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I saw that Polish Masquerade dress and *instantly* thought BatB 2017--is that just me? I know it's not nearly as yellow, but something about the bodice seems similar .... anyway this is awesome as always 👌👌

I’ll give the Polish Masquerade costume this: at least they had a decent skirt and underpinnings! It’s a quite nice dress on its own, though the 1860s big hoop skirt style would have been just-out-of-fashion and hence a weird costume choice.

But yeah, there’s strong BATB vibes, though I actually find the Polish dress nicer and more detailed than the movie one - and look - you CAN make a corseted bodice and big hoop skirt danceable! Out of context I could easily have thought these were photos from a non-replica BATB:


Ambrosius Goldenloin cosplay

Just finished it this afternoon. It turned out awesome I can’t wait to wear it at Grandcon next week!!

also the codpiece functions as a pocket to put my phone and stuff.

Plucking Petals

Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi X Reader

Word count: 3582


• flower boy cafe! Daehwi ( oh god i’d pay to see that 😂 )
• your friends really like this cafe…especially Daehwi ;)
• you just don’t get the hype
• but Daehwi hyPES YOU UP 110%
• ft. bffs Lisa and Somin

tbh…. I haD ZERO ZILCH CLUE WHAT A FLOWER BOY CAFE WAS WE DON’T HAVE IT HERE but I now know because of my intellectual friend @woojinstinygf  tysm beb 💓
Daehwi would fit this I hate it he fits everything how dare he
anyways, I hope my lack of experience with flower boys ( or boys in general ) doesn’t come off strongly. Thank you for requesting this anon ! :)
- admin L
fun fact: Daehwi and I have the same uneven eyelids ‘problem’ but he has taught me to recognise them as a cute trait better.


“Oh my god, oh my god Y/N please! Please!” Your best friend, Lisa, begged. “Please! Please! I’m begging you right now.” She grabbed your hands in hers and tugged on them gently.

For the past half hour, Lisa and Somin had been pleading with you to hang out at the new flower boy cafe that had just opened in your estate. Somehow, your best friends were crazy for the idea of cute guys, cakes and aegyo but the thought of it made you feel a little sick. Of course, it was nice to have cuties attending to your every need but it was all a fabricated fantasy and you didn’t exactly like your feelings to be played with. Your friends had been there without you twice but they had enough of going by themselves and thus, were nearly on their knees for this.

“Please! It’s almost my birthday!” Somin pointed out, sticking out her bottom lip. You shot her a flat look. “That shit doesn’t work on me, Somin,” you fired back, referring to her puppy dog face.

Y/N, how bad could it be? Isn’t it her birthday soon anyways? Just endure that place for a little while then you can leave. Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think. A voice inside of your head piped up. 

You groaned. “I hate you guys so much.”

“Does that mean you are agreeing?” Lisa pestered.

“No,” you said, shaking your head. “But now, I will consider it…more than last time. I’ll think about it.”

Somin beamed and clapped. “Yes! I know you would cave in!”

“Y/N, did you know that Lee Daehwi is working there for the summer?” Lisa blushed, nearly letting out a squeal of delight.

Ahh, Lee Daehwi. He was the president of the English Language Drama and Debate Society ( ELDDS ) of another college not far from the one you attended. You had seen him at plays once or twice and even complimented his good looks. Daehwi was incredibly smart and well-mannered but he also emitted this aura of enthusiasm. Flower boy cafes were bound to be his thing, it didn’t come as a shock. He had the brains and beauty, it was no mystery as to why people fawned over him.

“I’m sure that cafe would be flooding with people because of him! All the more we must go! Daehwi is a limited time offer!”

“Stop objectifying him.” You said flatly.

“Sorry…but you know what I mean! Don’t you think you would look cute with him?” Lisa suggested, wiggling her eyebrows. Somin ‘oohed’ and high fived Lisa, smirking.

You nearly spit out the water you were drinking. You coughed violently, trying to pump out the water from your lungs. Once you had more or less regained your senses, you continued. “What? What! Lisa! Stop it, that’s too much. Don’t be like this, for both our sakes.”

