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Happy Fourth From An All-American Stud!

Celebrate Independence With The Same Joie De Vivre As This Golden Bear Fresh Out Of San Francisco Bay!

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Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU

I barfed up a Miami Rick fic outline featuring poolboy Morty. I’m probably never going to finish this but I still wanted to post it somewhere so here you go!

(warning: a lot of this is just outlining and some of it is actual scenes and then most of it is just bad grammar and me writing about my feelings)

edit: oh look it’s chapter one

shopping excerpt 

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Burning Jealousy

Description: Dipper wonders why every shot he gets with Wendy bursts into flames, sometimes quite literally.

Or the five times Bill was jealous and the one-time Dipper stops being so oblivious.


               It was getting closer. It was nearly time for Wendy to show up at the shop. Dipper had been waiting all day and his nerves were still on fire with anticipation.

               “What’s got you all worked up?” came from behind him.

               Dipper didn’t even jump, instead he looked back behind the counter at Bill who was grinning back at him. “Waiting for Wendy.”

               “And that has you nervous?” Bill asked, unimpressed.

               Scoffing, Dipper turned his gaze back to the door. “Of course it does. I plan to ask her out.”

               “You plan to what?” Bill growled, but Dipper paid him no mind because Wendy just walked through the door. Instead, he swallowed up his nerves and walked up to the redhead of his affection. “So, Wendy, I was wondering if you’d like to-”

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