuition fee is approximately $25000 per year”)..yet hes so humble and you always see him giving the money he has to charity, or doing things for charity. remember the charity run he was gonna be part of this year? (it was cancelled because of king bhumibols death) or when he won teen superstar and gave all the money he won to charity? ten is such a sweet human being and yes we might know him for his dancing and his playful personality, but i want him to be known for doing these great things as well. ten is so amazing and kind, and he seriously has such a big heart.


+masterlist +mobile masterlist +shine masterpost

parts; (two)

summary: in which you fall in love with a prince that has already fallen for someone else. 

word count: 1,465

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (no smut tho u nasties)

author’s note: track the tag crowns ft calum for updates!!

Calum Hood was one of your suitors. At least, that’s what his mother had said. Calum was another story, he didn’t seem too happy about being kind of forced to suit you. Yes, he thought you were attractive, but he had his eyes on a completely different person, someone whom his parents greatly disapprove of, and that pissed him off more than anything. If there’s one thing Calum knew about himself, it’s that he didn’t express his feelings very well through oral sentences, he’d rather stay quiet and let his passive aggressiveness show on his beautifully defined face.

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anonymous asked:

pls tell us more about gianti

gianni believes in kissing all his friends. free love u know. santi used to come over every monday to watch WWE raw. (life has been weird lately and hasn’t allowed that, as you’ve seen.) sometimes the golden trio spoon each other like they’re in a silverware drawer (it goes rooney > gianni > santi, who is the biggest spoon by some miracle, like a gianni sandwich) santi says gianni has the most comfortable lap for laying his head in. one time rooney taught santi how to french braid by using gianni as a hair model. it took him an hour but he’s an expert now and idly braids little locks of g’s hair when he isn’t paying attention. he also used to do it as a pick-up technique for girls at get-togethers to impress them like it was some party trick. (that one wasn’t very gianti-centric but i had to share it anyway because i think we all forgot santi was a hoe for a sec there)