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Omg that tga chapter was so difficult for me to read. I get that jack really needed this to coax him to communicate better but godamn I couldn't help but feel so sorry for the boy. Props though for sticking with it im pretty sensitive to physical pain so I know I would have been like "Yeah fuck this we need to try a different method or I'll literally kill myself to escape the pain lol"

Yeah, that’s the discrepancy between a masochist and like ‘everyone else’ right there :D

Jack can handle it because of what he is / what his orientation is. But a lot of other people couldn’t.

Some people still find it pretty easy to read because imagining themselves in the role of a masochist in a hurt/comfort scene still has a massive payoff without personally squicking them, but then conversely, if you imagine pain really acutely while reading, it can be enough to turn a person off something as well. There were definitely a few ‘this was really hard to read’ comments for this chapter, alongside ‘this was my favourite chapter’ or ‘they/we/I really needed this’ comments.

The scenes that focus around pain instead of sexual payoff often tend to highlight those kinds of differences between readers, imho, it’s interesting on my side, but also why I tag like crazy for things. This chapter was a risk in the sense that a lot of the time I make the pain aspects ‘easier’ for non-masochists by having sexual satisfaction at the end. This time, the satisfaction is that of a scene endured and an emotional breakthrough, and offering suffering to a lover, and that’s definitely not easy (or even possible) for everyone to read.


Before time began, before spirits and life existed… Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule…

Din, the goddess of power…  With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth.

Nayru, the goddess of wisdom… Poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.

Farore, the goddess of courage…  With her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law.

The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And three golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world… Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis for our world’s providence.


Some more of those expressions! I’ve been on a bit of a lineless kick lately so that’s been…happening…

I think this is the last of them, guys! If anyone didn’t see their ask, then either tumblr ate it or it was a repeat of one I already did ^_^ Thanks for everyone who sent some, they were good practice!

“I felt like lying down by the side of the trail and remembering it all. The woods do that to you, they always look familiar, long lost, like the face of a long-dead relative, like an old dream, like a piece of forgotten song drifting across the water, most of all like golden eternities of past childhood or past manhood and all the living and the dying and the heartbreak that went on a million years ago and the clouds as they pass overhead seem to testify (by their own lonesome familiarity) to this feeling.”
― Jack Kerouac

NHL Team Fan Reactions Past 42 Games for the 2017-2018 Season

Anaheim Ducks

Arizona Coyotes

Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabers

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricane

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers

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Florida Panthers

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Los Angeles Kings

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Minnesota Wild

Montreal Canadiens 

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

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New York Islanders

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

St. Louis Blues

San Jose Sharks

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Vegas Golden Knights  

Washington Capitals  

Winnipeg Jets 

Things I Love About The On The Spot Episode With The Free Play Crew
  • Every Time They’re Talking And The Camera Cuts To Jon With A Look Of Deep Regret
  • Hearing Michael Laughing Like A Maniac From The Audience
  • Hashtag Assplay
  • Team Been Trying To Fuck
  • Meg Shouting “Team Been Trying To Fuck” And Ryan Making A Heart With His Hands Behind Her
  • “This Is What You’re Fighting For; The Golden Gus-”
    Ryan Elbows Jon And Takes It “We Won!”
    They All Start Singing The Theme Like That Was All Planned
  • Ryan Covertly Taking, Dismantling And Replacing The Golden Gus
  • “White People Can Be Bait” And Then Everyone Loses It
  • As Soon As Ryan Says “Find A Corpse” Mariel’s Exasperated “Goddammit Ryan”
  • Ryan Awkwardly Going Along With The Sponsor Read
  • When Ryan Loses The Screw From Gus And Starts Looking For It Under His Chair, Confusing Everyone
  • “Morgue- Ah- Er- Meg!”
  • “Why The Fuck Would He Find Romance In Deep Space”
  • “I Tried This With Ray And He Betrayed Me Too, Go With It
  • When Meg’s Yelling At Ryan For Not Describing A Romance And He Recoils With The Most Amused Grin
  • When Meg Flicks Ryan To Make Him Stop
  • Mariel And Tyler Dying As They Try To Describe Kindergarten Cop Without Just Describing Kindergarten Cop
  • Ryan Singing Africa By Toto While Being Shocked
  • Ryan “How Many More Do I Have To Do?”
    Jon “Alright You’re Done”
    Ryan Hits The Button Again “I LIKE IT”
  • Tyler Being Confused About The Alphabet
  • Everything About Ryan And Meg’s Roleplay
  • When The Golden Gus Falls Apart And Everybody Loses It
  • They’re All Just Cheering And Laughing Like Kids Who Overthrew The Teacher
  • “It’s Finally Over, We Can Leave
  • When They All Run Off And Jon’s Just Left Staring Into The Abyss Behind The Credits
  • The Sheer Amount Of Screenshots Of Ryan And Meg Laughing It Has Blessed Me With
Humans are Weird: Gaming

