“You corrupted my soul and now 

you can’t handle the monster you’ve created”


Chocolate glazed donut 🍩

  • Us: We want the Mayor and the Sheriff together.
  • A&E: Regina and Graham?
  • Us: No, a consensual relationship between the two main characters.
  • A&E: Mayor!Snow and Sheriff!David?
  • Us: No… Okay, give us the ex-thief and the Mayor.
  • A&E: H00d and Regina?
  • Us: *facepalm* the blonde and the dark haired one.
  • A&E: Emma and H00k?
  • Us: Ew. No.
  • A&E: Mayor! Cruella and James. How about that?
  • Us: … How about the Queen and the ex Dark One?
  • A&E: So, the Queen and Rumple?
  • Us: Not the current one… and ew. The Queen and the Savior.
  • A&E: The Queen and Aladdin?
  • Us: A consensual one… and No.
  • A&E:
  • Us: We want Emma Swan and Regina Mills to be a couple.
  • A&E: Who? I don’t know them… Who are they? What is a couple?

Golden Queen II In Memoriam 6.02-6.09

I’m going to say that my favorite part of GoldenQueen is simply how sad it is. The Evil Queen clings to the only person she has, and she has him simply because he needs her. She clings to the familiarity of that abuse and torture because a healthy true love isn’t available to her. Her own son told her that she’ll always be alone. So she desperately clings to someone who doesn’t love her and who is the reason she’s evil, because he’s the only one there. And that breaks my heart.