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Kinslayer - Maedhros

But the jewel burned the hand of Maedhros in pain unbearable; and he perceived that it was as Eonwe had said, and that his right thereto had become void, and that the oath was vain. And being in anguish and despair he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire, and so ended; and the Silmaril that he bore was taken into the bosom of the Earth.

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To bring your wish into reality

Inspiread by my dear dear friend @witchy-woman, I created this little wish bottle! So little you can bring it everywhere with you, on a date, at work, in class, etc! You can carry its power on you all you want!

Ingredients are simple:

  • a little bottle
  • a piece of paper and pen to write your wish on
  • salt for purification
  • clear quartz to enhance energies
  • bay leaf to make your wish come true
  • wax
  • (a golden ribbon)

How to proceed:

  1. Take the time to light a candle, meditate if you wish to and focus on your intent: what do you want to bring into your life? Visualize it cleary and with as many details as possible.
  2. Add the salt at the bottom of your jar, then the bay leaf.On the piece of paper, write down your wish. Again, be as precise as you can, a deadline is also a good idea. Magic can be tricky sometimes so better put all the chancs on your side!
  3. Then, roll your paper around the crystal and put it in the bottle.
  4. Finally, add the lid to your bottle and seal it with the wax (I used vanilla wax here), wishing one last time.
  5. Add the ribbon if you wish.
  6. Carry this bottle with you and take it in your hand focusing on your wish, or give it to a loved one <3

Have fun!

hello witchy friends !

i did something that was rlly relieving for me bc im a broke witch, lmao
but I have a little wand making spell kind of? its rlly simple ♡  and I wanted to tag a few nice blogs I follow bc i love helping ! So like,, lolipop sticks (wood ones) or fondu sticks, with one edge pointed?? yeah, those ! I personally carved mine to be pointed bc i love imperfect crafts bc its unique to me. But yeaaaah !

You will need : 

* one of the long wooden sticks that wont break easy we hope (point out the end if you want / need to )
* two or three colors of ribbon !
*sewing needle and thread or glue !
*(optional) A knife to carve your initials or a smol sigil on the flat bottom.

- (opt) take your knife first if you want to and carve what you’d like at the bottom !

- (opt) write out a spell or a saying or quote you like along your ribbon in marker (mine was Harm None; Do What Ye Will)

-take the base color of ribbon you’d like and wrap it halfway around to where it’d comfortably have your fingers wrap around it (in my case it was golden)

- sew the ribbon to have it stay or glue it 

- take three other pieces (could all be the same color or three different ones that have a meaning to you) Tie them together at the tip and braid them! 

-Tie the end together tightly ! 

- Tie the braid to the end of your wand. If there is excess ribbon, wrap it along the handle of your wand ! 

- Glue or sew the ribbon to where it will stay ! 

- (opt) Think of a power chant so that when you use wand spells, they will work more efficiently.  (I used a homemade one; Mother Nature, Father sky, these are the rules I abide by. Grant me power, in my dullest hours, help me see the light in me! [The rule I abide by is what I wrote on my ribbon, aha!])

There you go !! A cute, convenient wand for your spells !! 

just a few people I love a lot on this sight that might enjoy this ! And they have really good content, so check them out !!
@ladystardvst @queenofcups-half-full @urbanspellcraft @igamuinacra

(I apologize if I bugged anyone ! I love you all ♡ )

Soul Bond

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Seth Clearwater x Reader

Soul Bond

A Sequel to Soul Mark

Note: I’m kind of in love with the whole Seth x Witch!Reader thing, so forgive me for writing another part lmao.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1854

Ever since you and Seth found out that not only were you his imprint, but that he was also your soulmate, you had barely been apart. Seth treated you basically like a queen. Any time you needed literally anything, he was right there to get it for you. Hungry? He’d make snacks. Thirsty? He’d have a water bottle in your hand before you could say “Hocus Pocus”. Cold? Blanket around the two of you as you snuggled into his chest.

It was amazing to say the very least.

Every time you were even in slight discomfort, he was already running through a million ideas of how he could make it better. It was a wolf thing, he had told you. He didn’t want to smother you, but he literally couldn’t help himself. Every time you were close enough, he would wrap an arm or two around you and pull you close. You didn’t mind.

Getting used to Seth was easy. Getting used to the rest of the pack was a bit more of a challenge. There were a lot of them. They were loud and hyper, and apparently, they didn’t know what a shirt was. You understood it was because of phasing and really, they were just trying to save money on torn shirts, but still…

Not that you minded looking at Seth’s abs all that much because damn… You were a lucky, lucky girl.

The pack kind of loved you. I mean, your witchy powers were pretty awesome. A simple matter moving spell looked like The Force, and they were constantly trying to get you to use your “Jedi Mind Tricks”. Not that you really could, but you performed little spells here and there to keep them entertained.

But with the witchy powers came witchy traditions, one of them being a Soul Celebration to mark the discovery of one’s soulmate.

“So who’s all coming to this party?” Seth asked. At the moment, your boyfriend was standing on a ladder, pinning up a big banner that read ‘Two Hearts - One Soul: (Y/N) and Seth’. It was cheesy, sure, but you kind of loved it. After all, the pack had thrown a party for Seth. He was glad the whole imprint/soulmate thing was a two-way street.

“I invited a bunch of my friends from Salem, so they should be flying in soon. And then, of course, the pack in invited and a bunch of my mom’s magic friends, and my grandma and aunts.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“They’re going to love you.” You told him. Seth stepped down from the ladder and stood in front of you, taking both of your hands in his own warm larger ones. He rested his forehead against yours. “Not as much as I love you, but they’re going to love you.”

“What else do we need to do before they get here?”

“Gotta hang up the fairy lights and arrange the table pieces, and then I’ve gotta get changed.”

“You look perfect like this,” he whispered, thumbs stroking your cheeks. You laughed softly, giving his firm chest a little shove.

“And I think your chest looks perfect, but you should probably put a shirt on before my grandma gets here.”

“Point taken.”

Seth was more than content helping you get everything else set up, and then he threw on a nice polo and khakis while you got changed into the lacy black dress your mother had helped you pick out.

Your makeup and hair were done so fast, it was like magic. And it was just in time too. Just as you got back outside to help Seth finish up the decorations as three of your witch friends from Salem flew in, touching down in the yard.

