golden lamp

The shadow of a figure danced across the floorboards, an outline of someone bent lazily against the door frame. A single golden lamp illuminated the room, and just that light was enough to make out a pair of glimmering blue eyes in the inky darkness. Your heart faltered, breath hitching in your throat-

“Kai?” You whispered, your voice shaking.

He melted out of the darkness, handsome as ever, familiar goofy grin plastered to his flushed lips. 

“Hi,” he breathed lightly.

And just like that, the crushing pain of loss you’d been drowning in for years was gone, and he was here in the flesh, and god, you loved him so damn much. Tears clawing at your eyes, your voice was lost as you bolted across the room, plummeting straight into his outstretched arms, sobbing uncontrollably into the soft fabric of his tee. You couldn’t believe it. That overpowering cologne was his, those firm arms locking around your waist were his, and that heartbeat strumming in his chest was his.

“Is it really you?” you wept in shock, fingers clawing into his back as you pressed tighter, wanting to know that this feeling was real.

“It’s me, sweetheart,” he cooed, his hand coming up to your head, the feeling of his cool rings gliding across your skin as he ran his fingers through your hair.

You released him, bending up on your tip-toes to reach his perfectly sculpted face. You trailed your fingertips lightly over his features in awe, finger pads gliding across his jawline, stubble, and tracing around his lips. 

“Malachai?” you whispered again, still disbelieving. “How do I know I’m not hallucinating?”

His fingers crawled under your chin, raising your head so your eyes were forced to meet his brilliant blue ones.

“Because if you were,” his voice rumbled deeply, “you wouldn’t feel this.”

His eyes fluttered closed, full lips coming gently to lock with yours. His hands went slithering around your waist, lips conjoined like two puzzle pieces, the taste of his mouth intoxicating. His nose squished against yours as he dipped in deeper for the briefest of moments before drawing back.

“Believe me now?” he asked gently.

But you didn’t need to answer, for the tears streaming down your cheeks told the answer. Kai brushed off your tears before bringing his fingers to pull away your loose strands of hair affectionately back into place. You brought your forehead to his, arms swinging around his neck, the aching in your heart numbing with every second he held you.

“I promised you I’d go to hell and back for you,” he murmured.

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Heaven Scent Chapter One

Heaven Scent (1/?) | Dan Howell rarely leaves the house unless he has too, too socially awkward to function normally around other people, and generally making his only friends through Louise, a sweet beta who took him under her wing a few years back when they were both still in college. It’s no surprise, then, that the omega has yet to find a mate, despite craving one rather a lot. It’s not until he attends Louise’s birthday party and gets accidentally-on-purpose set up with an attractive alpha named Phil Lester who smells absolutely heavenly that Dan starts to fall into a proper romance, complete with courting and scenting and the like. | Phan | Mature | A/B/O dynamics (Omegaverse fic), Fluff, Getting Together, Eventual Smut, Courting | 6,931 Words this chapter

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

For the first time in a really long time, I’ve actually wanted to attempt writing a chaptered fic on my own with an idea that I’ve been in love with since time began, practically. Omegaverse fics are some of my favorites in the world, and the trope has intrigued me for just about as long as it’s been around - which is to say, forever, in fandom years. I’ve never particularly cared for the non-con esque sexual lives often built up in a/b/o fics however, nor have I particularly cared for the gender dynamics that often paint the alphas as hyper-high class characters who can and will abuse omegas, who are considered the hyper-lower classes. A lot of the a/b/o dynamics I’ve seen built up in fandoms over the years don’t feel particularly true, to me, of what a/b/o should or could be, especially as it’s based around animal mating cycles for the trope.

Therefore, I decided I wanted to completely and utterly throw the trope onto its head and create something entirely different to what I most often see in most fandoms. I was strongly inspired by the yuri on ice fandom interpretation of a/b/o fics, as well as by @phandommother, who this entire fic is dedicated too, in creating this chaptered series that I’ve already nearly finished writing. The three “sexes” in this fic are referred to as “secondary sexes” and while each secondary sex is sometimes ruled by specific instincts that a/b/o characters are known for, any and all sexes can mate with each other and produce kits. They all stand on equal ground in terms of hierarchy, in this fic, and while stereotypes exist, they don’t rule the story. As the story continues forward, more of their world will be explained to the reader.

I really hope you guys enjoy the world I’ve spent so many hours creating now, and please enjoy chapter one <3 :) Updates will be on Wednesday’s, though this chapter has gone up early on a Tuesday night hahaa.

Special thanks and love goes to @botanistlester who let me rant about this idea to her for hours and encouraged me to create this story, and for beta’ing reading for me as she always does.


