golden mantella frog


The gorgeous golden mantella frog (Mantella aurantiaca) is a critically-endangered amphibian that is facing extinction from human pressure. Their distribution is extremely limited and their habitat faces destruction; in addition, they face heavy collection pressure from the pet trade. Please help protect Madagascar’s native frogs; if you want golden mantella frogs, make sure to buy only proven CBB specimens! The frogs would thank you if they could.


The gorgeous species of frog Mantella aurantiaca (Golden mantella frog) from Madagascar

Chester Zoo’s Amphibian experts have decided to use fluorescent silicone implants under the skin of the leg, to tag the frogs as part of a conservation effort.

If the tags work successfully, then Dr Gerardo Garcia (the curator of lower vertebrates and invertebrates at the zoo) will travel to Madagascar to train conservationists how to inject the implants into wild frogs so they can be tracked. The species are critically endangered in the wild.

Information & Photos sourced from the Chester Zoo Facebook page!