“Woah, when you said flying in-” Seth didn’t think witches actually flew on brooms. Apparently, the two of you still needed to play a little game of witches: fact or fiction?

“Is that him?!” Onyx was the first to lean her broom against the nearest tree and rush over. “Holy- when you said he was a- damn.”

“Girls, meet Seth Clearwater, The best soulmate in the entire world.” You wrapped an arm around his back and he tilted his head down to kiss your temple.

“Show us the mark!” Ivy reached forward, but was held back by Sage. You pulled aside the collar of your dress to show them Seth’s name in black. The girls squealed and jumped around. You were the first of them to actually get a Soul Mark and find the one who was meant for you.

“And so Wolves have soulmates too right?” Sage tucked a curly strand of hair behind an ear and looked up at Seth.

“Imprints.” he corrected with a smile, arm tightening around you. Even now, his heart rushed at the thought. He had an imprint. And he was head over heels in love with her. Onyx took a step forward and cupped a hand around your ear.

“Have you seen him turn yet?” You could tell she was smiling without even looking at her face. You shoved her playfully.


“That’s a no,” she laughed. Seth’s cheeks went red, and so did yours. He wasn’t all that eager to show you his party trick just yet. Didn’t want to scare you away after just having found you.

“Girls, you’re here!” Your mother walked out of the house with a few plates of food. “If you want to help me set up the food table, that’d be great.”

“Of course, Mrs. (L/N). We’d be glad to help.” Sage raced over to help your mother with moving the rest of the food from the kitchen to the long table outside. You lit the candles sitting on the tables with the tip of your finger, blowing out the flame when you finished. Seth looked at you with stars in his eyes.

“You are something else, you know that?” He took your hand in his, looking over each of your little magical fingers with care. You winked, earning a love-struck grin.

“I might have heard it once or twice.”


“You want some pop with that ice?” Seth asked quietly. Dark had fallen over the yard, which was now illuminated by fairy lights and fireflies, not to mention the countless stars glimmering up in the velvet sky. The moon was a thin little crescent, no more than a sliver of silver light.

You blinked a few times and looked down at the cup in your hand. You had filled it completely with ice, distracted by you weren’t exactly sure what. Maybe it was everything. Your head was buzzing and there were so many people here. Witches, Wolves, humans, even vampires. Jacob Black had shown up with his imprint Renesmee, who was apparently a human-vampire hybrid.

When had your life gotten so weird?

“Sorry, I’m just-”

“Distracted.” he nodded. “I know.” Seth held up his cup and you poured some of the ice into it before he filled each of your cups with pop. After setting down the bottle, his free hand roamed over the surface of your face, searching your eyes. “You can tell me anything, you know.”

“I know…I’m just tired. And nervous. There are a lot of people here, you know?” You curled into his chest, causing him to wrap his arms around you. “A Soul Mark is a big deal with witches. It’s a coming of age and the time when powers really start to come in and get stronger. I’m starting to get these wicked headaches, but I know it’s just growing pains. Kind of.”

“Well, I don’t know how magic feels, but being what I am isn’t always easy. It especially wasn’t easy when it all started. I was the youngest in the pack, and all of these changes were happening to me on top of puberty…Let’s just say it sucked.”

“Well, thankfully, I’ve got the puberty out of the way, huh?” you smirked. He kissed your forehead and rubbed your jaw with his thumb.

“Staying out of trouble, Seth?” Jacob walked over and nudged the younger wolf.

“Trying to,” he nudged Jacob back.

“So this is the infamous (Y/N). Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” You shook Jacob’s hand.

“It’s good to see you happy, Seth.”

“It’s good to be happy.”

There was a moment of quiet, and in it, you could hear the crickets chirping in the woods adjacent to the lawn. Your friends were currently dancing with the majority of the Wolfpack over in the open yard-turned-dancefloor. And then, in the quiet, your mother walked over.

“(Y/N), Seth, two minutes until midnight.” she reminded you. You nodded and grabbed Seth’s hand, leading him to the center of the tables. All of the eyes had fallen on you. A large leather book was sitting on a stand. The golden letter on its worn old cover read ‘Liber de Anima Mea’; the Book of the Soul.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” You asked. Sure, Seth was already linked to you, but this would seal the bond with unbreakable magic.

“More than okay.” Seth winked. Both of you stood over the book, hands linked. As soon as the clock struck midnight, the front cover of the book flipped open, the pages turning until it was opened to the right one. The candles on either side of it lit on their own. Goosebumps pricked your arms and legs, a chill running up your spine.

There was a voice, a whisper at first, but growing stronger. Swirling golden magic rose out of the center of the book, swirling around you and then swirling around Seth. A butterfly made of light fluttered around before perching on your joined hands. A few seconds later, it flew off towards the moon.

“(Y/N) (L/N), daughter of the Moon and Stars, do you take this Shapeshifter, Seth Clearwater, as the one true mate of your soul?”

“I do.” You looked him in the eye. He smiled and gave your hands a squeeze, one that he returned.

“Seth Clearwater, son of the Shapeshifters and protector of mankind, do you accept the soul bond with the witch, (Y/N) (L/N), hereby promising to be her protector, her guardian, or anything she needs you to be?”

“I do.” That part of the soul bond was easy enough. You were already his imprint. He was already all of those things for you.

“By the power of the sky and the will of the earth, with the strength of the flame and the depth of the sea, may the two of you be bound forevermore in the Magic of the Soul.”

The magic around you intensified, golden ribbons twisting through the night. A ring of light fastened around your wrist and his, and when the magic faded, the bands were still there, etched into your skin like your Soul Mark. The book slammed shut, the candles flickered out, and as the thin streams of smoke rose into the air, you took Seth’s face in your hands and pulled him in for a long-awaited kiss.

Part 3?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @breeeliss . Here is a little something as a gift.

Chloé was brushing the hair of her doll with a slight pout. It was indeed very pretty, just like hers, but it wasn’t necessary that fun. The other kids really seemed to have fun at the playground, but Chloé preferred to stay to the side, under the big tree and play with her doll, Amber, in peace. Her butler thought taking her out would be a nice change, but Chloé knew better than to approach other kids. They would only want to use her. Or take her nice things. That’s what maman always said.