Chapter One

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Loosing your moon can tear you apart Part 2

This took…long, to say the least…Does anyone even remember this? If not here’s

Part 1


NSFW (a lot of people wanted me to do tentacle hentai, and how can I say no?)

Nightmare and Dream belong to @jokublog

Cross belongs to @jakei95

Swap versions belon to @blogthegreatrouge


Xcellence was lying on the couch, trying to get his mind to anything but Halluciv. He figuered a bit sleep would help him getting his mind away from him.


Halluciv was holding Eraser’s hand, leading him somewhere. Halluciv was in his original form, wearing a short black dress. And with short I mean reeeeaaaally short. It was a off-shoulder dress, so his shoulders were fully exposed, and it had a very deep down cutout. He wasn’t wearing any shoes for some reason. He had a sweet smile on his face, and lust in his eyes.

They were in a fancy hotel, with golden walls and old lamp holders. Finally arriving at a certain door, halluciv pulled out a key, from behind his back. He slowly entered the room backwards, holding Eraser hands with both of his hands.

Halluciv let go of Eraser’s hands, who had closed and locked the door behind them. Halluciv placed one of his hands on his forehead.

“Oh no~” he said smirking “This dress is sooooo tight i can’t breath~Please end my suffering Racy~” Eraser smirked, then walked over to Halluciv. He unzipped his dress while brushing his mouth over one of the exposed shoulders.

“Oh you poor thing~Let me take care of you~” his smirk grew when, the now fully naked, Halluciv let himself fall on the bed. Eraser removed his shorts, then climbed on top of Halluciv. He began kissing Halluciv wildly, who kissed back.

They pulled away with a string of salvia, then Eraser began biting the others neck.

“A-aaahh~ Oh Racy~ p-pleaaase~aahh~” Halluciv moaned. Eraser stopped biting and smirked, playing with the others spine

“Please what~?”

“please fuck me~”

“As you wish~” and with that he started thrusting. Halluciv’s moans were filling the whole room.

“Aahhh~ mmhhnn~ Y-YES TH-THERE~hhaaahh!” Halluciv arched his back. They were like this for quite a time, when Halluciv cummed. A little after that Eraser gave a final thrust and came inside Halluciv. He collabsed next to Halluciv and began cuddling him.

“Have I ever mentioned how amazing it feels inside of you?” Eraser asked.

“And did I ever tell you how amazing you feel inside of me?” Halluciv asked back.

“I love you” Eraser said.

“I love you, too”

“More than Xcellence?”

“Ppfff… as if I could ever like that looser”

“NO!” Xcellence woke up with a scream. It was only just a dream.

He sat up, massaging his eyes.

“Wow, didn’t think you were this weird” Xcellence looked to his left and saw, on the couch sitting next to him…

“Marvul…” Xcellence said annoyed. If he wasn’t there, nothing of this would’ve happened.

“I know my name” Marvul said, putting his left leg on the couch and his arm on his knee, in a relaxed motion.

Xcellence sighed “Why did you come here?” he asked.

“Weeeeell,~” Marvul started “I knew that you had naughty dreams including my brother, but not with my boyfriend” he said. Xcellence looked to the ground.

“You mean Halluciv’s boyfriend” he murmured quietly, but Marvul still managed to understand him. He looked at him confused.

“What do you mean by that?” Marvul asked. Xcellence was still looking at the ground.

“They slept together….”

“WHAT?!” Marvul jumped up, the sudden loud tone in his voice made Xcellence jump, too. Marvul couldn’t believe it. At first Eraser cheated on him with Reboot, and now with his own brother.

“H-HOW DARES HE- yeeaaaaahh, can’t really blame him. Not like I never did the same to him” Marvul said shrugging.

“How do you even know?” Marvul asked.

“It happened when….”




“Go away guilt,  go away, JUST GO AWAY!” Halluciv shouted to himself.

“I have to tell him the truth” he still didn’t want to, but he had made his choice.

He went out of the room and walked down a bit of the stairs, but stopped when he saw Marvul and Xcellence sitting on the couch.

“Wow, that sounds painful” Marvul said.

“You think?” Xcellence asked.

“But the good thing about it is-” he pins Xcellence down “We don’t have these blockers anymore” Marvul said, before gently biting into the other’s neck. But Xcellence pushed him away.

“Marvul stop!” Xcellence said. Marvul looked a little hurt by that, but they had other problems.

“My heart belongs to Halluciv, and I won’t cheat on him again!” Halluciv felt his soul warm up, wich was quickly crushed by a laughing Marvul.