Lisa tsked. “Just wait and see, Y/N. No one can withstand the charms of Lee Daehwi.”

You pursed your lips together, they were coated with a new shade of red today. “We have to see, Lisa. We shall see.”

Lee Daehwi wasn’t going to steal your heart, you were sure of it. No matter how flowery his words may be.

Somin’s birthday quickly approached and it was her wish that she could celebrate it at the flower boy cafe with you and Lisa. At first, you opposed as strongly as you normally would have but softened when you realised how irrational you were being. It was your best friend’s birthday, it was going to be her day.

So you sucked it up and agreed to celebrate in the flower boy cafe with your friends. To say they were ecstatic was an understatement.

“Guys? What are you doing here?” You asked, wide-eyed and still clad in your pyjamas. You examined every inch of your best friends, they were well dressed, hair curled and probably had much more makeup on than usual. They looked ready for the red carpet. “Oh! Happy birthday Somin!”

Somin squealed and hugged you, “Ahh, Lisa, we have one hour to transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!”

You didn’t know whether to be insulted or insulted flattered.

Against your will, you were thrown into a hot bath with scented rose petals which you didn’t even know existed, so it came as a shock when Lisa plucked it out from the cabinet under the sink. It was like she knew your life more than you did.

Once you were all fresh and clean, Somin dried your hair while Lisa began applying makeup to your face. “Yah, I envy your skin so much. So smooth, you should be in an Innisfree commercial,” Lisa said.

“Did you guys know that Daehwi was in an Innisfree commercial? I’m pretty sure some shops still screen his photoshoot. It was a blessing,” Somin announced, her eyes clouded over as if she was dreaming. “Lee Daehwi…..”

You clapped your hands in her face to signal that your scalp was getting too hot from the hair dryer. “Somin, …please concentrate! My hair is going to catch fire!” You shrieked but ended up laughing and nearly smacking the bb cushion out of Lisa’s hand.

For the next hour or so, you let your friends doll you up in preparation for your first and last time ever setting foot in that damned cafe. Somin looked every bit the part of a party princess from her black crop top and red mini skirt, delicate golden crown earrings hung from her ears. No one would be able to take her eyes off her. But her gaze was fixated on you and tears nearly welled up in her eyes. “You…look amazing! Thank you for agreeing to go with us! My birthday would not be the same without you.”

You could only hug and reassure her that as long as she was your best friend, you would do almost anything for her.

Even going to weird flower boy cafes.

I take that back………..Why did I agree to go to this ridiculous place?

Today’s concept appeared to be flowers, flowers and more flowers. Every single waiter had either a flower crown on his head or some sort of flower related ornament as part of his 'uniform’.

How is this legal?

You tentatively shuffled a step forward into the cafe.

“Hello! Woah, someone call God because I think he sent down an angel.” A voice complimented, it’s owner gently placed your hand in his before bending down to kiss it. “I’m Daehwi, at your service.”

It took you everything to not recoil and punch some sense into the president of English Language Drama and Debate Society, his pickup lines were awful! (bomb pickup lines created by yours truly™) Instead, you forced a smile on your face and gently removed your hand from his grip. Apparently, that wasn’t the reaction he had been hoping for, he pouted and whined in a small voice. “Am I not cute enough for you?” Daehwi allowed his puppy dog eyes to take centre stage, behind you, your friends were bursting with happiness, you could pretty much feel it radiating off them.

You had to admit, this scene surprisingly fit him well, plus, he was naturally adorable so it made his aegyo either ten times more cringy or ten times cuter. For now, you could tolerate it. You sighed, “You are adorable. Could you please show us to our table?”

Have Somin and Lisa suddenly become mute? Why am I doing all the talking?

Daehwi snatched a couple menus off their place at the cashier and nodded. “Certainly, right this way.”

