golden ornaments

My scan of a photo from “A Golden Dolly: The Art, Mystery and History of Corn Dollies,” by M. Lambeth. London: John Baker Ltd., 1969. Reprinted 1971 and 1973.

“These Stack ornaments are not plaited as are the corn dollies used in the Harvest Festival and farmhouse kitchens, but are made by folding the straw and tying it with binder twine, or even strong grass or reed. … The stack thatcher had many of these ornaments which he would use to trim the top of any stack he thatched. To-day he will tell you they are to ‘finish off’ the top points, or finials, but at the time when people feared the evil influence of witches, the objects arranged on the ridge of the stack were put there with a purpose.” [pp. 91-92].

[My paraphrase:] It was hoped that religious ornaments would repel flying witches who might land on the stack; another belief was that witches might be kept too busy entertaining themselves with these “toys” to cast harmful spells on the grain.

Connected part 6 [tom riddle x reader]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5* | Part 6 | Part 7

  • Warnings: angst
  • Word count: 2030

The days after being intimate with Tom were quite as you expected them to be.
You knew, he wouldn’t be all over you, even after sharing these special moments with him - that’s just not who he was. But you had hoped that he would have just thought about changing some of his ways for you.

He wasn’t ignoring you, but just treated you like he did before your secret night. After thinking a little bit too much about it, you gathered, it would be the best to let things happen as they come and not pressure him into anything. 

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Collision Course

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Non-linear storyline

Word count: 1,129


Guilt is a heavy thing.

Hooked and clawed and caught in the circulatory loop of blood from Draco’s heart to his lungs. All aching capillaries and ribbon-torn arteries, glass shards buried in Draco’s palms.

It’s insurmountable as he passes through the Hogwarts gates. Sees what he imagines the muggles who come poking around might see - an abandoned castle. Replete with smoke scarred wood and disintegrating bricks, blood strewn across courtyard stones and great columns that have now collapsed. Bereft of only an ominous ‘Keep Out’ sign, though he thinks that might not be far off.

Draco’s wand is clutched in a white knuckled hand as he digresses from the delineated path. Enters into the variegated shadows and dampened mist of the Forbidden Forrest and follows the coordinates written in blotted, under duress ink - because Potter’s wand had clattered across the floor and Draco’s wand had been pressed to the warm skin beneath Potter’s chin.

 His confession is the vial of veritaserum tucked into Draco’s jacket pocket.

He fancies that it just might be felix felicis instead.

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Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 2

Summary: “I’ve waited a long time for you to hold your head up and look at me straight” - EXO “Falling For You”

Genere: Fluff

Warnings: None

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

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I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t see a servant, I saw a princess I used to be. A true lady. The mask was covering my face and the dress was flowing around me. I wished I could wear it everyday.

“You look stunning” said Miyoung

She was right. I really did.

“What time is it” I questioned

“It’s quarter past nine. The party had already begun”

The ballroom was just above seamstresses rooms. We quietly went out and headed to the party. My heart was beating so fast. I was so afraid someone will recognize me. If it happens, firing would be the best punishment. King Doyun was amazing ruler, but sometimes he had no mercy.

When I was about to enter the ballroom, Miyoung grabbed me by my shoulders.

“So, here’s the plan” she looked at me with a seriousness in her eyes “You go there, you start dancing with some random guy then, when you will switch partners, you’re going to do everything to dance with the prince. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea? I hesitated

“There’s no going back right now” she opened small door for servants and pushed me through it “Good luck!”

Before I could say anything she closed them. Breath caught in my throat. I was standing by the wall of a huge ballroom. The gowns, the ladies were wearing were so amazing, I felt like mine wasn’t enough. My eyes stopped at the royal family. Prince Jongin was standing next to his mother. The mask was covering his face, but he looked just gorgeous. I could see a small smile on his face.

I took a step and I almost fell down. It’s been awhile since I was wearing heels. People started to gather in the middle off the ballroom. It was time to dance. Taking a deep breath, I stood next to a lady in green dress and turned around. My partner was supposed to be a surprise. I felt the tension around me. The music started to play and I turned around.

What I saw, made my heart beat even faster. Prince Jongin was holding his hand out to me. I almost forgot that I was supposed to dance. I grabbed his palm and he pulled me by my waist. I gasped.

“Did I hurt you, miss?” he asked

I shook my head, too shocked to say anything.

I guess Miyoung’s plan didn’t work out. I didn’t have to dance with some random guy because I had prince Jongin from the beginning.

I tried to relax in his arms, but it was impossible. I was dancing with real prince, the prince I fell for. It was almost like a dream come true.

Silent curse escaped my lips, as I stumbled a little.

“I’m sorry” I murmured

“It’s alright” he smiled “I’m supposed to lead”

I felt the warmth from his body. He was so close to me, I could feel his breath on my neck.

