golden mixtape

Jhope the type

to make you think he could never be your ultimate bias but he slowly moves up the list until one day you wake up and he FUCKING SLAM DUNKS YOU IN THE FACE WITH HIS AWESOMENESS AND SUNSHINE AND SMILES AND TALENT and youre like OH NO HES HOT AND CUTE

And suddenly youre total jhope trash cause same.


ERRA  “Efflorecent”

Did I Even Realize Movies Existed in 2013?

All week I’ll be posting my top things of 2013…I know this is mostly for music…but I couldn’t help but toss movies in today and TV in tomorrow…

For some reason I was in the theater every weekend in June, but after that I was just too cheap or didn’t care enough to go see anything on the big screen. This Is The End was hilarious the whole way though with an amazing cameo at the end by my absolute favorite people, and The Heat had its moments but they didn’t make it to the final three. Gravity fooled me and I’d like my money back.  So while I wish I could’ve walked down memory lane with more – this is a short trip that’ll leave you enough time to get on with your day ASAP. Plus, these movies all come with a lesson learned.

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