You couldn’t help but admire his legs in those skinny jeans as he walked. ( i nEed to mAkE SURE MY BABIES ARE GETTING FED )

“You must be tired since you have been running through my head,” he proclaimed, shooting you a suave wink as he pulled out a plush velvet chair. You opened your mouth to protest but Somin and Lisa had already settled onto the love seat across and sent you a 'zip up’ gesture. Without an audible reply, you sunk into the armchair and quickly grabbed a menu in hopes of Daehwi taking the signal and leaving you alone. Quite the contrary, he took this opportunity to kneel down to your level and pushed the card down so your eyes met his. It was then that you realised how gorgeous his eyes were, especially his unevenly folded double eye lids, they made him more quirky and unique.

“Did you know? I’m sweeter than all these things written on the menu combined?” Daehwi said smoothly, fluttering his long eyelashes.

You giggled despite how lame it was, satisfied with finally eliciting a reaction out of you, Daehwi bounced away but hung around his group of tables. The other customers whispered about his obvious attention directed towards you. You tried hard to tune out to those, cheeks already turning red.

“Ahhh, and who said they would hate this place forever?” Lisa teased, squealing. You frowned at her, shaking your head but the pinkness of your cheeks was a contrast to what you said. “S-stop it.” You stuttered out. You nearly smacked yourself for being so affected by Daehwi’s actions.

He does this to like two hundred other customers three times a day. Why are you so affected? Get a grip, Y/N! Stop feeling so special. It’s literally his job, it’s not like he likes you.

“Yah! You’re crushing so bad on Daehwi right now! Look at your face!” Somin giggled, she subtly pointed to the boy with silvery dirty blonde hair who was fixing his peach coloured flower crown and let out a small annoyed huff when it didn’t seem to cooperate with him.

It was true, Daehwi was the most charming boy you had laid your eyes on. Major crush material, huge boyfriend material.

You smiled smugly, playing with a lock of your perfectly curled hair courtesy of Somin.

You weren’t going to fall for the flower boy, you were going to make the flower boy fall for you.

Daehwi set your cup of tea down on the coaster without messing up any of the intricately displayed macaroon towers - Somin had insisted on it -.


You were mildly impressed he hadn’t messed up on anything yet. Before he left, he tapped you on the shoulder and made a heart with his fingers before pressing it to his plush lips and blowing you a kiss. Though you were screaming internally, you kept your unfazed look on and pretended to catch it, only to crush it and let it go. It did hurt when the smile on Daehwi’s face fell but he quickly recovered.

“Does Y/N not like Daehwi? Daehwi is hurt!” He wailed, sticking out his bottom lip and crossing his arms over his chest. ( guys kms idk how to describe aegyo and I’m not good at it either ) “Can Daehwi show you more aegyo? Will you love me then?”

Oh my god. He should be paid double to act like this.

Without any warning, ( someone come collect their mans ) he cupped the sides of his face and squished his cheeks together, furrowing his brows and pouting. “Y/N? Do you like me now?” ( bOii I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO YOU LIKE thIS )

He’s so extra……

“Daehwi, you’re already prettier than the flowers in your hair,” you complimented sincerely.

For the first time, Lee Daehwi, the confident, assured President became flustered. His eyes went as large as tea cup saucers and he opened his mouth multiple times wordlessly. He covered up with his 'bbuing bbuing’ and shuffled back to the counter, pink blush extremely prominent. Another boy with black hair saw what had happened and punched Daehwi’s arm playfully, repeating his actions and mocking him.

He seems like a perfect fit for Somin. Doesn’t Lisa know him from somewhere? School? Oh! They were in the same theatre department before he graduated.

She hid her face when you glanced at her. Lisa reached over and smacked your shoulder, grinning. She raised her hand.

“Seongwoo oppa, it’s Somin’s birthday today. Does she get anything…I don’t know…special?” Lisa tapped a finger on her lip, looking deep in thought.


“Somin! Oh gosh, happy birthday!” Seongwoo wished her, a bright smile on his face as he plucked out a flower crown from his apron pocket and placed it on her head. Seongwoo took her hand in his and kissed hers gently. You struggled to hold in your giggles.

Back in the kitchen, Daehwi was plucking petals off a daisy violently. “She loves me, she loves me not….she loves me, she loves me not. She…..”