Chloé yelped, and almost fell on her back. She looked at to see who interrupted her, only to meet a pair of really pretty blue eyes. The girl standing in front of her was wearing a white dress with pink polka dots. Her hair was arranged in two pigtails, held with two ribbons of the same shade as the polka dots.

“Go away! I am not giving you my doll.” Chloé clutched the Barbie close to her chest. “It was 100 euros and I am not giving it to you, get your daddy to buy you one.”

She expected a fight, but the girl in front of her just looked confused. “I don’t want your doll. I just thought you looked lonely. But I can go if you don’t want to spend time with me.”

Chloé blinked in surprise. Maybe it was a trick… but then again, the other girl looked really honest. And she was tired of only having Amber’s company.

“Hey, wait!”

The other girl turned back around and Chloé got up, still clutching the doll. She wasn’t too sure what she was supposed to do right now. The other girl came to a couple of steps closer, probably feeling her discomfort and pulled something out of the little basket she was holding.

“Want a cupcake?”

Chloé gasped. It looked really tasty and pretty, with a strawberry on top. Slowly, Chloé put Amber on the ground and took the cupcake and bit. Her eyes lit up.

“It is amazing!” she exclaimed happily.

The other girl smiled. “Thank you! I made it with help from my papa.”

That was nice. Chloé wondered if her papa knew how to make cupcakes. Chloé finished it and looked unsure at her new companion.

“If you want, we can have a picnic, I have some more. And cranberry juice too!”

Chloé gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, let’s do that.” she said cheerily, taking her hand and leading her back under the tree.

“By the way, I am Marinette.” the girl said, smiling at her.

For once she returned the smile. “I am Chloé. Nice meeting you, Marinette. We should be friends.”


“It is perfect!”

Marinette giggled at Chloé’s enthusiasm. She had really tried to do a good job for her new friend. The ribbon wasn’t anything very special, it was just a black ribbon with golden stripes attached, but Marinette did it herself, just like her own ribbons and she was pretty proud of it.

“Now, we are matching,” Chloé said happily as Marinette helped her tie her hair in a ponytail and securing it with the ribbon. “I will keep it forever.”

Marinette smiled. “I’m glad you like it. It can be our friendship charm.”

“Yes.” Chloé hugged Marinette and kissed her cheek. “Best friends forever. I love you, Mari.”

“Love you too.” she said hugging Chloé back.

Marinette had simply the best hugs. And she always smelled like sweets, so it was even better to hug her. While they settled each other back on the blanket, next to the tea set, Marinette leaned towards Chloé.

“I talked with my maman and papa. And after they talk with your parents, they said we can have our sleepover party!”

They both squealed. “We can watch movies! I can bring on the DVDs, I have Barbie and the Nutcracker and it is my favourite.”

“Yes.” Marinette nodded. “And I can teach you how to do cupcakes. Papa can help us, and we can decorate them ourselves. Will your parents allow you to come?”

“I don’t think so, young lady.”

A shiver run down Chloé’s spine. She stood out abruptly and turned around to see her mother standing there with a look Chloé knew very well. Cold anger and disappointment. Her butler stood behind her with an apologetic look.

“Chloé Angelique Penelope Bourgeois.” her mother growled. “What did I tell you about associating yourself with this kind of people?”

Chloé clenched her fists. Marinette was nothing like the people her mother described to her whenever she had the chance. “But maman, she is my friend, she is sweet and… “

“That is enough. You don’t talk back to me.” her mother yanked her hand and pulled her to the side. “We will have a talk about this at home. And you, “ she turned and glared at Marinette. “Stay away from my daughter.”

And with that Chloé was pulled away, not even being able to glance over her shoulder. She felt tears pooling in her eyes. She just missed her only friend.


Chloé glanced at the tree and sighed. It was an old thing, but it still looked as magnificent as ever. It was a shame a company bought the park and decided to build some art gallery. She involuntary reached for the black and golden hair ribbon. It was over a decade old and pretty worn out, even though Chloé tried to wear it only on special occasions. But she would be damned if she would throw it away.

Crossing her arms, Chloé took another look at the old oak. Maybe if she spoke with her father, she could pull some strings to stop the construction. Yeah, that was a good idea to consider. They had enough art galleries, it was Paris, after all. With a last glance at the tree, Chloé turned around, ready to leave. And then she was almost thrown on her back by someone.

“Hey, watch your… “ her words froze as she glanced at the person she run into.

White shirt. Pink skirt.

“Oh, mon Dieu, I am so sorry… “

Dark hair, blue eyes.

“… I am such a  klutz I should watch my step, but I was in a sort of hurry…”

Pink ribbons. Could it be?

“Are you hurt?” Chloé looked at the girl,  surprised at the hand placed on her shoulder.

“Marinette… ?”

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Newsies Christmas please? Race gives up cigars and gambling for a bit so he can afford to get the reader a present? But he doesn't tell anyone why he's doing it. Thanks!

“What are you doing?”

Race looks up from his second slice of bread, frowning at the frown on Romeo’s face. “What do you mean ‘what am I doing?’ I’m eatin’ my lunch, Rome. Which is somethin’ you should be doin’ too.”

Romeo rolls his eyes and takes another bite of his bread. “Why don’t you got a cigar today?”

The older boy freezes for only a second before continuing to eat and and pretending nothing happened. “Just didn’t feel like it today.”

Romeo snorts disbelievingly. “You always feel like a cigar.”

“Shut up and eat your lunch.”

Race’s fingers are beginning to freeze. It’s the week before Christmas, and his gloves could practically be fingerless after being worn down over the past three winters of working outdoors everyday. And his thin, brown jacket isn’t much help either.

But the small box cradles in his hands is worth it all.

He has been courting you, his beautiful (y/n), for almost two years now, and last year he wasn’t able to afford a Christmas present for you, or for your birthday. But this Christmas, he was determined.

Race hadn’t had one cigar since the middle of September.

All of the boys are suspicious, he knows that, but there’s no way he’d tell them it’s for a girl. He’s too stubborn for that. And he can’t wait to give you the gift he was able to buy with the money got from his own blood, sweat, tears, and love.

What he won’t tell you about are the sleepless nights and the shaking hands, itching for a cigar or just a cigarette to smoke. But he knows it’ll all be worth it to see that gorgeous smile on your face.

At that, he knocks on the front door of your quaint Queens house.

