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Simple Prosperity Satchet

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A little satchet recipe I’ve used to help its user attract wealth and bring abundance to their life. I like to keep my spells simple and are usually made with things I already have on hand but here are the basics of my recipe. Partial and complete substitution are, of course, perfectly acceptable.


  • A small bag or Satchet
  • A piece of Pyrite
  • A golden ribbon
  • A scrap of paper for your Sigil
  • Basil water

💸 Cast your spell however you wish but this is my method.

💸 Personally, I like to begin by cleansing the bag and other materials I’ll be working on. Then once your satisfied decide on a goal and keep that in mind as you begin assembling your bag. For example, I wanted a little help with attracting a better paying job.

💸 Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, helps attract both money and new opportunities. It’s pretty common stone in metaphysical shops but I’ve also stumbled on a bit of pyrite mixed in gravel. If you don’t have pyrite to work with some other effective substitutions include Jade, Serpentine, Malachite, Programmed Quartz, Citrine and/or Tiger’s Eye. Likewise, a piece of jewelry (especially gold or gold plated) will work just fine if you wanted to be decreet.

💸 Then add a sigil for wealth. I simply drew the rune for Fehu on a post-it note as well as my name and DOB, but if you want to make your own sigil go for it. 

💸 Once I’m satisfied with the contents I meditate on my intent while tying a bow in the ribbon to seal it. Gold ribbon is wonderful for attracting money but green and white can easily be substituted. 

💸 I then spritz the bag with a bit of basil water for some extra oomph. 

💸 I’ve found this satchel works best if kept on the user and forgotten about. The bottom of a purse or backpack works perfectly for this. 

Elephant shaped Lapis Lazuli gem

I want to get all these personal projects out of my system now that I have some time. 

why a chubby elephant shaped gem Lapis? it’s story time:
my grandmother had a huge, solid Lapis Lazuly stone shaped like an elephant that looked a lot like this:

sadly, it’s lost now… it’s a bummer because I loved it!

after I started watching SU and Lapis came along, I remembered that elephant and thought about drawing a Lapis OC with her gem shaped like that. one thing I dislike about canon Lapis’ design is the lack of golden “freckles” (Pyrite fragments) that the stone usually has. so I wanted to draw one with the “freckles”, and also chubby! because media in general needs more big girls that aren’t just there for comedic relief.


A Natural Pyrite Ammonite Fossil at 40.5 Grams, 2.75 inches across. Mikhailovskiy quarry, Ryazabn City, central Region, Russia. This is not a man made coating, it’s a natural occurrence from this deposit. Mined and prepped by a friend in Russia. Loads of time goes into prep on these guys. No repairs. I’d say this is my best but I have others.


So I took on a challenge for myself. That challenge was to redesign the main gems of Steven Universe (excluding Steven and Rose).

These are the designs I would hand back if I was a character designer on SU and someone handed me the original designs and just said “Improve these.”

Now, I’m not trying to say that the original designs for the gems are bad, more like I’m trying to say that there are elements that could be improved upon. 

Some examples being the unnecessarily bright color palettes, more elements taken from the original gemstone (such as lapis lazulis having golden streaks), and a little bit of a lack in body diversity (try to point a difference between pearl, peridot, and lapis’ body shapes, other than peridot being slightly curvier than the other two).

Changes I made

Pearl - First, I gave Pearl a duller, less saturated color palette, taken from a picture of a real pearl gemstone. I changed her body shape to more of a triangle, bell-like shape, based off of her cone-like nose. I also gave her pearl earrings and a necklace. The outfit is just something original that I came up with on the spot.

Lapis - I will admit this, I am not very fond of Lapis Lazuli’s canon design. It’s far too saturated for me to tolerate, and on paper in black-and-white, it just looks bland and un-interesting. Her color palette is literally compromised of 4 different shades of blue. So, for this new design I wanted to make, I gave Lapis a more complex color palette, and toned down her blues a little. I added yellow to her design, coming from real lapis lazulis having streaks of golden pyrite on them. I also added more ocean-themed elements to her. I made her hair and newly added poncho wavy and flowy like the ocean. I added an ocean pattern to her skirt. I also gave her gills and webbed hands and feet. And to top it all off, I added tear-like markings to her cheeks. I changed her body shape to a stocky, curve-less shape with broad shoulders.

