golden mums


1. falling asleep with his dad on the sofa

2. pulling on the cat’s tail and cackling madly

3. falling asleep in his mum’s arms

4. waking up with two parents cooing over him

5. being lulled by his dad’s voice–singing terribly, but he didn’t care

6. watching his mum and dad dance around the living room

7. and then his dad scooping him up off the floor and the three of them dancing around the living room

8. being sick and spending four solid days in his parents’ arms–them cooing and sushing and rubbing his back until he felt better

9.  having as much cake as he wanted on his birthday

10. both his parents sneaking his biscuits when the other wasn’t looking

11. his dad talking to him as if he was already his best mate in the world

12. those amazing lights from his dad’s wand

13. his mum levitating him in the air for fun

14. memorizing his mum’s twenty kinds of laughs

15. falling asleep nestled in-between his parents on the sofa/in bed

16. sleeping snuggled with his toy broomstick in his cot b/c he couldn’t bear to let it go and his parents didn’t want to tell him no

17. the funny lady who came over and brought him biscuits

18. carving a pumpkin with his parents and smashing goo all over the floor

19. crying when the goo got in his eyes

20. laughing when his mum vanished it and chasing after the cat

21. trying to ride the cat

22. knowing if he cried his mum or dad would come make it right

23. playing peek-a-boo beneath his dad’s invisbility cloak

24. learning “sssshhhhh” when he and his mum were hiding underneath the cloak from dada 

25. conspiratorial whispers/secrets

26. his mum blowing raspberries on his tummy/cheeks/feet/legs

27. grabbing his dad’s glasses and holding them victoriously in his chubby little hands as he promptly puts them in his mouth

28. and then his dad puts them on, slobbery and all, deliberately upside down to make him giggle

29. his dad telling he and his mum wizarding stories from the animated pop up book

30. his mum telling he and his dad muggle stories from the book with shiny edges

31. warm nights spent on the sofa by the fire eating popcorn (which wasn't always realized as a chocking hazard so he was probably given some)

32. little baby belches after tiny sips of butterbeer from uncle pafoo

33. being mesmerized by the golden snitch his mum charmed to float above his bed

34. chasing after the quaffle–that was bigger than him–around the living room floor while dada chased him on all fours

35. falling asleep snuggled next to the kiddy

36. sneaking out with his dad under the invisibility cloak–with silencing charms, of course–and taking walks around the neighborhood

37. lying out in the back garden–which had a tall fence around the perimeter–and digging in the dirt while his mum and dad worked in the garden

38. picnics on the grass in said garden

39. hearing he was loved and how special he was and how wonderful he was every day for the first year and three months of his life

40. learning his mum’s twenty kinds of kisses and hugs

41. playing quaffle with dada and uncles padfoot and remus and peter–in which he was the quaffle

42. playing with his dad’s mirror until uncle padfoot’s face showed up

43. almost choking on his mum’s wizarding chess set

44. a first christmas he didn’t even understand because he was so young, but the house was sparkly and he liked the lights and the music and he learned to crawl by trying to get over to the tree and pull the baubles off

45. knowing that his dad smelled like peppermint and his mum smelled like raspberries

46. hours spent in the kitchen while his mum brewed potions which smelled terrible but were full of interesting things to try and grab at

47. watching his dad work on the crossword in the mornings and playing peek-a-boo with the paper

48. eating toast in the mornings and getting jam hopelessly smeared in his face and cheeks and fingers and hair

49. hearing from his mum every day that he looked and acted just like his dada

50. hearing from his dad every day that he looked and acted just like his mummy

actualplanetpluto  asked:

Hey Elise. Just had to hear nearly my entire family laugh at the idea of asexuality which apparently 'doesn't really exist'. Can I please have some romantic but ace Enjoltaire? Sorry to bother you

  • Enjolras never thought much about not experiencing sexual attraction, it was just an interest he didn’t have and nothin more
  • Of course he’d get annoyed whenever his parents would be like “We’re not really comfortable with you ~~working~~ with girls alone in your room
  • And Enjolras was just sitting there like “…. I’m the definition of a golden gaytime mum…. why must you….. also what the fuck”
  • Not that he said that out loud but the thought was there
  • It’s only in highschool that he discovered there was a word for what he felt or rather didn’t feel. And thought he didn’t feel like he was broken, he understood that other people felt that way too, and they could be lost and unaware and alone, so he started reaching out online and raising awareness (with more or less success)
  • Then at uni he started the ABC as a social justice group and LGBTQIA+ safeplace and he met lovely people with whom he could change the world and that guy Grantaire sure was annoying but also sort of cute?
  • And Enjolras never made his stupid crush known, because Grantaire kept talking about his one night stands with Courfeyrac, so he figured R wouldn’t be interesting in dating /HIM/
  • But of course Grantaire is very interested in dating him
  • He alluded to it often, but Enjolras thinks it’s just teasing and general banter, not serious flirting
  • Until the day Enjolras explodes from unresolved romantic tension, which turns into very resolved romantic tension
  • When people ask why it took so long for Enjolras and Grantaire to get together, since they look so great as a couple, the answer is:
  • “Slow and steady won that ace”


“Ugh, stay away from Niall.” Your cousin, Y/C/N whispered, glaring at the golden-haired boy. Your mum was fairly close with Maura, so it was only reasonable that the Horan family came over for the Christmas party.