You open it within ten seconds, giving him a smile when you see it’s Race. “Hi, Race,” you start, “what are you doing here? Come on in.”

Race follows you inside, shuddering at the change of temper from bitter cold to homey warm. Your mother gives him a smile from the kitchen before retreating to your younger sibling’s room, obviously to give you both some privacy. He takes your hand and stops you before you can lead him to the living area.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stay long. I gotta get back to da boys before it gets too cold.”

You nod. “I understand.” Race smiles at you, at your kindness and beauty, and you smile back. A long, but comfortable silence passes between the both of you, and you clear your throat, smoothing your hair down. “So, what are you doing here?”

“Oh.” Race steps back, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, I, uh…I got ya somethin.’ For Christmas.”

“Race, you didn’t have to-”

He cuts you off with a wave of his hand. “I know, I know, but I wanted ta. We’ve been together for nearly two years now, and I still haven’t been able to get ya anythin.’”

You blush and squeeze his hand. “You don’t have to get me anything.”

Race rolls his eyes. “I know, and that’s one of the reasons I love ya so much. But I should be able ta pamper my girl. So I got you something.” He takes the small box out from behind his back and holds it out to you with a grin.

Your blue eyes squint at the box curiously before taking it, untying the golden ribbon with one simple pull. Then you peel apart the adorable badly wrapped box to see a small, thin white box with a white lid. Swallowing nervously, you open the top carefully and gasp.

Inside lays a simple silver chain with beautiful silver heart hanging on it. You look up at Race with wide blue eyes, and he looks down at his worn boots.

“I know it’s not much, and you deserve-”

“No, Race,” you take his hand and pull him forward to kiss his cheek softly, “it’s beautiful. I love it.”

He smiles. “You do?”

You nod, giggling at his excitement. “Yeah, I do.”

“Ah, good.” This time he leans forward and kisses your cheek. “Alright, I gotta go. Merry Christmas if I don’t see you, and,” he looks pointedly at your little (brother/sister)’s room, “tell your mom I said merry Christmas.”

You smile. “I will.” Then leaning forward, you take his cheek in one hand and kiss him on the lips softly. When you pull away, Race grins at you, and you blush. “Tell the boys merry Christmas from me too.”

scorpius malfoy with long hair

1. Over the summer break after second year, Scorpius decides to let his hair grow longer than he usually does, denying his father’s frankly listless attempts at trying to cut it.

2. Albus doesn’t see Scorpius much that summer, only a day here and there, and during those days  Scorpius tries to hide his hair from Albus so he can surprise him at the start of third year.

3. Cue the start of third year, Scorpius has let his hair grow so that’s it’s now just below his ear, and it’s silky and soft and it gets tangled easily and Scorpius is sure Albus will love it.

4. What Scorpius doesn’t foresee is how much Albus will love it. Scorpius spots Albus a bit away on Platform 9 ¾, and excitedly lowers the hood of his muggle hoodie, pushing through the bustling crowd to get to Albus and tap him gently on the shoulder.

5. Albus turns around, and Scorpius braces himself for Albus’s wide eyed appreciation and smiling mouth, but he gets more than that. When Albus turns and sees Scorpius and his new hair, he literally jumps back in surprise, almost knocking over someone’s trolley. His green eyes are the size of saucers, his hands covering his mouth. Scorpius tries to take this reaction in a positive way, spreading his arms and grinning, “Hey Albus! Did you miss me?“ 

6. Albus just slowly takes his hands away from his mouth and whispers, "what did you do to your hair?”

7. Scorpius explains he let it grow out over the summer. Albus tentatively reaches forward to take a a couple of silvery blonde strands between his fingers, his mouth open in awe, his eyes now sparkling. “It’s beautiful,” Albus breaths, seemingly caught up in the way the weak September sunlight hit Scorpius’s hair and made it shimmer against his neck. 

8. Scorpius, not expecting this reaction, feels himself blush a deep red and turns quickly away from Albus, pulling the hood of his jumper quickly over his head again to hide his face. 

9. During the whole train ride after that Albus is just staring at Scorpius’s hair in wonderment, running his fingers through it almost like he can’t help it. During this Scorpius’s face is going to melt it’s so hot, and Rose decided to just leave them two dorks to it, leaving the compartment with a sly smile at Scorpius, who chokes slightly when Albus’s nails scratch gently along his scalp.

10. Albus can’t even stop himself at the start of the year feast, keeping a stroking hand at the nape of Scorpius’s neck, his fingers continually running through the strands. Of course everyone notices, number one because, damn Albus can you not? And number two because damn Scorpius can you not?? 

11. Even though he looks absolutely beautiful, Scorpius becomes the butt of many bully’s jokes, ranging from “hey trying to pretend to be a girl so Potter can finally like you??” to “oh following in daddy’s footsteps are we? i always knew you were evil, Malfoy.”

12. Of course, Albus hears most of the jabs and gets so angry at every single one of them, shouting and sometimes even sending curses at every single person who even dares to even look at Scorpius the wrong way. This lands him in a lot of detention, which Scorpius attends too, out of love for Albus defending him but also anger at it. He pesters Albus during these detentions to stop his outbursts, that he can "fend for himself”. Albus always agrees wholeheartedly, more so watching Scorpius’s mouth and they way it shapes words then what Scorpius is actually saying. 

13. Even though Scorpius says he’s okay, sometimes the jokes and the jibes get to him and one night Albus finds the blonde crying in the Slytherin common room, his wand pointed at his hair and a mirror in front of him, ready to chop. Albus rushes over to him and snatches the wand out of his hand, and Scorpius just turns and continues sobbing into Albus’s chest, clinging to the black-haired boy’s shirt with shaking hands. The rest of the Slytherin house find the two in the morning curled up on a couch together, Scorpius’s tear-stained face nuzzled into Albus’s neck and Albus’s hands curled around Scorpius’s head protectively. No one says a thing.

14. Near the end of third year, Scorpius’s hair has grown out just past the line of his shoulders and Albus had never felt more happy. Scorpius has taken to twist his hair up and stick a quill in it to make it stay, and he always runs his fingers through the hair that falls across his forehead when he’s nervous or stressed. 

