golden lad

  • Hook: I'm going to kill you, Crocodile!
  • Hook: at noon on my ship
  • Hook:
  • Hook: well okay fine, maybe next time when I ambush you in the woods
  • Hook: later today, I think
  • Hook: or tomorrow
  • Hook: but I'm definitely gonna do it! Nyah!
  • Rumple: really? Because I feel like you're just going to keep talking about it
  • Hook: isn't that what I'm supposed to do?
  • Rumple: what?
  • Hook: I thought that's how it works!
  • Rumple: well it's not very effective is it
  • Hook: I learned it by watching you! :(
  • Rumple:
  • Rumple: yes well
  • Rumple: probably one of many bad choices you've made
  • Hook: shut up, at least I'm not going on and on about the stars in the hat and the stars in the sky

Testosterone Thursday

The Men Of Collegiate RugbyHave Kept  The Testosterone Levels High Since Sunday!

Woof, Baby!

“Fear no more the heat o’ the sun;
Nor the furious winter’s rages,

Thou thy worldly task hast done,
Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages;

Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney sweepers come to dust.”

I was just reading some Shakespere poems and I came across Fear no more,I always loved that poem.