golden salamander

Then, for more than ten days, they did not see the sun again. The ground became soft and damp, like volcanic ash, and the vegetation was thicker and thicker, and the cries of the birds and the uproar of the monkeys became more and more remote, and the world became eternally sad. The men on the expedition felt overwhelmed by their most ancient memories in that paradise of dampness and silence, going back to before original sin, as their boots sank into pools of steaming oil and their machetes destroyed bloody lilies and golden salamanders.

Some more pages from my Golden Guides! These things had so many cool facts. Each are 160 pages.

In order of appearance: Reptiles & Amphibians, Stars, Exotic Plants for Home and Garden, Hallucinogenic Plants, Non-Flowering Plants, Zoo Animals, Venomous Animals, Endangered Animals, Bats of the World, and Rocks and Minerals.


He did it! On his own and without having to trick him (very much), Midas put his big old little head in the dish and feasted away. Of course he got shy as soon as I whipped the camera out. He didn’t have as much as he probably would have eaten directly from me, but I’ll leave the rest in there for a little while in case he decides to back for more.


GOOD BOY. Midas has learned ONE thing. Like a proud child, he keeps showing it to me. Or he’s hungry every 4 minutes, which would be highly suspect. Still, ALL THE HEAD PATS. But it wasn’t feeding time when this was shot. Sorry, little dude.