15. Sometimes in class, when Scorpius has his hair down, Albus can’t stop himself from just reaching over and running his hands through it, twisting it around his fingers and making tiny cute braids in it that Scorpius pretends to hate but secretly loves and leaves in the for the rest of the day. This leads to a lot of teachers reprimanding Albus, and it even comes to Professor McGonagall calling Scorpius in after class and gently requesting him to keep his hair tied up during lessons, so that he won’t “intervene with other students learning”. Scorpius just smiles weakly at her and walks out of the classroom.

16.  So Scorpius does, pulling it up with either a spare bobbin he steals from Rose or one of Albus’s skinny neck ties that Ginny bought the black-haired boy for Christmas, twisting if around and around and leaving the ends dangling so it looks pretty and delicate. This actually just distracts Albus more, because all he can think about when he sees Scorpius with the tie in his hair is that’s my tie on his hair my tie on hIS HAIR???!! By this time most of the teachers have just given up giving out to Albus for fiddling with Scorpius’s hair. All McGonagall does is roll her eyes.

17. And then it’s the summer again and Albus insists on having Scorpius over for the whole summer, and somehow, Draco agrees to this. That summer basically consists of Albus coaxing Scorpius to put his head in his lap so he can play with and braid his hair. Scorpius tries to sound exasperated but everyone knows (including Albus) that he loves it.

18. Ginny finds them one night curled up together in the garden, Scorpius’s head on Albus’s stomach and Albus’s hands just stroking ever part of Scorpius they can reach, including his face, his arms, his neck, his chest, his stomach, his hair. Scorpius has his hands gently grasping at Albus’s own when they’re wandering over his skin, trying to keep them still so he can feel Albus’s warmth. They whisper to each other what they want to do at Hogwarts next year and what new sweets are coming into Honeydukes and how Scorpius just has to try them. Ginny smiles to herself, quietly calling for Harry. The two parents watch in gentle awe, Ginny beginning to beam when she sees Scorpius turn his head to nuzzle his nose into Albus’s stomach when the black-haired boy makes a particularly stupid joke. Harry grins too, guiding Ginny away after a while, knowing the boys wouldn’t like it if they knew they were being watched.

19. All Ginny does that night is smile, unable to sleep because her son has someone that he loves so much and she’s gonna tear up because she’s so happy he’s happy and oh my merlin Harry isn’t it just so wonderful??? Harry agrees gently with his wife, smiling to himself because merlin’s beard he loves his family. 

20. It’s the morning everyone goes back to Hogwarts and Scorpius doesn’t know what to do with his hair because it’s getting scarily long now and wtf does he do with all this tangle???? And suddenly Lily appears out of nowhere and grabs Scorpius by the hand and drags him over to a chair and sits him down, walking around so he has his back to her. “I’m gonna braid your hair, Scorp,” she says cheerily, already working at his hair with nimble fingers. “’M sure Al will love it. You don’t mind if I twist in some glittery ribbon too? It’ll go beautifully with your colouring!” This is the first time Lily and Scorpius have actually spent alone together besides small chats in the corridor when they’re passing each other and knowing smiles across the kitchen table when Albus makes a particularly bad joke, so Scorpius lets her, enjoying the way it feels when she gently pats his head, whispering “you look wonderful, Scorpius.” Scorpius then decided that he loves Albus’s family.

21. Then they’re on the platform and the Hogwarts Express is whistling and Scorpius is hauling his suitcase down the corridor of the train and he passes a compartment of first years who actually stop to just stare. Scorpius notices, of course he does, and he smiles, sliding the compartment door open and sticking his head in. “Are you all okay?” he asks gently, trying to make his voice as open as possible as to not scare the dazed looking eleven year olds. A girl, who herself has a short pixie cut, stutters slightly “y-your hair.” Scorpius grins, grabbing at the end of his braid and tugging at his hair, letting the golden sparkly ribbon that Lily added to it hit the simmering light of the compartment, making it shine brightly. “What about it?” he says, smiling down at the girl. “It’s- it’s long,” she whispers in wonderment, “and you’re a boy.” This widens Scorpius’s smile, and he abandons his trunk for a moment to sit down on the seat next to the smaller girl. “You’re a girl and you have short hair. What’s to say I can’t have long?" 

22. The girl’s expression quickly turns horrified as she stumbles out, "oh- oh no I wasn’t saying it was bad I was saying that it was good like great and amazing and I really like it and um- why are you laughing?” Scorpius explains that he wasn’t laughing at her, and how he thinks it’s amazing that’s she has short hair and how maybe they can be the mismatched duo and they girl just lights up, her eyes sparkling with quick adoration as she looks at Scorpius. “What’s your name?” she says, her words hushed. Scorpius grins. “My name’s Scorpius. How about you?” The little girl’s smile could light up the whole of Hogwarts. “Sam,” she whispers.

23. Sam gets sorted into Slytherin and when she’s sees Scorpius sitting at the table, Albus quietly keeping a protective arm around him, she almost cheers because there’s Scorpius!!! Oo wait who’s that next to him??? Scorpius grins a sparkling grin at her then and motions for her to sit down next to him at the table. All of the Slytherins stare as she does, still clapping about her arrival. Once she’s seated, Scorpius immediately introduces her to Albus, who he had already told about the train incident. 

24. Albus becomes immediate best friends with the girl too, and Scorpius just looks between the two of them fondly as they talk across him animatedly, Albus occasionally sticking Scorpius with his fork because he’s so enthusiastic for this new human being. Scorpius doesn’t mind one bit. 

25. It’s a couple of months later and Scorpius is getting properly worried because his hair is growing so fast??????? It’s nearly down to the middle of his back and he’s silently freaking out with it one morning, twisting it and pulling it and braiding and then re braiding it until his scalp actually HURTS and that’s when Albus wakes up and is like “Scorp just leave it down? It’s beautiful? Please? You’re an actual angel I swear?” And Scorpius is just there bLUSHING and he decides to leave it down for the day.