His best friend, Bae Jinyoung, saw the state he was in and sighed. “Yah, Daehwi, just tell Y/N how you feel.”

“I can’t! I’ve liked her for so long yet I’m messing up every chance here! Why is my job so hard!” It was his eighteenth time re-tying the flower crown around his head, a sign of his anxiety increasing. Eventually, he gave up and let his bangs flop, it was long enough to conceal both eyes.

At least it hides my weird eyelids…..Wait, why tf is Jaewhan hyung mopping the floor now? Daehwi wondered as he exchanged his half bare daisy for the tray Jinyoung had arranged nicely. Suddenly, as if a light bulb ignited, he had an idea. Without a second thought, he gracefully used the lack of friction to his advantage and slid all the way to your table, tray balanced in hand. Daehwi made eye contact with you and delivered his line perfectly. “That’s how I slid into your DMs, babygirl.” ( fckboi alert! )

Your small smile was nowhere near Somin and Lisa’s excited clamours. Disappointed, Daehwi hastily set the tray down and rushed back to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans and Jaewhan’s cleaning skills were terrible.

Too!! Much!! Soap!!

He let out a tiny yelp as he slipped on the damn patches of marble, landing with a thump.

Without thinking, you rushed out of your seat to check if he was all right. “Daehwi! Oh my god! Are you hurt?” Your hands found his, you helped him to his feet, completely unaware of the eyes boring holes into your back.

“Oh! Your flower crown!” You retrieved it from the ground and carefully nestled it on Daehwi’s curls. “No prince is complete without his crown,” you blurted out before slapping a hand over your mouth.

“I-I…I think I just fell for you,” Daehwi declared, pun-intended. You gaped at him in disbelief and lightly slapped his shoulder, unable to stop the laughter.

“You’re awful.”

“But you love me.”

“No, your aegyo sucks.”

He gasped in mock offence, eyebrows creased, arms folded, cute little foot stomp. “Yah! Daehwi’s aegyo is the best! I can do the gwiyomi song for you!”

“Don’t you do that for everyone,” you pointed out. “I never come here. Make my first time special.” You trotted back to your seat in triumph, not really sure what you were happy about though. Maybe it was because you challenged a cutie to do something special, personalised just for you.

Somin and Lisa’s jaws dropped, however, there was still some sort of smugness and 'I knew it’ that emitted off them. ( you know, 'pretends to be shocked’ )

The rest of the went by joyously, you were glad to catch up with your best friends even though you saw them every single day. Lisa updated you with the latest gossip - “Did you know that Lai Guanlin hasn’t been in school recently? People think he’s travelled back to Taiwan to train as a professional basketball player.” “Everyone thinks that Ha Sungwoon is in love with his sugar daddy, Yoon Jisung. I ship it.” - Somin unwrapped her presents - “Because I want to capture you crying on camera.” - and pulled a fake shocked look many times yet cried in the end. Seongwoo was there to dry her tears.

Shameless couple.

Daehwi had not returned to your table since then, in fact, he didn’t seem to be in the cafe anymore and that sparked your curiosity. When you asked Ong, he shrugged and apologised. You hoped you would see Daehwi at least once more before leaving but when it was Seongwoo and Park Jihoon who carried out Somin’s birthday cake, you began to lose hope of seeing him ever again.

Maybe I’ll just start attending school plays more often….just for Daehwi. I’m so hung up about this I can’t help it.

With Lisa at your table, the cake disappeared in record time. It was no surprise, really. You took time to savour the sweetness, creaminess and softness. Also an excuse to spend extra time here waiting for Daehwi to make an appearance.

“Y/N has got it so bad for the flower boy! Finally! I thought she’d never like someone,” Somin rejoiced. “You have to thank us if you do end up dating him, Y/N. Two of us made it happen.”

“I’ll ask him out only if you kiss Seongwoo…uh, on the cheek of course,” you retorted back, taking a sip of your beverage.

Where! Is! Lee! Daehwi!

Somin groaned and her eyes narrowed. “Fine, if that’s how you want things to be.”

