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A Unwanted Slytherin

(A.N. Hello, everyone! This is a requested imagine! I notice a lot of people wanted a Protective Draco situation and I am super excited because I love myself some Protective Draco. Anyways, Enjoy =p)

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Everyone was on the edge of their seats as two boys were flying side by side both reaching for the Golden Snitch.


Cheering and laughing was heard from the decorated the silver and green bleachers.

My eyes were on my blond headed boyfriend as he landed on the ground with his Quidditch team crowding around him congratulating him patting him on the back and high-fiving him.

I started walking down the bleacher as the crowd around Draco started to die down. His teammates going to high five fellow housemates.

Looking at Draco I see Goyle at Draco’s side… something is missing here.

As my feet hit the grassy ground I heard my name,

“Hey Y/N.”

Turning my head to left I notice Crabbe walking towards me a water bottle in hand.

“Hey, Crabbe what’s up?”

Once he finally reached me he replied, “Oh nothing don’t you think you should congratulate me on my win.”

I scoff and roll my eyes at his comment,

Your win? Yeah, fucking right.

What a dick.

“Is there a problem…. Love?” Crabbe asked walking even closer to me.

This guy has a fucking death mission.

“Yes there is and it’s you.” I retorted pushing past Crabbe.

As I’m walking past Crabbe he grabs my left wrist and smashes his lips against mine.

His lips tasted like he ate a rotten egg jellybean from the box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

He put his arms trying to get my body to touch his.

I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed.

Turning my head so his kisses were on my right cheek I yelled,

“Get off of me you jerk I have a boyfriend.”

“Come on baby don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“I DON’T like it.”

I continued to push on his shoulders but it was ineffective because of his size.

“Get away from my girlfriend you twat.”

Crabbe’s eyes widened as Draco made his way towards us obviously pissed at the sight before his eyes.

Crabbe grip on me loosened to I quickly pushed him away from me.

“Draco you don’t understand she came to me and I tried to get her away from me but she wouldn’t let me.”

I felt Draco’s hand on my shoulder as he put me behind him to prevent any more harm to happen to me.

Just by looking at his back I could tell that he was beyond pissed by that comment.

“Draco….” Quietly saying his name in hopes it would calm him down.

“Love goes back to the castle I meet you there.”

Draco’s fist was in balls his knuckles were white.

“Yes Love why don’t you go back to the castle so we can-”

It happened so fast.

Draco’s fist connecting to Crabbe’s jaw and his other fist connecting to his cheek.

Crabbe falling on the ground groaning in pain.

Me grabbing Draco to stop him from doing further damage.

“Draco why did you do that you can get expelled!”

“He bloody deserve it. He put his hand and lips on what’s mine.” Draco stated as he rubbed his red knuckles.

I couldn’t help but blush at his comment.

Draco noticed this and put his hands on my flushed cheeks.

“Your adorable Y/N.”  He smiled as he held my cheeks looking into my eyes.

“Are you okay if he did anything else I want to know so I can rip-”

“I’m fine Draco,” I replied

Draco nodded slightly at my comment.

But I added, “Let’s go back to the castle so we can celebrate your big win!”

Draco smiled removing his hand from my cheeks to my hand as we walking hand in hand to the magical castle.

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Hermione: “Aren’t you two ever going to read Hogwarts: A History?

Ron: “What’s the point? You know it all by heart, we can just ask you.