“Can I ask you something, miss?” he questioned

“Of course, your highness” I breathed out

“Have we met before?” he looked at me “Because you seem… Somehow familiar”

And that was it. This play is going to end quickly if I don’t think of something. Think, Y/N! Think! Quickly!

“I don’t think it’s possible” I laughed awkwardly

“But you’re voice… It reminds me of someone” prince furrowed his eyebrows at me “Where are you from?”

“I… Um…” I started to stutter “Well… The kingdom I come from isn’t far away”

“Where is it exactly?”

“North” more lies were slipping through my mouth

“It’s not like I’m not happy to see you here, miss” the prince smiled at me “But who invited you here?”

“It was lady Lee, your highness”

His eyes met mine. They were so deep and gentle. I could see a spark of joy and interest in them.

“You are really interesting…” he said “Wouldn’t you mind telling me your name? Since you already know mine”

“I would like to keep it as a secret… At least for now” smile appeared on my face “Your parents didn’t tell you who’s invited to your own birthday party?”

“Not really” he spinned me around

That was really unexpected. My grip tightened on his shoulder.

I knew we were about to switch our partners. I didn’t want it. I wanted to dance with prince Jongin all night. Again and again, and I still wouldn’t get bored.

“Can I show you something?” I heard his voice

I looked at him with astonishment and blinked a few times. His question really shocked me. I didn’t know what to answer. Taking a deep breath, I whispered:

“Can I say ‘no’ to the heir?”

He smiled to me and grabbed my hand. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to leave the party, but everyone, including the king and the queen, were focused on dancing. We quickly went out of the ballroom and headed to palace’s gardens. I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard from the people who were working there that they’re really big and beautiful. We went deeper and deeper and I already could say that the rumors were true. It was late night, but I still could see red roses and colorful tulips. Of course, there were many more plants than that. We finally stopped in a small gazebo. It was white with some golden ornamentations.

“Your highness, why did you bring me here?” I asked with confusion

“As I said before, I want to show you something” he replied and came closer to me

He turned me around, so I was facing the entrance to the gazebo.

“Look carefully” his voice was a whisper

I furrowed my eyebrows and after a few seconds, I saw it. Hundreds of fireflies started to fly around the garden. My eyes went wide. It was really beautiful, almost like magic. I’ve never seen something like this before. I felt summer breeze against my skin.

“Every summer night, they appear here” I heard prince’s voice “I haven’t shown it to anyone before”

I laughed quietly.

“I feel honored, your high-”

“Jongin” he interrupted me “Just, Jongin”

“Jongin…” I repeated his name “So… You come here every night?”

“Almost. Sometimes I have too much chores, as a part of the royal family. However, there’s something in this view that helps me relax”

“Yeah…” I let out a sigh “It’s really beautiful”

I turned around. His nose brushed against mine and it made my heart skip. He was so close. I felt blush creeping on my face. The tension between us was almost palpable. His hot breath against my cheek and his hands on my shoulders. He gently moved them to my waist, making me gasp. Suddenly, Jongin used his opportunity and kissed me softly. For the first few seconds, I was standing still, but then I kissed him back. Feeling his lips against mine was completely new experience. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tangled my hand in his silky hair. We got lost in each other. For a while, I forgot he was a prince and I was a servant. We were just Y/N and Jongin. My lungs started to demand air, but then he pulled away slowly and took a deep breath.

“I-I’m sorry…” he stuttered and stepped away from me “I shouldn’t have done that”

“It’s okay” I looked down with embarrassment

I’ve just kissed prince Jongin. I was wondering if I should run away or not.

“Well…” his voice was really quiet “Since we already kissed… Would you tell me your name?”

With a corner of my eye, I saw him taking off his mask. There was a small blush on his face. I brought my shaky hands to my face. I had to do it. I didn’t want to lie to him anymore.

“I won’t tell you my name, but I can do something else” I whispered before taking off my mask “Please, don’t run away”

I looked up at him. Instead of shock, I saw a smile forming on his lips. My heart was beating even faster than before. He was just standing in front of me, and I could feel his intense stare. I opened my mouth to say something, but he came closer to me.

“I knew it from the beginning” he whispered before kissing me again

Author’s note: The gif above is not mine. English is not my first language! Please respect it!

Euron Greyjoy wants to marry you

(Gif not mine, found it online)

Imagine Euron Greyjoy wants to marry you instead of your older sister Cersei Lannister 

Pairing: fem. Lannister Reader x Euron Greyjoy

Warning: SMUT!!!! 

The fleet of Euron Greyjoy was impressive. You have heard so many stories about the new king of the Iron Islands and suddenly you believed them all. Somebody who owned a fleet like this just had to be a strong man and a great fighter and yes, also a little bit insane. You sat on the window sill in your chamber as you watched the ships coming closer and closer to King’s Landing. Your sister Cersei would welcome Euron in the throne room, but you wouldn’t be with her today. You caught a flu, and weren’t able to go anywhere. Even sitting on your window was kind of exhausting due to your permanent sweating and shaking and the headache. Your body was cold and hot at the same time.