Peridot, Amethyst - I’m already pretty happy with their canon designs so I just kinda. Improvised.

Ruby and Sapphire - I was aiming to make Sapphire look more like a princess, hence the crown. I also made her eye look cooler and more alien-like. I aimed to make Ruby look like a samurai, or at the very least, a guardian. I also gave her more of a pink-ish color palette, because in a lot of the pictures I’ve found of ruby gemstones, the gem has always looked more pink than red.

Garnet - Like with Peridot and Amethyst, i just kind of improvised here. All I knew before making this design was that I wanted to give Garnet more of a purple-ish color palette, rather than varying shades of magenta like in the show.

Jasper - I made her look more tiger-like. I gave her more tiger-like stripes, and gave her slit pupils. I also wanted to give her a cape. I was kind of bummed when I found out her cape in The Return wasn’t an actual part of her overall design. I also gave Jasper more of a primarily red color palette, because she’s based off of, y’know, red jasper.

Keep in mind, these designs aren’t supposed to be better than the originals. I will repeat, I like the original designs. Please don’t insult the original designs in the comments. These are just my own original spin on the gems, mixed in with very, very minor improvements I felt could be made to the original designs.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.28.15

unique round jewelry finds by midwinterco

  • huge pyrite sun + earth necklace
  • custom galaxy diamond ring, 1-carat size

this friday, i’ll be showing off several finds from each featured shop — let’s start with these round jewelry stunners from delaware’s own midwinterco. from a ‘sun + earth’-style statement necklace with pyrite and gold to hella sparkly white-grey galaxy diamond prong-set rings, get ready to swoon a little. ok … a lot.

Once More with Feeling

Summary: Dan has ring and a plan: he will propose to Phil while they are in Los Angeles. But every time he tries, something goes wrong.

Genre: fluff

Warnings: two drinks, one swear

Word count: 1578

A/N: Inspired by this fabulous prompt from space-ace16 via phanfic: one of the boys has been trying for days to propose to the other, and each attempt has gone wrong. In a final attempt, while the other’s back is turned, they just hold the ring out and ask really fast just in a normal, casual moment.

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Energy: Receptive

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Powers: Healing, peace, meditation, wisdom 

Magical uses: Sodalite is a deep-blue stone veined with white. It is often mistaken for lapis luzali but lacks the golden flecks of iron pyrite often contained in the latter stone. 

It is healing, especially for emotionally related diseases or those caused by stress, nervousness, anger, or fear. 

Wear or rub over the body to dispel fear and guilt. Wear or hold to still the mind, relax the body, and calm inner turmoil. 

It is a fine meditative stone and, when used conscientiously, promotes wisdom. 

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)


HarvestHowlite skull, aura quartz, seed pod, pyrite and andalusite necklace.

“This necklace honors and channels autumn harvest energies. It features a howlite skull, a deep-orange aura quartz point, dried seed pods, and faceted golden pyrite and dried-leaf colored andalusite. In combination, the stones represent earthy wisdom, and the dying process that leads to harvest.” 

Made to be a companion for autumnal witchcraft, ritual, and everyday experience. 

Limited edition, available while supplies last :)


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.27.15

rockin’ raw gem finds by naturalglam

do yourself a favor and check out ALL of naturalglam’s rad jewelry and accessory styles … you will be delighted to find unique and colorful raw gem pieces that range from minimal to downright bohemian … and i love ‘em all.

Goethite cube

A lovely regular cube is not the regular shape for this iron oxide mineral, but it is but a replacement caused by fluids moving in the Earth leaching some elements and precipitating others. The piece started off as a crystal of golden pyrite (iron sulphide), but at some point in its journey through the vagaries of geological time a fluid of the appropriate chemistry permeated the host rock, leaving the iron but leaching the sulphur, leaving behind the oxide. When one mineral replaces the shape of another like this, it is called pseudomorphism, as its shape is pretending to be that of a different mineral. This specimen was mined in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, and measures 1.9 x 1.7 x 0.9 cm.


Image credit: Spirifer Minerals