golden sand dunes

aesthetics for the signs

aries: a striking rose sunset during the summer, wearing glow necklaces in the dark, a full white moon with its visible craters.

taurus: golden sand dunes in the desert, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a bouquet of wildflowers, a lullaby played on a piano.

gemini: a strawberry field on bright sunny days, a pair of cherries, crinkled eyes and a plethora of freckles, rabbit holes and cool headbands.

cancer: the air outside moments before a storm, the scent of the ocean, warm tea and biscuits, sitting on swings with a good friend.

leo: little pearl earrings, the cat eye-liner, love confessions in the form of graffiti, white crumpled sheets in the morning, swans forming a heart.

virgo: The sight of the ocean in the morning, an underground tunnel road at night, an old marble chessboard, a globe of the world.

scorpio: blue lightning strikes, a row of crows on a wire, glowing jellyfishes in an aquarium, drawing on fogged glass, flower scented candles.

libra: a garden of only roses, visiting an art gallery with people you adore, leaning out the window during a road trip, a smile with dimples.

sagittarius: classy dark red lipstick and lipstick stains from kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a rainbow reflection in your hands.

capricorn: a heavy misty morning in the city, collecting dried flowers in books, the calm noise of a cafe, writing a heartfelt love letter.

aquarius: paint smudges on clothes, a bath with flowers, matching tattoos with your best friend, an old notebook where you spill your heart in.

pisces: a river full of cherry blossom petals, holding hands with the person you love, abandoned mansions claimed back by nature.

soularhaze  asked:

Answer this with 5 things that make you happy, then pass it on to 10 people in your recent activity

1 ) first cup of tea in the mornin
2 ) dancing freely with no inhibitions
3 ) nature .. chirping birds n crickets, lush green, vibrant flowers, golden sand and dunes, warmth from the sun, stunning beauty from the moon.. I could go on forever
4 ) kindness and generosity from other beings
5 ) yoga

Thank you for askin, sweet one 🦋✨


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