“Oh please, you don’t even believe this yourself” Marvul said while still laughing “I mean, as if you would ever be able to stay without me. Do you remember the christmas party, where Halluciv was drunk and you took that chance to go in a room with me? Or the birthday party when we hid under a table? I’m still surprised nobody noticed. Oh! And the best one was your anniversary, when you held a speech about how much you love Halluciv and like twenty minutes later you took me to a storage room”

Halluciv’s jaw dropped open. That’s it! Nobody was ever allowed to treat him like that! He wasn’t just anybody, and he would no longer let himself being threatened like trash. He ran into Xcellence’s room and closed the door.

“Marvul I’m seriouse! I’ve hurt him enough already” Xcellence said. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He looked at his phone, and jumped a little when he saw that it was Halluciv.

my moonpie💜💕: Senpai I’m sorry. Please forgive me

Xcellence thought for a moment. He smiled, he really wanted to make up with his Lucy. But he had to play it cool.

Senpai😍💋: Sure, why not

Halluciv rolled his eyes. What a jerk. He blushed and smiled. A cute jerk.

my moonpie💜💕: Yay! Okay, then come to your room, I have a little surprise for you ;3

Xcellence blushed and pushed Marvul to the exit.

“Ähm…What are you doing?” Marvul asked confused.

“No questions” Xcellence said then practically threw Marvul out of his house.

“Okay, now…” he looked at himself in the mirror.
“Senpai~ I’m waiting~” Halluciv said cutely. Xcellence blushed again and ran up the stairs. He knocked on the door.

“It’s open~” Xcellence opened the door and there was…nothing. He was confused for a moment, but then the door behind him was closed and locked by a…tentacle…

Before he knew it a tentacle was wrapped around him and lifted him up.

“Hey senpai~” Halluciv was in his tentacle form and sitting on the bed, his legs crossed.

“Lucy, what are you-mmpf” he couldn’t finish the sentence, because a tentacle was beeing shoved into his mouth.

“You know…” Halluciv said and stood up “I’m tierd of being played by you. What am I to you? A toy for your amusement? Something to pleasure you? A pet, who does everything you tell them to do?” Halluciv took four of his tentacles, two of them grabbing his wrists, and the other two taking his legs, shoving them apart. He took out the tentacle in Xcellence’s mouth.

“Lucy that’s not tr-”

“I should just kill you. Slow and painful” Halluciv said “But…” he caressed Xcellence’s cheek and pulled him closer. They could feel eachother’s breathes. “you’re too beautiful” then he closed the gap and kissed Xcellence passionately. After a while he pulled away.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m finished with you” Halluciv said and let his tentacles move Xcellence, so he was facing the ground, but was still in the air.

“L-Lucy?” Xcellence asked a bit scarred. Halluciv shoved a tentacle in his mouth again, then began to let the rest of them travel through his ribs.

“HMMM!” Xcellence felt pain, because Halluciv used his tentacles to squeeze his ribs and left cracks in them.

“Do you like that senpai~?” Halluciv cooed. He leaned in where Xcellence’s ear would be.

“Summon something for my tentacle~” he wispered. Xcellence looked at him with a pleading look.

“To be honest, the thought of killing you still didn’t leave my mind” Halluciv said, sounding a bit bored. What has driven into him? Xcellence didn’t really think and summoned an ecto pussy. He has never seen Halluciv this scarry.

Halluciv looked pleased and roughly shoved his tentacle into him, causing Xcellence to let out a pained scream, wich was muffled by the tentacle.

“Oh~ is senpai in pain? Well, should’ve thought about that before breaking my heart!” Halluciv began to thrust roughly into him, without giving him time to adjust. Xcellence had tears in his eyes. A few already fell out.

Halluciv might act like he didn’t care about hurting Xcellence, but it acually made him feel really bad. He took out the tentacle wich thrusted and the one in his mouth.

He layed Xcellence on his bed, the rest of the tentacles still holding him.

“Form a duck” Halluciv commanded. Xcellence didn’t even hesitaite and did as he was told. Halluciv took off his pants and slammed himself down.

“Hhaaaaaahhh~” Halluciv screamed in pain and pleasure. He waited a bit to adjust. Then he began to bounce.

Halluciv stopped, causing Xcellence to whine in disapproval. Halluciv changed into his original form.

“With this body it’s a lot easier” he said and began to move again. Xcellence noticed that the tentacles were gone and flipped them over. He started to thrust into him roughly.

“So, you slept with Eraser?” Xcellence asked.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh~” Halluciv screamed in pleasure.

“Answer me you little sluf~” Xcellence said, giving a very deep thrust.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh~that…haah…hurts~” Halluciv said.

“Answer. Me” another deep thrust.

“Youaaahhh already know the ahanswer~”

“But I want to *huff* hear it out of your mouth”



“THAT WAS THE ANSWER” Xcellence stopped.

“What?” he asked. Halluciv sighed.