26. And by golly was that a good idea. By the end of the day he’s made about twenty new first year friends who just adore him and it shocks all the older students cause how tf is that weirdo???? doing that????? And Albus is just there beside Scorpius and all his lil followers with the BIGGEST smile on his face and a casual hand on the small of Scorpius’s back like yes this angel is mine he’s mine you can all just dream of being like him you prats

27. That night Albus steels himself and then quickly scrambles his way from his bed into Scorpius’s. When he opens the curtains and peaks in, Scorpius is there, sitting cross legged, running a brush through his hair. Albus nearly doesn’t want to disturb him now, but Scorpius sees him and smiles, reaching out a hand to gesture him in. “Would you brush my hair, Al?” And Albus just nearly DIES and is like “psh okay yeah alright I’ll do that yup ok”

28. This ends up with Albus lying down with Scorpius on his bed, face to face, heads pillowed on hands and Albus fingers sifting through Scorpius’s newly untangled locks. This position isn’t new to them, after ending up like this most summer nights before school started, with stars in Scorp’s tired eyes and wonder in Al’s ones. But for some reason this time feels different and Albus’s breath speeds up as he feels Scorpius’s hand sliding up his chest to rest at the crook of his neck, fingers gentle but searching somehow.

29. Albus finds himself blurting out “I love you, Scorpius” and then he’s sO red and fuck fuck fuck but Scorp just smiles gently, the fingers on Albus’s neck massaging small circles. “I know Al, I love you too,” he says, and Albus is pretty sure Scorp didn’t realise what he just said, what he meant by it. “No, Scorp,” he murmurs, looking down because Scorpius’s silver eyes are too beautiful and he can’t do this he can’t but he has to and- “I love you. I love you.”

30. And Scorpius is confused for a moment because yeah?? he knows?? But then he sees Albus’s face turning a dark shade even in the dim light and his heart suddenly squeezes in his chest and his body is tingling because he understands he understands he knows oh my god Al I love you too!! But that doesn’t come out because he suddenly realises the position they’re in, noses almost touching, Albus’s hand in his hair and his fingers running down Albus’s neck and he doesn’t think he just acts and pushes forward to press his lips clumsily into his best friend’s

31. Time stops for a moment and all Scorpius can feel is warm, slightly chapped lips unmoving against his own and Albus’s sharp intake of breath and he thinks he’s fucked up and gotten it wrong and shit he’s never been good at reading signals and he’s really done himself in now but then mere seconds later Al is responding, his hand sliding further into Scorp’s hair so he can pull him closer, lips pressing back shakily and Scorp lets his eyes close and he falls into Albus, hand going completely around his neck, pushing up against the other boy.

32. And oh this is so good, so safe because Scorpius realises in that moment, that press of mouth on mouth, that Albus is all he’s ever wanted and that he’s his home. So when Albus finally pulls back slightly to let out a wavering breath, there are big, heavy, happy tears in Scorp’s eyes that he can’t let out just yet because he knows that they will freak out his best friend.

33. “S-scorp,” Al whispers, eyes wide as saucers, lips tingling and brain almost numb and oh my god he just kissed me he just?? I just kissed Scorpius? Scorp? My Scorp?? “What- I’m- I don’t-” and then he’s being shut up by another quick press of lips and Scorpius’s breath washing over his face as he snorts shakily, his eyelashes fluttering like they do when he’s nervous.

34. Albus takes all these little details in, along with how soft and warm and just fucking nice Scorp’s lips feel against his. So he goes in again just as Scorpius is about to speak, and then it’s a game of who can shut the other up faster with sweet, tentative pecks and Al feels Scorp’s hand slide down to rest at the base of his throat where he curls it around the neck of his shirt, tugging slightly. “Let me- let me talk, Al,” Scorpius gasps, his fingers curling tighter. “Let me- please.”

35. Albus is still struck dumb so he finds himself staring, something bubbling up in his chest as Scorp struggles for words. “I- oh my god Al, just, I love you too, you idiot.”

36. “Scorp, I don’t want you to do this just because I said it first-” “Dear god you are a dolt, aren’t you, Potter? Just kiss me again please.”

37. Skip to fifth year and Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are the cutest couple in hogwarts, and Albus has an undercut to compliment his boyfriend’s hair which now reaches past his waist. Albus likes to spell flowers into it. Scorpius is just really in love. 

(apologies for any spelling mistakes or just mistakes in general! hope you enjoyed!)

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could you do a follow up to the "Laflams Where Laf finally notices that he's been paying too much attention to John and ignoring Alex. So he goes to Alex and tells him he'll do better" ask?

Click here to find the first part

“Lafayette?” John asked, looking up from his book to speak to his boyfriend. The afternoon sunlight shone on his curls, twisting and twirling like golden ribbons of fiery embers. “Can I talk to you about something? Something important?”

“Of course, mon cher, what seems to be the problem?” Lafayette replied, setting his laptop aside and pushing himself up and closer to John, as to speak to him clearly. “Alexander will not be home for a few more hours, perhaps we should save this for when he is here as well?”

“Alex is actually what I wanted to talk about,” John admitted, turning slightly and staring at Lafayette with an expression of not-quite disappointment swirled in with what may have at one point meant to be sorrow. “I… I’ve noticed that he doesn’t sleep in our bed very often anymore, that we don’t go on dates with him anymore, and for our anniversary last week he didn’t have anything special planned, and-”

“I spoke with Alexander about this last night,” Lafayette cut him off, reaching out and squeezing his hand gently, as reassuringly as he could. “We had a very nice conversation about it, and we’ve decided to fix our problems.”

John smiled at Lafayette sweetly, leaning in and pulling him into a warm embrace, peppering kisses all along his neck. “Oh, Laffy, you always know just what to do! I love you so much, and now that Alexander is out of the way, we can be together, just us!”

“I love you too, Jo- wait, what?” Lafayette inquired, left partially breathless and entirely in disbelief at what his boyfriend had just told him. He was entirely sure that he’d misheard him, that his voice had just been a song on the radio crackling out due to shoddy reception, but now that they were back where they started, every tune would be sung out clearly.

“We can be together,” John repeated, still grinning, his eyes wide with hope and undiluted joy, filling into each freckle like maple syrup, sticky and sweet and oh so pure. “Since you already broke up with Alex, and I can just talk to him when he gets home, and this will be so much easier than I thought t would be. I knew that you didn’t really love him either, but I wasn’t sure until just now. It must not have been easy, since you’ve been with him for the longest time, but now we can be happy…”

“John…” Lafayette whispered, feeling as his breaths became more and more compressed until his heart shattered under the stress. “I didn’t break up with him. I love him…”

John stared at Lafayette once more, eyes still wide, but not with happiness, not anymore. No, this time they were filled with confusion and a frightening amount of determination. “You… You love him?”

