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Underrated Boy Groups Recs

If you like…

Group name [Most recent MV release - Personal Favorite]

  • Songs that always go hard and memorable choruses: 24k [Only You - Bingo]
  • Ballads and a bunch of goofballs: Knk [Rain - Knock]
  • An actual band and endless talent: N.Flying [The Real]
  • Bright concepts and refreshing tunes: ONF [On/Off - Original]
  • Super in sync dancing and high energy: A.C.E [Callin’ Cactus]
  • Energetic dancing and songs always stuck in your head: Golden Child [DamDaDi]
  • A fun duo and bright concepts: MXM [I’m The One]
  • A group that you don’t know what they’ll surprise you with next: Hotshot [Jelly]
  • Groups able to do any concept and incredible dancing: Up10tion [Runner - So, Dangerous]
  • Unique voices and never failing to deliver a bop: VAV [Flower (You) - Venus]
  • Cool kids who’re always bringing their A-game: B.I.G [Hello Hello]
  • A group constantly improving and colorful songs: Snuper [ 유성]
  • A group that’s gone from boys-next-door to your crush: Imfact [Tension up - Lollipop]
  • Strong vocals and angsty love songs: 100% [Sketch U - Better Day]
  • R&B like songs, song covers, and smooth rapping: Bigstar [Full Moon Shine]
  • Groups that go from rebellious to soft: Boys Republic [Get Down - Hello]
  • Pastel colors and upbeat songs with sad lyrics: Romeo [Stay With Me - Target]
  • Retro yet sexy tunes and well, more sexy songs: MR.MR [Good To Be Bad (Jpn) - Out]
  • Guys with a tough & sexy visuals: Cross Gene [Black or White
  • Song with a chill yet additive vibe: MyTeen [Take It Out - Amazing]
  • Collaborations, strong vocals & raps: High4 [Love Line - Babyboy]

Not meant to be a complete list, comment a group I didn’t include and I’ll add it to the list.

Sebastian: Where’re you going?

Jim: To either get ice cream or commit a felony.


Jim: I’ll decide in the car.

Things I Love About The On The Spot Episode With The Free Play Crew
  • Every Time They’re Talking And The Camera Cuts To Jon With A Look Of Deep Regret
  • Hearing Michael Laughing Like A Maniac From The Audience
  • Hashtag Assplay
  • Team Been Trying To Fuck
  • Meg Shouting “Team Been Trying To Fuck” And Ryan Making A Heart With His Hands Behind Her
  • “This Is What You’re Fighting For; The Golden Gus-”
    Ryan Elbows Jon And Takes It “We Won!”
    They All Start Singing The Theme Like That Was All Planned
  • Ryan Covertly Taking, Dismantling And Replacing The Golden Gus
  • “White People Can Be Bait” And Then Everyone Loses It
  • As Soon As Ryan Says “Find A Corpse” Mariel’s Exasperated “Goddammit Ryan”
  • Ryan Awkwardly Going Along With The Sponsor Read
  • When Ryan Loses The Screw From Gus And Starts Looking For It Under His Chair, Confusing Everyone
  • “Morgue- Ah- Er- Meg!”
  • “Why The Fuck Would He Find Romance In Deep Space”
  • “I Tried This With Ray And He Betrayed Me Too, Go With It
  • When Meg’s Yelling At Ryan For Not Describing A Romance And He Recoils With The Most Amused Grin
  • When Meg Flicks Ryan To Make Him Stop
  • Mariel And Tyler Dying As They Try To Describe Kindergarten Cop Without Just Describing Kindergarten Cop
  • Ryan Singing Africa By Toto While Being Shocked
  • Ryan “How Many More Do I Have To Do?”
    Jon “Alright You’re Done”
    Ryan Hits The Button Again “I LIKE IT”
  • Tyler Being Confused About The Alphabet
  • Everything About Ryan And Meg’s Roleplay
  • When The Golden Gus Falls Apart And Everybody Loses It
  • They’re All Just Cheering And Laughing Like Kids Who Overthrew The Teacher
  • “It’s Finally Over, We Can Leave
  • When They All Run Off And Jon’s Just Left Staring Into The Abyss Behind The Credits
  • The Sheer Amount Of Screenshots Of Ryan And Meg Laughing It Has Blessed Me With

once grantaire turned 18, he was kicked out of the house by his family. he was fine with it really, planned on moving out anyways. he never seemed sad about it. until one night, a while after he finally settled into living alone, he was found crying. joly, his good friend and only person to see him cry, approached him and asked: “what’s wrong?” grantaire looks up

“I miss my dog.”

when cutting onions:

-noct cries and complains about the fact that he’s crying
-prompto cries onto the actual onion
-gladio tears up and asks iggy why he’s doing this when literally anyone else could instead
-iggy doesn’t tear up because he’s a fucking beast


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