It took you quite a while to recover and you felt like a prisoner in your own home. As you finally were allowed to leave your chambers again, the first thing you did was going out for a walk, feeling the sun on your skin again and the wind in your hair. Just a little while longer and then even King’s Landing would be full of white snow, but for now you just wanted to enjoy the last days of summer. I felt fantastic to be yourself again, healthy and free. You wore your favorite dress, long and red with a low neckline and some golden ornaments. You walked through the garden as you suddenly saw Cersei, Jaime and a man you didn’t knew. The stranger was definitely handsome, slim and tall, completely dressed in black, a distinctive and round face, bright eyes and brown hair.

“Good morning”, you greeted the three with a mild smile on your lips.

“(Y/N), it’s nice to see you outside again”, Jaime said and returned your smile. He visited you a few times during your flu, you always have had a good relationship with him. The stranger glanced at you, turned himself to you and grinned.

“And who is this beauty?”, he asked.

“This is our younger sister, (Y/N) Lannister. She had been ill during the last weeks. (Y/N), this is Euron Greyjoy”, Cersei explained. Euron took your hand and placed a soft kiss on your knuckles.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N)”, Euron answered. His eyes sparkled as he looked at you.

“Euron Greyjoy, I saw your fleet a few weeks ago. Beautiful ships”, you answered and remembered the day you sat on your window sill, staring at the ocean.

“Not as beautiful as you are, my dear.” You noticed Cersei’s staring while Euron talked to you.

“I want to talk to my sister in private”, she said and there was something cold in her voice. Euron and Jaime left and you suddenly felt sick again.

“What is it, my beloved sister?”, you asked and hoped Cersei would ignore the sarcastically undertone.

“Euron Greyjoy is here to marry me.” You swallowed hard.

“Yes, of course he is”, you answered and tried to sound unimpressed.

“I just want you to know that.”

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ZOSAN Egyptian AU: “For A heart” Collab

Character Sheet: Zoro!

A DOUBLE MOSS COMBO BETWEEN @mossybrows-draws and @cyriusli!! Hehe! You can see Zoro’s hair growing out from the black dye he puts in it! Why is Zoro’s hair green and why does he dye it black you ask? Stay tuned to our ZoSan Egyptian AU to find out, you can follow the sideblog here!

Character Sheet: Roronoa Zoro

Role: Son of Anubis!Mihawk

Pet-Name: Zoronubis (Only Mossy says this shit)

Cyriusli: So, with creation of Bastet Sanji, it only seemed natural that we have Anubis Zoro. I immediately googled Anubis and started showing Mossy pictures and linking her to sites with information on him. I also started a google doc and just started listing information and pictures for references to just about everything I could think of that had to do with both characters. I think it’s probably also worth noting that Anubis and Bastet are my two favorite of the Egyptian gods.

Mossy: Hell yeah. Cyriusli got really into it right off the bat and it got me really hyped. I’ve always had to work alone on character designs before, so it was new and exciting to have someone who knew about the history to work with. We wanted Zoro to have a helmet that looked like a jackal because of the reference picture Cyriusli picked out. I had a random brain fart and was like “What if the helmet had holes and his ears are real, like Sanji’s ears are real, but integrated into the helmet to look like it was a part of the helmet too.” This was our first hill with Zoro.

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Roses - Draco Malfoy x Reader

A/N: A very orginal fanfiction with a lot of plot that should be taken a 100% seriously because of it’s value for today’s society.
Yes, my soul-nerd @parchment-scribbles and me had a conversation about cliches, Mary Sues and out of character writing, and this just happened, enjoy!

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Hiraeth [Prologue]

A/N: I’ve had this laying around on my laptop for a while already. It’s my very very first time planning something long chaptered and I suck at these things. So I am unsure about this whole concept. Still, do you think it’s good enough to pursue it further? Tell me if you’re interested!

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1007

Warnings: none!

[Hiraeth Masterlist]

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“Will you wear this?” Thorin whispers into her ear, her beard scraping Bilbo’s cheek. This close, Bilbo can feel Thorin’s bosom press lightly against her back. On a chest before them lies an ostentatious dress and matching cloak, both spun from pure gold.

Fem!Bagginshield, inspired by this anonymous prompt (from 4 years ago. Wow!!!) and @shipsicle‘s stunning art (Bilbo with golden eyes? Hell yes!!!), set in Erebor where both Thorin and Bilbo fall to the gold’s spell. Featuring a reverse striptease, seriously terrible implications (there was a point this was supposed to be a darkfic), cheesy dialogue, and a cringy title.

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Hiraeth - Part (1)

A/N: This whole story was inspired by one scene in the Beauty and the Beast movie. I don’t think I will even include that scene. I hope to finish it soon, ugh.

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1268

Warnings: none!

[Prologue]  [Hiraeth Masterlist]

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