It was an easy task for her. Somin never struggled with dating, regardless of who it was.

“Let’s go. We still have about three other cafes to go to before the sun downs,” Lisa beckoned, grabbing her fancy cross body bag.

“I can get the bill. You guys can pay me back later.” You marched over to the cashier. “Yo, Seongwoo, are you sure you don’t know where Lee Daehwi is?” you hissed.

Seongwoo bit his lip, sighing. “Okay, okay. He just told Jaewhan to cover for him and ran. His break is ending in a couple of minutes though but it doesn’t seem like he’s in the area.”

“Oh….” Your face fell, mildly upset. “It’s fine. Thanks. How much?”

Seongwoo told you the price and you nearly dropped dead. “I can add a 20% employee discount! You guys are my friends anyway.” He tapped a few buttons and the price decreased. Still, it blew a hole in your wallet, bank account dented.

“Thank you, Seongwoo oppa! Please date Somin. Please!” You chirped. He laughed.

All of a sudden, the door to the back room burst open and a frantic Lee Daehwi came tumbling out. He looked like he had returned from running a marathon. His apron wasn’t on and his flower crown was lopsided but in his arms was a bouquet of deep red roses, all fresh and lush. “Y/N!” He rushed to your side, somewhat out of breath and flushed.

“Daehwi? Are you okay? What happened?” You quizzed worriedly. Why was he so anxious? Did he run? In those ridiculous shoes?

“Y/N, you-you called me a prince just now but what prince would be fit without his princess. Here, I-I bought these for you. I hope you enjoyed your time here, no matter how much you hate this place.” Daehwi beamed hopefully at you, placing the flowers in your arms.

“Daehwi….you didn’t have to!” You squeaked, lost for words. You covered the left side of your face with your hand, avoiding other customers gazes.

“Y/N, I’ve never done this for anyone. You are saved in my heart,” he paused to perform his aegyo.  ( Park Jeojang is shaking! ) “I’ve had a crush on you for forever. Ever since I saw you at one of the debate tournaments supporting Somin. I fumbled so much in my speech because of you. Then, I managed to know more about you through your friends as creepy as it sounds. Now I’m confessing, oh god. How crazy is this?” He babbled, clearly flustered and worried. His face reddened and his eyes could only linger on the floor. His weird shoes scuffed together.

“Hey, Y/N!” Somin yelled, once she had your attention, she pressed a quick peck to Seongwoo’s cheek, right on his constellation. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “So, what are you doing later on?”

Oh my god.

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks, your grip on the roses grew tighter. “Uh, Daehwi?” He looked up at you, smiling shyly.

“Thank you, I’m flattered but-”

The crestfallen look that crossed his face as enough to make anyone burst into tears. Your hand enclosed his, squeezing it comfortingly.

“But, are you free tomorrow?”

“Considering the fact that dyeing my hair alone cost $350, I’m worth a dime. But princesses deserve diamonds.” Daehwi winked cutely despite his heart gradually cracking.

“Let’s go on a date. Call me,” you managed to squeak out without messing up before slipping him a napkin with your number scribbled on it. You winked as you let go of his hand and practically skipped out of the shop, leaving a shell-shocked Daehwi in it. He gaped at your disappearing figure for a good thirty seconds and then neatly folded the napkin before stuffing it into his wallet. His blush was comparable to the strawberry cake Jihoon was serving. Once he came back to his senses, he fist pumped and jumped for joy.

Seongwoo rolled his eyes at the amount of half bald flowers and flower stems scattered around Daehwi’s locker. “I’m glad he doesn’t have to pluck petals anymore.”


A/N: I wish y’all a wonderful and spooky Halloween! Tell me, what are you gonna dress up as? As for me, I’ll be Harley Quinn tonight. Have fun, guys, love y’all!

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1866
Warnings: smut, public sex

31st October: HALLOWEEN! | feat. Captain Boomerang

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Winter Formal (Part 5/?)