“Yes, I love him,” Lafayette confirmed, unsure of exactly what to do at the moment.

“But… He doesn’t love us, Laf… He ignored our anniversary-”

Our anniversary. Not the anniversary of all three of us. Just the one of you and me,” Lafayette pointed out, a confusing mix of emotions filling his chest, like a cake mix of sugar, butter, and cyanide. “And he told me how excluded he felt- like we didn’t love him anymore.”

“Well there’s a reason for that!” John exclaimed, clutching Lafayette’s hand like a lifeline. “We don’t love him!”

You don’t love him,” Lafayette whispered, his voice pained and weak with the stress of what had just occurred. “But I love him. Have… Have you been excluding him on purpose?”

“Of course I have!” John answered, almost teetering over the edge of fury. “He was trying to ruin our relationship, he tried to take you from me, and he doesn’t deserve you, he doesn’t deserve any of the love you have that shouldn’t even be given to him in the slightest!”

“…I thought you loved me.”

“I-what? I love you, Laf, I did all of this for you- for us.”

“You did this for yourself. You break Alexander’s heart, you break mine… And if you’re not careful, soon enough the only one left to shatter will be yours.”

Chocolates and a rose. (emo-rock valentine’s day story)


Faith stared at the foot of her bed. Or more specifically, the heart-shaped box of chocolates ON the foot of her bed. There it lay, in all it’s pink glory, with a little golden ribbon wrapped around it’s side. On the box, a small card read “Will you be my Valentine’s? -Amelia

The sister didn’t know whether to blush or feel weirded-out. Sure, she liked her sister, but as SISTERS. Nothing more, nothing less. This had to be some sort of prank… Faith grabbed the box and tore off the gold ribbon. She flipped the cover off, and stared at the wild assortment of chocolates. White, dark, milk, peanut, you name it, there was a 1/25 chance it was in that box. She gingerly picked the white one and popped it into her mouth. H-o-l-y s-h-i-t. Faith tasted the chocolate with astonishment. She was, by no means, a connoisseur in chocolate, but DAMN this was good. Something like that, along with the rest of the chocolates (assuming they were of the same amazing quality), would have cost quite the cash. Which meant two things: 

1) This was a very expensive prank.

2) It wasn’t a prank and these chocolates were actually a gift of affection…

For Faith…

And according to the card that now lay face-down on the carpet, from Amelia.


Amelia gawked at the thing she found on the piano keys. The moment she had lifted the fall board, the little thing hit her eye like a firework. Though it might as well have. 

A thornless rose lay on the piano tiles, but that wasn’t the main thing that struck Amelia. It was the fact that every petal was of a different color. Red, then green, then blue, then purple, it was like a bloom of rainbow blood. She gingerly picked up the rose, and brought it to her nose. God, it was real… The smell coming from the flower was definitely real. It could have been for someone else, heck, anyone else, but the intended recipient was quite clear. Cut into the stalk with a delicate hand, in tiny words, read “Amelia, from Faith”

There was only one thing to do for something like this. 

Faith reached for the canister underneath her bed.

Amelia slipped her own out of the bag that was by the door. 

Both walked to the door frames of the rooms they were in.

The piano room and the bedroom were facing each other from the staircase landing, and an electric blue eye met 2 crimson eyes. 

Both fingers curled around the white nozzle.

“Amelia.” Faith acknowledged.

“Faith.” Amelia declared.

A second passed, and the tension was almost visible. A laundry basket toppled out of a room in the middle of the hallway and fell down the stairs.

A pale finger twitched. A tanned one moved.

And as one, both rushed each other, raising the canisters…

Of holy water.

Pressing down the white nozzles, the sacred liquid from @mmm-juicey filled the space, and dampened the sisters’ hair and clothes. Faith grit her teeth against the cold mist, and countered by directing her own at Amelia’s glasses. Soon, the glasses were rendered unusable and Faith took this opportunity to duck and twist around the girl’s waving arm, and sprayed her back with all the power she could muster. “GAH!” the nerd cried out at the cold feeling now spreading across her back. With a feral growl, she swung the canister around and sprayed in the estimated direction of where Faith was. Not only did she get the sister, but she unknowingly sprayed her face.

Spitting out the liquid, Faith redoubled her efforts and aimed every available part of Amelia’s body, coating it all with a fine layer of holiness. You could FEEL the amount of divination in this fight, with the ceiling light above them casting though the mist and creating small rainbows. On top of that, rays of light danced around and cast spots of light amongst the surrounding walls and the 2 girls.

Outside of the house, where the sounds of scuffling could be heard, what appeared to be the silhouette of an angel crouched on a tree branch, spectating the ongoing battle with mild entertainment. This was definitely worth all the money and time. Grinning wildly, he decided to flee the scene. Spreading his wings, the man shot into the night… And disappeared in a flash of blue light.

NaLu Angst Week Bonus Prompt #1: Missing In Action

Summary: It was a very important day in her life, but he wasn’t there and so was she.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M (for implied character death)


Today was a very important day.

Lucy Heartfilia gazed at her white clad form in the mirror for the nth time that morning. Taking in every detail of her magnificent gown from the intricate lace that brushed the floor to the pretty flower patterns on her bodice, until her chocolate brown eyes stared back at themselves in the mirror. Her lips curve upward in an attempt to smile, but the light never reaches her eyes.

Today was her wedding day.

At first glance, she looked like as if she was the perfect bride any man in the whole wide world could hope to be with. She had the most gorgeous gown any girl could wish for, her face was that of an angel even if she were to take off her meticulously alluring make-up, and her hair was done in such a fashion that any woman who would look at her would be jealous of how stunning it was done.

But even so, the blonde let out a knowing sigh and dropped her obviously forced and fake smile.

She knew that behind all of the beauty that she possessed at that very moment, was a woman with a broken heart.

She brought both of her hands up to her face and tried to slap herself awake of that thought as if she was asleep, as if all that was happening around her was a dream.

But it was not.

At the corner of her eye she spotted a picture of herself with a man who had dark green hair and red glasses on her desk. 

The picture of her and her soon to be husband.

Somehow, knowing that she would be married to that man, made her more sad than she already was.

Not that her soon to be husband was a bad man, he was a kind and understanding man in all honesty, but he just wasn’t him.

He just wasn’t Natsu.

She bit her lip, dreading the thought.