“Me and Eraser didn’t do ‘it’. I lied to you”

“But why” Xcellence asked. Halluciv glared at him angrily.

“Why you ask? You broke my heart that’s why! I wanted you to know how it feels to be heartbroken! Of course…there’s nothing worse than your boyfriend cheating on you with your brother…And it worked…you even cryed because of it”

“Did you feel better after seeing me cry?” Xcellence asked coldly.

“NO! I felt awful, and wanted to tell you the truth and apologize, but…when I walked down the stairs I heard you and Marvul talking about your many affairs. I was mad at you. I felt like you only used me as some sort of toy to please you…I love you too much to ever cheat on you, but I guess I can’t say the same thing for you”

Xcellence looked at him speechless. He sighed

“Halluciv” he cupped his cheek “I’m sorry…I should have shown you my love, instead of making you feel unloved” he leaned a bit closer “You’re the only one for me” he said.


“Why should I lie to you?” Xcellence asked.


“Halluciv please stop shouting” Xcellence sighed “Listen, I can really understand why you are mad, but…can we please just make up?”

“Xcellence” Halluciv said “You know that I really love you…but…I think it’s the best if we don’t see eachother for a while…”

“Wait- ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?!” Halluciv nodded.

“You got it”

“Y-You can’t do that! We-”

“I already made my choice” he gave Xcellence a small kiss on his cheek “Goodbye…” he wispered, and teleported away. Xcellence touched his cheek where Halluciv kissed him, he needed a moment to realize what had happened.

He wished he didn’t

Yuri On Ice Aladdin AU

Wherein Yuuri is Aladdin, and Viktor is the dramatic Genie 

  • Yuuri has a crush on the Princess Yuko, whom he’ll never get to speak to 
  • He ends up getting tricked by JJ (it’s Jafar style) into fetching the golden lamp, you all know the story 
  • The story diverges when Yuuri meets the incredibly attractive genie Viktor, (i mean come on Viktor is extra enough for this role) and though his looks throw him, Yuuri still wishes to be taught how to approach and seduce a woman
  • Viktor ‘coaches’ Yuuri and transforms him into a prince 
  • PRINCE YUURI, FABULOUS HE, YUURI KATSUUUUUUKI! sings viktor with passion
  • Through this all, they accidentally end up seducing each other 
  • Yuuri doesn’t know exactly how to take a girl out on a date, so he asks Viktor for a trial run 
  • They out on their magic ice skates (replacing the carpet) and this happens 
  • They magically skate all the way from Hasetsu to St Petersburg fight me
  • Basically Viktor and Yuuri have fallen in love, which is okay because Yuuri realises he likes Yuko as more of a friend anyway
  • Yuuri uses his final wish to free Viktor so they can be together and it’s cute okay 

Yurio is totally Rajah (the tiger) in this fight me

—  I don’t say your name often enough and maybe there’s a cause for the way that silence can be more familiar to us than faces that tug at our sleeves. I am made from the many similarities that gave birth to stars, I am also made from the remnants of destruction, so we tirelessly write about the many what if’s and how they’ve all gone wrong. It is simply not enough most days to just say I love you, you are more than a three stringed word that stays near the bee’s sting. You are heartfelt to many, but everyday to me you are love. The essence that leaves our memories to the piano keys that we long to hear from their voices– it’s one thing to miss someone, it’s quite another to miss yourself while missing them. You see I don’t write enough about death, it looms and it pours. Which sad song do the sirens sing today? I am not a myth, but I believe in mythology. I understand why Icarus kissed the fucking sun. I am not a leaf, but I understand why I must fall during winter. If I don’t, how would I return by spring? Heavy lies the crown, broken says the heart, tragedy writes my smile, rain takes my tears and fear is just whispering to my shadows– I’ve made peace with sunshine on rainy days to find that a normal day can be quite the opposite. We don’t get to return from the way we’ve treated ourselves after such a giveaway. So when we write poetry, we’re just trying to run away. So when we say that we love people, we’re just trying to not ask them to stay. Who wants to force love? Not I. Who wants to need love? Not I. But we do and there’s madness where sadness used to be. Who wants to be immortalized? Not I. Who wants to die? Not I. But we still write our golden stars into the darkest of nights– Clair de lune, a kiss from seasoned lovers waiting to leave while our backs are turned. I guess flaws are all that I am. I don’t say your name enough, so here I am writing my many I love you’s down as meaningless tattoos try to break into skin– they say that if it didn’t hurt then you didn’t earn your tattoo. Maybe that’s why love hurts because you earned it. If you’re anything like me, which you are, then loving people can grow you while simultaneously crack you open. We can try to build a spaceship out of those fragments, but we won’t get far– there’s a broken heart for every star that shows up at night. I’ve heard the wishes, I’ve heard the requests, I’ve heard the stuttering, I’ve heard the crying, I’ve heard the confusion, I’ve heard the restless– we love them, we loved them, we will always love them, we had love them, we have loved them from the very beginning, we left our love inside of a golden lamp and prayed that one of the three wishes was to be more than just a replacement. I can’t give you a flying carpet, I can’t give you the pot of gold, I can’t give you a unicorn or a dragon to ride the infinite sky into submission, I can’t give you the other rabbit’s foot, I can’t find the original horse to give you the other three golden horse shoes– I’m just not that lucky. I once read a question that asked if it’s possible that the universe fights to bring two people together– I think so. It brought us together. We are bound by ink and strangled by words. We are an infestation of nevermore and an ocean filled with love letters made safe because we burned them away. How many letters in a bottle did we ship out the last time we cut our lips next to a high? How many times will we try, try, try? Third time is the charm, right? I love you, I love you, I love you. There is a place for people like us, some call it depression– I prefer the more widely acclaimed name: we belong to the arts.
Hatefuck - G Dragon [Playlist Series]

