Voici Diva Golden Queen. Robe du soir . Sims 4.
Pour elle.
Longue robe sirene. En 2 teintes. or jaune , or jaune pale.
Très travaillé.
Une allure chic. classieuse. Qui donnera, à votre simsette, un look de Diva.
Happy simming! zone vêtement femme


Here Diva Golden Queen. Evening gown . Sims 4.
For her.
Long dress mermaid. In 2 shades. golden yellow, pale yellow gold.
Very worked.
A chic look. classy. Who will give to your simsette, a look of Diva.
Happy simming! zone clothing women 



On her favorite moment on the show, and working with Robert Carlyle:

“Our scenes together are really special, I find. (…) He’s just so experienced, so he’s been a mentor for me. He’s like my big brother on this show.”


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