It has been seven years since he left the world.

Since he left her.

It was time to move on.

Her mind screamed that it was the right thing to do, but her heart said that it was wrong.

She lowered her head as she fought back the tears that dared flow out of her eyes, lest they try to ruin her make-up that she spent so much time on.

A stray strand of loose blonde hair snapped her out of her thoughts as she quickly went to her vanity to pick up a comb and a bottle of hair spray.

She guess this is what she deserves for rejecting the help of her friends to help her get ready for her wedding.

After 10 minutes of fighting her hair back in place, she placed her hands on her hips and let out a satisfied hum.

After all, she still wanted to look good on her own wedding day.

Her eyes then landed on the pink wall clock that hanged on her bedroom wall.

The hands of the clock signified that it was already 9:00 in the morning.

Just an hour and a half until her wedding.

She let out another sigh as her eyes drifted to her bed.

On top of the pink sheets was a small red box wrapped in a golden ribbon that Happy brought her the night before. 

The blue cat said that it was a wedding gift, to which she replied that he could have just given it to her after the wedding, but the blue cat insisted that she had to give it to her that very moment.

She was going to decline again, but the poor exceed began to cry and beg her to accept the gift as if his life depended on it.

God knows how much she hates seeing Happy cry, especially after Natsu died.

So that’s how she ended up with the early wedding gift and curiosity on what was in it that was so important, that Happy actually cried over it.

She walked to her bed and picked up the box.

Somehow, it felt warm in her hand.

She supposed that a small peek won’t hurt, and it was just a short amount of time until her wedding was done and over with.

Gently removing the golden ribbon and setting it on her bedside table, she began to have second thoughts.

Does she really want to know what is inside of the box?

Holding her breath, she decided that she did so she carefully opened it.

Her eyes widened as she let out a sound of shock when she saw what lied within.

Inside the box, was a golden ring encrusted with all sorts of precious stones and attached to it was a small scrap of old paper with small messy handwriting.

It read, ‘For Lucy, on the day that I finally muster up the courage to marry her. -Natsu.’

She dropped the box along with everything in it as whatever motivation she had to fight back the tears she most definitely wanted to shed poured out to her hearts content.

Her knees gave up and she sat on the floor wailing out his name, all thoughts of her wedding completely lost to her.

She picked up the ring and clenched it close to her chest as incoherent words of love escaped her lips.

That morning, the bride never made it to her wedding.


Author’s Note: NaLu Angst Week is upon us! It’s just a short drabble, but it took me two days to make. Sorry, I’m a slow worker! Plus, I don’t even know if my story is on point with the prompt. On the other hand, I like how this story came to be and I hope you guys do too! Well I better get to work on my next entry for NaLu Angst Week! Thanks for reading! 

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Fic where Jace and Magnus are together at the institute and Jace feels Alec injured and hurt through the Parabatai bond... they have to find him

Our Way Back to Each Other

Malec Drabble #13

Magnus had to admit, he loved watching Alec train. Seeing the body of a soldier move without a doubtful step, muscles flexing and unwinding in a perfect sync that could be reached only after years of practice. It was a sight to behold, truly, but there was more to it than just an impressive six-pack. It also served as a type of meditation to Alec. It calmed his mind and strengthened his body. Whenever there was and important decision to make or difficult situation to solve, Alec would come to the training room to think everything through. He’d end up in a state where he no longer minded the world around him and Magnus could sit and watch him for hours without being noticed. That was his favorite part. 

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anybody when Magnus unintentionally found himself wandering around the training grounds after finishing his business at the Institute. He was only asked to check the strength of its wards which unfortunately meant that the presence of the Head of the Institute wasn’t needed. 

He could already hear the steady rhythm of fists landing on a punching bag that sounded even through the thick walls. With a wide smile on his lips, he opened the door and silently stepped inside.  

But he didn’t find Alec. Instead, he saw a slightly shorter figure with golden hair and eyes that were blue, not hazel. He was just about to inconspicuously disappear, when Jace turned around to grab his water bottle.  

“Magnus!” he heard from behind his back. “Were you looking for Alec?”

Reluctant, Magnus stopped in his tracks and moved to look at him. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Jace. Their friendship was a bit complicated, but quite solid, more so when it came to Alec. They both swore to protect him at all costs and sometimes they managed to even enjoy each other’s company. 

But not today, Magnus thought. Today, he really didn’t feel like talking to Jace.  

“Yes, actually. Do you happen to know where he is?” 

“He went on a mission with Izzy this morning.” Jace answered, grabbing a towel. “He must’ve forgotten to tell you. There was some increased demon activity near Williamsburg and he wanted to check it himself. They should be back by now, no idea what’s taking them so long.”

Well, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? 

“I’ll wait for him in his office then.” Magnus was almost gone, when Jace spoke up once again. 

“Wait. There’s.. there’s something wrong.” he said, running his fingers over the Parabatai rune that connected him to Alec. Suddenly, his body seemed tense and rigid, his eyes looking into distance, concentrating.  

“Something with Alec?” Magnus asked, swiftly walking towards him. He’s seen the Parabatai bond in action several times, but never with Jace, and his heart immediately skipped a beat at the thought of Alec being in danger.  

“Yeah, he’s hurt.” Jace replied, hissing slightly at the echo of Alec’s pain. “It’s not too severe, but something must’ve happened to him.”

It was only a moment when their eyes met, mirroring the same goal - they had to find them. 

“We need something Alec’s.” Not wasting another second, Jace made his way towards the door. 

“Wait!” Magnus stopped him, one of his hands already searching in the inside pocket of his jacket. “There’s no need for that.”  

He pulled out a small packet - the omamori charm, Alec’s present for Magnus after their date in Tokyo. Except, there was also a strand of dark hair tied with a golden ribbon that was attached to it. 

“What..?” Jace stood, dumbfounded, looking at his Parabatai’s hair.  

“He gave it to me.” Magnus reacted, smiling a little at Jace’s surprised expression. “It’s meant exactly for situations like this, so I can find him more easily.” 

Rubbing his fingers, he held the strand in his hands, working his magic.  

“Does he have yours as well?” the question made a wave of laughter rise form Magnus’ lungs. 

“Of, course.” he answered with a smug smile, looking at Jace. “We always find our way back to each other.”

Hope you like it! ^^

Read on Ao3.

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