Originally posted by nelliel66

Summary: It’s always the same cycle with you two until you’ve had enough.

Genre: ANGSTY AF, maybe just a lil dip into smut

Warnings: Swearing, feels if I wrote this well enough

Next Song: Tumblr Girls - G-Eazy ft. Christoph Andersson DONE

Playlist here

A/N: So this is the first song in the series. I also hate to say it but 3 Billion Dollars will be updated NEXT week. THANK YOU FOR 100+ followers! I couldn’t be happier with you guys. Well, anyways I hope you enjoy!

P.S. This is with orange hair comeback G Dragon and it so hot I can’t.


You walked into the building. Everything around you screamed how expensive it is. You were too scared to touch anything, the fear of breaking and having to pay stopping you. The walls were a beautiful dark maroon color, completely contrasted the golden trim and the golden lamps. To make the setting even more extravagant, a glass chandelier hung from the high ceilings of the building. Everything was fancy, almost too fancy. Everyone had amazing, red carpet worthy outfits. Women wore gowns and dresses that either flowed perfectly around them or clung tightly to their waist and legs, showing off their assets. Men wore suits that gave them an elegant look that completed the settings aura of sophistication.

   Your felt middle class in a room full of high-class people who could spend two million dollars in the blink of an eye. Your eyes scanned over everyone, unintentionally looking for one person, and you regretted it when you did. Ji Yong wore a suit just like everyone else, but he looked like a prince. His recently dyed orange hair combed back nicely. Ji Yong was handsome, but his plus one was just as beautiful. She had long dark hair, pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her dress was a bold red, standing out against her fair skin. She looked perfect for him, perfect for his image. His arm was hung on her waist, pulling her closer to him.

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Three Wishes [Gil Imagine]

Three Wishes

Gil Imagine; Disney’s Descendants

- - -

Uma had placed you in what she called ‘the seat of honor.’ Ben was at the other end of the table. The two of you stared at one another nervously… until Uma’s hands came down on the table. You immediately looked at her. She held your familiar golden lamp in her hands.

Uma smirked, “Time for my wish. Come on.”

You stood from your seat. Everyone else followed; all of them wanted to see a genie grant a wish in person. You looked back at Ben, who was being brought along by Harry. He returned your nervous look. Uma came to a stop in front of her pirate ship.

“Make the pirate ship bigger,” she demanded, but glared when you did nothing. “Didn’t you hear me?”

Sarcasm crossed your face, and you smiled, “You didn’t say ‘I wish.’”

There was silence, except for one person’s quiet laughter. To your surprise, it wasn’t Ben, who always enjoyed your humor. Uma, along with every other villain kid, glared at Gil. He had a smirk on his face.

“GIL!” shouted Uma, anger in her voice.

Her shout made the son of Gaston freeze and stop laughing instantly: “Sorry, Uma.”

Uma’s glared returned to you. She stared for a moment before following your previous instructions: “I wish the pirate ship was bigger.”

You sighed, “As you wish.”

You brought your hands together, a loud clap echoing through the docks. Everyone, including Uma, gasped as a cloud of smoke surrounded the ship. When it was gone, the pirate ship was much bigger than before. Uma smirked widely, throwing your lamp to Harry. He caught it with one hand.

“Your turn, Hook,” stated Uma.

“Of course,” he said, now twirling your lamp on the silver hook he always carried with him. “I wish… for fairy dust.”

You glanced back at Ben, who only nodded. You returned your stare to Harry: “As you wish.”

Another clap echoed in the air and three jars of golden fairy dust appeared in Uma’s arms. Harry smirked and threw the lamp to Gil, who approached you nervously.