Summary: Filming the second Spider-Man movie has been a breeze. You and Tom are lowkey dating, knowing that if Jon finds out and is angry, you can still get fired. Zendaya has remained jealous and has had her eye on the two of you for the past few months. But despite the obstacles, both of you are happy, even though today is the last day of filming. 

Warning: Swearing

A/N: This is way longer than I intended it to be but I’m really enjoying the storyline oops. I’m planning on only a couple more parts so bear with me. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the beautiful moodboard @prkrptr put together for this story?! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I walked down the street to meet Tom at our favorite breakfast place and was pleased to find him at a table by the window with my meal already waiting for me. He was facing opposite the door so I was able to snake my arms around his back without him noticing. He jumped slightly at my touch and then eased into it, kissing my cheek as I went to sit opposite him. My chocolate chip pancakes and fruit cup waited for me. 

“I still don’t understand how you think that just because you get a fruit cup it’s healthy.” Tom said, shaking his head. I laughed before digging in. Tom ate a bagel and ham across from me, but I didn’t feel guilty about my pancakes. 

“It makes me feel like I’m on my way to being healthy so pipe down.” I said between chews. He grinned at me. That smile made me melt, even after months of dating. Aside from Harrison, Y/B/N, and our families, no one knew about us. Except Zendaya. But we steered clear of that situation. She had mostly left us alone in the past months, but would still insert little passive aggressive hits here and there when Jon was around, causing him to scrunch his brow in confusion before moving on. 

After breakfast we walked a few blocks to the studio, the pancakes hitting me a little harder as we strode up a hill. When we got to the studio we split up to get dressed. Today wardrobe was a little different. Today we would be in formal attire to shoot the winter formal dance scene. It couldn’t be Spider-Man: Winter Formal without one, of course. 

I sat in the hair and makeup chair a little longer, letting them apply sharp red lipstick and a winged eyeliner that could kill. They curled my hair and braided a simple fishtail crown on the top. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I could’t wait to show Tom. But I couldn’t leave yet without the dress. I had helped choose the dress when we had been shopping months ago. A long princess-like gold skirt with a lace top and sleeves. We opted for red converse to complete the look. I twirled in the trailer, watching the golden skirt shine blue and purple in certain lights, and then picked up the tulle underneath and walked to the mock high school. 

Jon saw me first, smiling as he saw his vision coming to life again. Zendaya stood to the side wearing a body-hugging navy dress that ended right below her butt. It fit her. Her character had grown in this movie, progressing into a jealous girl who had clawed out of pain and into the limelight of high school. Our characters hated each other. Fitting. 

Suddenly, I spotted Tom across the gym where the mock dance would be held. He was running lines with Jacob and hadn’t seen me yet. Just then, Jacob nudged him and Tom looked up, confused, until he laid eyes on me. He just stared, his eyes lighting up. I blushed and turned to go over a couple lines with Jon. A few moments later Tom came over, asking Jon if he could borrow my character for a moment. 

I followed him to the side of the set where no one could see us and he grabbed my hips, leaning in for a kiss. I managed to stop him with a hand to the face. He pulled back, confused and slightly pissed. 

“You are not about to smudge this makeup.” I said with a laugh. He groaned and dug his face into my neck, kissing it tenderly. I shuttered. 

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” He whispered in my ear. I grinned, goosebumps circulating across my arms. “I love you so much.” Just then, Jon came around the corner, seeing Tom and I embracing. I pulled away quickly, but knew it was too late. I knew Jon was going to fire me now. It was over. He was going to find another Mary Jane and I would be out of a job. 

But he just gestured towards the set.

“We have a movie to wrap up, lovebirds!” He said, shocking Tom and I. Blushing, we both made our way to the dance floor set, seeing Zendaya fuming with rage. I knew she was going to visit Jon later. 

The scene was a sweet dance between Mary Jane and Peter, and with my mind swirling after Tom’s confession and Jon finding us, I almost forgot how to dance. Tom placed his hand on my waist as the first few notes of Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur came over the speakers. Tom pulled me close as the scene began and I breathed him in. 