I’m sure someone’s covered this already with shooter games, but let’s think for a moment.

We have games that hurt and make indents in our skin when we play them for too long, like Mario Kart.

We have games that are purposefully difficult and anger inducing, like Getting Over It.

We have games designed to scare us, and make us run from terrifying monsters. There are more of these then I can name.

We have games where your decisions impact tons of little things, to the point where talking to someone one day could prevent them from dying in the next, like Life is Strange. 

We have games designed to recognize the fact that they are games, and break the fourth wall, sometimes in terrifying ways. I will not name these for spoiler reasons.

What in the world would aliens think, watching a human scream while playing a difficult game or horror game, or getting hurt by holding a controller awkwardly for too long?


Quay’la stopped in their tracks, allowing their antenna to properly pick the sound they were hearing.

It was loud, and aggressive. It sounded as though there was some kind of fight breaking out in the ship’s lounge.

They quickly hurried over, ready to break up the battle started by, as they could now hear, two humans.

Bursting into the usually calm area, they found two humans watching an illuminated television screen, tilting back and forth on their soft seating. They shouted at each other, clearly upset by whatever was going on.

“Are you two okay?!” they asked, concerned for the wellbeing of their crewmates.

“Yeah yeah, one sec Quay, I’ve gotta win this race first-”

“Oh no you aren’t! I’ve got this you-!” Their translation skills were a little off, they didn’t hear English expletives very often, and didn’t know how the words would convert over to their native language. These humans were clearly upset, and fighting with each other, what was a race-?!

Quay’la then noticed a small detail they hadn’t before. The two of them were holding small devices in their hands, with tiny buttons and switches all over. Whenever they moved these switches to the right, something would also move to the right on their half of the split-screen. They were pressing down hard on one of the buttons, never letting it go.

The noise picked up by quite a bit. Quay’la looked over just in time to see the human on the left get hit by a blue, spiked object, while the human on the right went right past a golden line. The two of them let go of their controllers, one of them cheering loudly.

“…What just happened?” Quay’la asked, concerned.

“Oh, that was just a game of Mario Kart. Good game, Mark!” The left human said with energy, as an odd looking trophy appeared on the screen. The human on the right, Mark, just sighed and shook the left-human’s hand with a smile on his face.

“So, the two of you weren’t fighting?”

Both humans looked at them in surprise. “No way, we were having fun! That game is competitive, but we don’t hate each other! Right, Lance?” The left human nodded his head in a sign of agreement. Mark waved his hand through the air and whistled. “Jeez, this game is hard on my thumbs…”

Quay’la’s eyes widened. “The game injures your hands?!”

“Not really injured, just uncomfortable. See, look!” Lance got close to them and held out their thumb for them to observe.

The skin had a circular dent in it, likely from holding down the button.

Quay’la ran to get a medic immediately, with one thought on their mind; ‘Humans are crazy!’