“Just like we talked about, Gil,” sneered Uma.

He nodded, but froze when he looked at you. In that moment, he couldn’t follow Uma’s instructions. He couldn’t let you be stuck inside the lamp for another thousand years.

“I wish you weren’t attached to your lamp anymore,” he said.

“NO!” shouted Uma, but it was too late for that.

You watched as your lamp broke into millions of pieces before disappearing. Slowly, a cloud of blue smoke surrounded you. You looked at Gil one last time before–


You felt yourself land on a table, gasps following after. You opened your eyes to find yourself surrounded by Fairy Godmother and all of Auradon’s royal families. Belle and Adam stood from their seats.

“[Your Name]? How are you here? You were on the Isle, weren’t you?” asked Belle.

As they all stared at you, you smiled, “Someone there wished… that I wasn’t attached to my lamp anymore.”

They all gasped loudly. Fairy Godmother placed her hand on your own, before asking, “Who?”

“Whoever this person is shall be offered a reward for their kindness,” said Adam.

You replied, “The son of Gaston… Gil.”

Everyone looked you, shock in their eyes. Fairy Godmother helped you down from the table, holding both of your hands.

“My queen, my king,” she said, “you’ll have to discuss this later. I must take her to the school’s nurse. We must be sure she is okay.”

The two nodded slowly. You assumed the two had trouble comprehending your statement. They stared after you and Fairy Godmother as you both left the room.

The son of Gaston? Impossible.

Never Be Afraid//Theo Raeken

Anon: can you write an imagine where y/n is dating theo and they’re trapped in the library and y/n sees theo fight another wolf and he has to explain what she saw cus she didn’t know he was a wolf

 I don’t know how long other schools keep their libraries open for so I asked a friend, I thought I’d be weird if he was kickin’ another wolf’s ass in the middle of the school day, ya know?


 Staying late in the library has been a frequent occurrence the past few day. Midterms were coming up and if I didn’t pass, my grade would drop dangerously low.. I’ve been accompanied by Theo by past couple nights; we’d silently sit together and flip through pages, helping the other if they needed it, secretly stealing glances while the other wasn’t looking.

 We’d been here for hours, and my eyelids became heavy. The soft golden lights from the  lamps were aiding in my sleepiness as the smell of old books filled my head. I was snapped out of my almost slumber when my phone buzzed from across the table.

 “Crap, it’s almost 8, we should go” I said, reaching for my phone while checking the time.

“Yeah you’re probably right”. We shut all the books scatters around the table and started packing away our things. I swung my bag over my shoulder and took our pile of books back over to the shelves. I heard the doors open and I peeked my head around the shelf and saw Theo tense up. He glanced back to me and and moved his hand, gesturing me to stay where I was. Confused, I stayed behind the shelf, peering through the spaces in the books. I couldn’t see who was standing in front of Theo, but I heard an unfamiliar voice.

 “I told you to stop looking into me, Theo. I did. It’s a shame you didn’t, now I have to show you what happens to those who don’t listen” the man said, voice deep and unkind. My heart dropped as he spoke, who is that? What does he want with Theo?

 I watched as Theo’s fists curled, his knuckles turning white, as a growl escaped his lips. Wait, did Theo just growl?

 The next thing I know, Theo pounces forward, out of my sight. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around myself as I slid to the cold floor. As I curled my knees to my chest, the noises I was hearing were making it impossible for me to keep calm. My whole body began to shake as tears rolled down my cheeks. A sharp whimper filled my ears, making me flinch before a silence fell over the room. After a few moments of quiet, I finally mustered up enough courage to speak.

 “Theo?” I whispered, wiping the remaining tears from my cheeks. Before I could speak again, a limping Theo rounded the corner. His hand holding a bleeding gash on his side, eyes weary, and walking with a slight limp. The tears flooded my eyes once more at the sight of him.

 “We need to go” he muttered. I scrambled to his side as we quickly made our way to the door. I helped him through the dim hallways and through the dark parking lot, where I placed him in the passenger seat of my car as fast as I could without injuring him further.

 The entire ride to my house was quiet, except the sharp inhales of breath from Theo everytime the road got uneven. After what seemed like hour of speeding through the winding roads of Beacon Hills, I pulled into my driveway and ushered him up to my bathroom.

 I sat him on the edge of the sink and I frantically looked for my first aid kit. C’mon Y/N, it has to be around here somewhere. I rummaged through my bathroom cabinet as quickly as I could, trying not to let the tears from my eyes spill onto my cheeks.

 “Y/N” Theo said calmly as he grabbed my wrist, making me turn to him, “I’m fine”. The words didn’t register in my brain and my hands still shook.