“You look beautiful.” Tom said, following the script. I looked down, blushing, not having to act too much. There was a pause as we danced. “Mary Jane-” Tom began, hesitating. 

“Peter?” I inquired, trying to look into his struggling eyes. He turned to me. 

“Thank you.” He said. “Thank you for being there for me. For keeping my secret. For dealing with my…stuff…after the battle…up there.” He struggled getting the words out, mentioning the previous Infinity War movie. “I-You make me human. You keep me grounded and calm and peaceful and happy and I would have gone insane if you weren’t here in my arms right now letting me spill my guts to you.” Tom’s eyes glistened with tears, reminding everyone what a great actor he was. “I know it hasn’t been easy and I’m sorry- I’m sorry for putting you in danger and for making you keep this secret and-” I brought my hand up, cupping his face. 

“I don’t care that you’re Spider-Man.” I said, looking at him fully. “I don’t care that you save people’s asses every other night or that they kick yours the rest of them. It’s an added bonus, but it’s not what I love about you.” Tom looked up from trying to hide his tears, his character shocked at my words. “I love that you’re kind, and smart. and funny, and that you bring May thai when she cries. I love that you’re selfless enough to go out every night and get you’re ass kicked for the gokod of other people.” 

“Hey, not every-” Tom tried interjecting, but I held my hand up.

“Pipe down, tiger.” I said with a laugh, using Mary Jane’s pet name for Peter. “I love that you are man enough to let me hold you tight when the nightmares are too terrible and the anxiety too loud. And I love that you have shown me that not all men are shit and drink into a stupor and beat their daughters.” My voice started to break. “Sure, I like Spider-Man and all those other super dudes- but I love Peter Parker.” 

By then, both of us had tears streaming down our faces. Tom embraced me into a tight hug, burying his face in my neck like he had moments before. He drew back, and kissed me lightly. He leaned his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. We swayed with the ending notes of the song until something crashed in the corner of the gym. Tom and I both shot our heads in the direction of the noise, knowing it was Doctor Octopus revving up a fight scene. I looked at Tom. 

“Go.” I said. He hesitated, looking at me. “Go!” I said it more forcefully and he nodded, pulling away from me, and running towards the wreckage. 

“Cut!” Jon called. Tom slowed, turning back to me. We all looked at Jon. He threw his hands up. “That’s a wrap!”

The studio erupted in cheers and everyone embraced, celebrating the end of filming. After we celebrated a little, I went back to my trailer, thinking. I had barely gotten in the door when it was opened again. Tom barged in, surprising me. 

“Tom!” I said in a scolding tone. “I could’ve been-”

“Y/N I meant it.” Tom interrupted me. I looked at him, my mind reeling. I knew what those words brought. For me it had only brought pain. Tom knew that. He understood. He wouldn’t be saying this if he wasn’t for sure. He took a step towards me, holding my waist. “I love you. I love you in this dress, I love you in sweats, I love you when you’re grouchy, I love you when you’re happy, I love everything about you.” 

My head spun as I realized I felt the same way. Every thing he said. Everything my character had just said, I felt all of it. He stood there in his tux, and I stood in my dress, and I said the scariest words I could possibly muster.

“I love you, Tom.”

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Dangan Thieves AU - Sonia Nevermind

So here’s the lovely Ultimate Princess of the Dangan Thieves AU and… *face plants onto desk* As much as Sonia is a likable character she is more of a pain to write simply because of her “perfect character.” I had to rewrite this like… four times just so it felt like this could possibly be Sonia Nevermind and not somebody else. Why is her character designed to be nearly like a Mary Sue at points? Couldn’t she just have a few more notable ones or did I overlook them?

Anyway, Sonia Nevermind position as the main party Support member came from my chat with @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl and we came to the conclusion we’d at least have two members taking that role (Being Sonia and Mahiru). As for her Persona, I’d like to thank @killr-cupcake for suggesting ideas for the Persona - and helping me narrow down the list. Though after Sonia I’m going to take a break from characters and work on other things… like possible Palaces and Mementos stuff! Be sure to take tune for that and ENJOY!!!

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