golden moray eel

Bab Update 2:

He has eaten!
My first feeding attempt on Sunday resulted in his cleaner shrimp buddy stealing his food and freaking him out, but he overcame that fear quickly and is learning how to handle the tongs well.

Right now he is on a mysis shrimp diet, enriched with a vitamin soak. I plan to slowly introduce finely chopped squid and fish into his diet; maybe I can find small enough packets of mixed marine proteins somewhere. I may offer him dinner twice a week instead of Aurin’s once a week schedule, since he’s a growing bab who needs his nutrients.

He’s much less of a camera hog than Aurin, though. While Aurin was happily diurnal, this bab strongly prefers to be out at night, so much that I usually don’t see him at all during the day. Ergo, there will likely not be many good pictures of him for a while, lol.

I will begin considering names now, and his name will be finalized upon his second successful feeding!