 “Look” he said, holding up his blood soaked shirt, “I’m fine, really”. But-but how could he be okay? I watched him bleed. He was hurt.

 I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I ran my hand over where the deep wound was, now fully healed, not a scratch left behind. My mind was spinning and I started to feel dizzy, when his hand came to my shoulders.

 “There’s something I need to tell you” he explained, “well, it might be easier if I just showed you”. His hands came down to meet mine as he bowed his head. When his eyes rose to mine, they weren’t the same. They were.. glowing? The rest of his face came into view, and I ran my hand down his cheek. His k9 teeth were longer, and as I brought his hand up to meet mine, short clean nails turned to dark long claws. I stood in awe as the boy I loved changed right before my eyes.

 “Don’t be afraid, Y/N, I’d never hurt you” he said quietly, voice almost shaking.

 “I could never be afraid of you” I replied, leaning down to place a soft kiss against his cheek. I would never be afraid, as long as I was with him.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! I think I went a little off prompt, but anyways here it is. Requests are still open :)


1 - Charles van der Stappen, Le Sphinx Mystérieux, 1897. Ivory, bronze. 56 x 46 x 31 cm. Musée Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxels.

“Van der Stappen worked on his ivory and metal sculptures as works of complete perfection. The bust here represented gathers all the characteristics of Belgian art of the fin-de-siècle and constitutes the origin of its Art Nouveau school. The sphinx is the image incarnated of literary symbolism, and ivory accentuates its mysterious aura.”

Scanned and quoted from the book “Art Nouveau” by Gabriele Fahr-Becker.

2 - François-Raoul Larche, Loie Fuller, table lamp, 1901. Golden bronze.

3 - Émile Gallé, Ornamental Tray (detail) c. 1878. Pottery, decoration over glazing. 58 cm in diameter. Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

“Gallé tested the spirit of Japan in his pottery work, as well as all its other capabilities, before going beyond it in the imcomparable quality of his glasses. ‘It was from the Japanese art that he drew the general system, the fundamental principles of his style; we shouldn’t however think that he imitates that mold in a servile way. There’s nothing more different from the Japanese art than Galle’s work… He simply adopts the style concept of the Japanese as his own, and then works it using his taste and his knowledge.’ (Henri Frantz.)”

Scanned and quoted from the book “Art Nouveau” by Gabriele Fahr-Becker.

I Don’t Need To Speak To Kick Your Ass

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Tittle: I Don’t Need To Speak To Kick Your  Ass

Pairing: None

Requested: Yes

Warning: It’s Peter Pan we have swearing, we have violence, the whole nine yards

Rating: PG

A/N: So I didn’t make them end up together because it doesn’t always work that way. You don’t always get to be a dick and get the girl.

    I curled up in my bed, watching as my younger brother moved to the window, peering out at the busy London street below. I smiled, watching as his face fell soft, innocence finally washing over his 6 year features, the golden glow of the lamp post reflecting in his eyes. As he gazed out the window, he spoke to me, just the little ramblings of 6 year old boy, but they were comforting none the less. He was the only one who actually spoke to me without the intent to get me to speak back, even at 6 he understood what many people didn’t. It’s not that I didn’t want to speak, it’s that I can’t. 

   I wasn’t always like this, when I was younger I could never shut up, then I saw my best friend killed by her father and narrowly avoided being murdered myself. It scared me so badly that I was literally scared speechless. I have seen hundreds of doctors, therapists and countless other people who claimed they could help. Even after all of them explained to my parents I couldn’t speak because I couldn’t deal with what had happened, my parents were determined I would speak again and began beating me to make me. Of course that only made things worse.

   “Hey Y/n did you know shadows could fly. I mean really fly, like one is making it’s way towards us.” Carter called out, his words causing me to jump from my bed and run towards him. I reached him just in time for a black figure to reach through the window and grab me. I let out a scream, struggling to stop the thing from pulling me out the window. Carter reached for me, calling out for our parents.

   “Someone is taking Y/n!” Carter screamed, clinging to my hand all the tighter as he slammed against the window. I stared at him with wide eyes before I shook my hand from his, not wanting to risk him falling out after me. “You bring my sister back! Help! Y/n!”

   It felt likes hours before the thing dropped me onto an island, before flying off. I grunted, sitting down and crossing my legs and looked around, trying to figure out my next move. I can’t going running off because of it anything happens I can’t speak to defend myself or scream. So instead I stayed sitting, trying hard to figure out what was going on.

   “You are not a boy.” A voice said behind me, clearly shocked at the fact that I was, in fact, a person with boobs. I turned to look at him, biting my lip as I caught sight of the bright green eyes staring back at me. His feathery blonde hair fanning across his forehead. I smiled, shaking my head at him and then glancing down at my chest to prove that I was a girl. “What cat got your tongue?”

