golden maki

Flirting 101
  • Maki: Nico-chan, I have to talk to you.
  • Nico: Uhh... sure?
  • Maki: ... *shuffles closer to Nico* In private.
  • After a few minutes...
  • Nico: So... what is it?
  • Maki: *clears her throat as she brings out a piece of paper* Beloved, A storm brews inside me whenever I look at your mesmerizing blue eyes.
  • Nico: They're red.
  • Maki: *clears her throat again* Your hair reminds me of the golden sun.
  • Nico: How does black hair compare to the golden sun?
  • Maki: Your volupto-
  • Nico: Nishikino Maki... Are you trying to flirt with me?
  • Maki: Yes, I am but you're making it hard for me.
  • Nico: Well you're using the wrong lines. It seems like you're describing another person instead.
  • Maki: *crumples the paper* Ugh... Umi, you idiot! You said it would work. It's not working!
  • Umi: *pops out from the corner* Of course, it won't work! You were supposed to change the lines!
Super Muse Sisters

Maki groaned as she was once again shoved aside, Rin and Honoka hurriedly running towards the bricks floating in the sky, getting all the treasure before she and Eli could even hop across the nearest gap. 

“Hey! Don’t go too far - dammit…”

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