“Oi, don’t say that, it’s Christmas!” You nudged her shoulder and earned yourself an eye-roll as she took a sip of punch. 

“S'not my fault he’s a creep. I swear to god he’s like in love with me or something.” She sniffed, flicking some hair off her shoulder. 

“Oh yeah, you can tell he’s totally infatuated with you with the fact that he’s been staring at Y/N for the past ten minutes, you dimwit.” Another one of your cousins waltzed over with a smirk on her face, making Y/C/N’s cheeks burn bright red and mumble something about getting another drink. 

“Cut it out.” You giggled to Y/O/C/N (your other cousin’s name), sneaking a glance at Niall, who quickly turned away once you caught sight of him. 

“Who wouldn’t want a piece of that fine ass, anyway?” Y/O/C/N swiped her tongue over her bottom lip, your eyes crinkling up as laughter bubbled out of your ruby-red lips. 

“T'at was cute.” You were surprised from the sudden deep accent that appeared behind you, Y/O/C/N gasping quietly and pinching your arm. 

“Oh! Niall, hi!” You cleared your throat, grinning down at him. “Refresh my memory, what was so cute?” You looked around the room and you couldn’t help but notice Y/C/N sending daggers from across the room. 

“Your laugh.” Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink as you giggled softly, fiddling with your necklace. “It was really cute. But of course, only a cute laugh like t'at would belong t’ a cute owner, eh?" 

"You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you?” You asked, setting your drink down. 

“Mm, only around you, m'dear. Care to dance?" 



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~*~Home Hearth and Heart’s 600 FOLLOWERS Giveaway 4/4 ~*~

Hello, Devotees!  Your Mod at Home, Hearth, and Heart is giving away four premade altar set-ups in celebration of reaching 600 followers.  Here is the fourth and last one!

Altar Details:  "Sicilian Summer”

It’s late August, and the bees are buzzing lazily in the meadows.  Wheat waves in a breeze from off the coast, and in the distance, you can just make out the green shadows of vineyards, grapes dark purple-black and ready to be picked.  Sit down to an early afternoon siesta with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of Nero d'Avola and listen to the sounds of an island summer in your own forgotten corner of the world.

This altar setup features the following items:

  • One 24"x25" cloth, crushed velour, wheat-colored.
  • One 8”-diameter flower crown: wire core and golden-yellow silk mums with late-summer green leaves wrapped in florists’ tape, then wrapped again in green-brown homespun-style yarn.  Suitable as an altar decoration OR for ritual headwear.
  • One 3"-tall glass candle-holder, silver-gold antiqued finish, suitable for holding tea lights, votive candles, or liquid offerings.
  • One 6.5"-diameter ceramic trivet with blue, green, red, and white floral design.  Made in Turkey; useable as a flat offering-dish or decorative/meditative focus.
  • One unscented 8" white pillar candle.
  • One string of indoor-outdoor lights that look like white and purple grapes.  Extension cord not included.  Fits across most windows.

Giveaway Details

  • This comes as a set, not as individual pieces.  If you win it, what you do with those individual pieces is entirely up to you.
  • Each of these items has been used before, and while I have done my best to clean them physically, I make no guarantees as to their energetic state.  Some spiritual/energy cleansing may be required, though to the best of my knowledge none of these items are cursed.
  • Everything in this giveaway is absolutely free, shipping included!  Unfortunately, Your Mod can only ship within the continental United States; anywhere outside of that is cost-prohibitive.
  • You must be following this blog in order to enter.
  • You may both like and reblog this post in order to enter—
  • BUT please do not reblog this picture multiple times on the same blog.  I don’t want to spam peoples’ dashes!
  • If you win, I will announce it on this blog and contact you via ask.
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 1 October 2014.  They will also be contacted by private message.  If you win, but do not respond with your address within two days, Your Mod will select another winner.
  • You cannot win more than one of these altar setups.  If, by some chance, you win more than one of them, I will contact you and ask you which one you would like to receive.
  • This giveaway will end on Wednesday, 1 October 2014!