   I shook my head again, frowning as I tried to figure out how to tell him I was mute. “Say something or are you stupid? Ohh wait are you too stupid to talk? A mute maybe.” The boy chuckled, frowning when I jumped up and ran at him, slamming my fist into his nose. He staggered backwards, cursing as his hand flew to his face, growling when he saw the blood covering his hand. “Well well you are a little scraper. I like you, feel free to stay. We can figure out this whole lack of talking thing later. Come, time to meet my lost boys.”

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Hiiiii lovely person. Would you write some hc about what would CP nursery would look like? You know, decoration, the bedding, toys, colors, etc. 😘 Thank you so much you're the best!!!

Around all four walls near the top there is a single strip of wallpaper of old time jesters in red and black.

The crib is a dark purple, trimmed in gold that Joker had Frost build to make sure it’s secure but made everyone swear to say he did it.

Joker took the golden, gun lamp from his VIP booth at the club just to put in her room.

Hanging from the ceiling and around three sides of her crib are the gold beads.

Sewn into her green blanket are pearls making the shape of the skull tattoo Joker has on his chest.

Custom action figures of Joker and Harley are placed in the room so she can always have them around.

Joker puts a framed photo of himself on her nightstand that he says is for her but really just loves himself that much.

Her pacifier has a small dice on the end of it to match the one on his bracelet.

The mobile over the crib has severed batman heads painted green and purple with red smiles.

Miniature purple lamborghini on the floor that Harley always steps on.

The walls are spray painted between blue and pink and purple because Joker and Harley kept fighting over colors.

Baby rattle in the shape of Harleys mallet.

It’s really annoying when my dad comes over, he keeps obsessing to throw my things away and my apartment needs to be minimalistic. That’s so boring! Last time he threw a away this rustic sort of golden lamp I had and my vintage doll passed by grandmother. And right now he’s threatening to throw away my bubblegum machine!!! I like my things a certain way it makes me happy!!! It represents me. It’s so frustrating even trying to convince him not to; he then does it behind my back!

JILY CHALLENGE | @2upergirl vs @chasehermes

This is for February’s Jily Challenge, even though I accidentally submitted past midnight March 1st. I totally didn’t forget February only has 28 days. Anyways, this ended up a bit darker than expected, I hope you like it anyways!!!

Theme: Fantasy AU

Prompt: “I’m a genie and you rubbed my lamp so congrats you get three wishes but honestly you’re useless just think of three wishes its not like its hARD"

“I want a story.”

Lily Potter sighed, halfway out the door of her son’s room. “Mummy is tired,” she said. “Can you sleep on your own, Harry?”

“I want a story.”

With another sigh (how could she resist those large green eyes, so like hers?) Lily returned to her son’s side and sank onto the bed beside him. “Very well,” she said. “What would you like to hear?”

Harry thought for a moment, his eyes screwed up in concentration. “Something with magic in it.”

Lily smiled at that. “Magic?” she asked. “Like magic carpets and curses?”

The little boy nodded solemnly.

Lily rolled up the sleeves of her thin robe dramatically. “Have I ever told you how your father and I met?” Harry shook his head, settling back onto his pillows expectantly. “It was many years ago,” she said, “though quite recently. It was in a far-off land, but it was right here. It was full of contradictions, but it was delightfully simple. Do you understand?”

“No,” Harry said. “But I don’t care.”

So Lily began.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 29: What’s Real

Sam Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Chapter Summary: Waking up after being attacked on a hunt, everything seems different.

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

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Author’s Note: The title of this chapter cracks me up. Reminds of the Kings of Conversation, if any of you have ever watched that.

“Sam?” You breathed out, drinking in the sight of him. It had been so long, and you thought you would never have the chance again, but here you were, with his hazel eyes staring down at you. With the little specks of brown, and the mixture of blue and green, it was a comforting sight you never thought you would see again. Your gaze traveled farther down, to his blue and gray flannel shirt, the sleeves rolled up and his arms flexed on either side of you on the bed. Bed? Ignoring Sam’s questioning stare, you slid out from under him, resting your back against the headboard.

“Bad dream?” He asked you, sitting down on top of the soft blue blanket on top of your bed, completely different from the scratchy tan one on your motel bed. Besides that, there was the soft golden light from a lamp next to the bed, not that of a florescent above your head. It was those, plus the fact that the walls were painted a light, airy blue that had you realizing something was most definitely wrong.

“Sam, what’s going on?” You asked, as he laced his hands with yours, seeking out a way to comfort you. You relished in the touch, but you were wondering if this was some strange dream, and you would wake to find yourself once again alone, with no one to comfort you in your cold, strange motel room.

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