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unicorn emoji reviews

bright! colourful! a victim of apple’s love of the blur tool and gradients but shes doing her best! 3/5

a sturdy boy with a golden horn! a bit plain but otherwise charming! 4/5

this guys a bit of a show off, the kinda guy who shows up to a party uninvited and starts telling you stories of all the princesses hes granted wishes for and then gets mad when you ask him to leave. 1/5

just a simple unicorn trying to get by, soft and kindhearted!! she’ll share her magic with you and not ask for anything back, if you’re lucky she’ll show you were to pick the best berries 5/5

soft and cute but all i want is for them to please stop staring at me 3/5

the kind of unicorn that can only be summoned by gay wizards in the most dire of situations. hes also gay 6/5

a minimalistic and bright pal, their stare might be cold and dead but thats just because theyre planning a really great surprise 4/5

a punk lesbian unicorn, she listens to thrash metal and captures the hearts of every gay horse from here to venus 5/5

this unicorn is perfect in every way. elegant, graceful, ethereal. she’s perfect 10/5

“Bir pazartesi sabahı seni düşündüm
Ağaçlara ve gökyüzüne bakarak
İstanbul gözlerin gibi pırıl pırıldı
Denizin dibinden geçen balıkları gördüm.
Seni düşündüm de ağlamak geldi içimden
Sonra beni elimden ayağımdan
Sonra beni bu kadar senden eden İstanbul’a
Dönüp merhaba dedim”

-İlhan Berk

The Bay Golden Horn in Istanbul, Ivan Ayvazovski


Golden Horn

Yamazaki- Bang Yongguk

The mark at the beginning of the MV (山崎) it’s “Yamazaki”. Yamazaki is a Japanese whiskey (price for 0.7l is over 92 £) or a samurai clan of Kawagoe (Kanto region). The Yamazaki line dates back to the 18th century. Their lands were granted by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun during the Edo period.

In 0:12 you can see Ko-omote (小面 ) masks. These masks come from the Nō Theater. Ko-omote depicts teen, a beautiful, noble-born virgin. Among the masks of young women is considered the most beautiful Mask Nō. Name means small (ko) and mask (omote). The word “little "in this case should be understood as youth, charm and charm.

The mask appears in 0:46 it’s Hannya (般若) - mask of the Nō Theater representing the jealous female demon (snake). It is also a word of significant wisdom and knowledge, but knowledge gained experience. Shows a woman who has become a demon through jealousy or obsession. The mask is demonic and dangerous, but also sad and tortured.
Different shades represent status - white - woman came from aristocracy - red - the woman came from a poor family  - dark red - real demon

Ghost masks have a very long Japanese tradition of devil masks, with which various beliefs and legends are associated. We can recognize them with round pupils (eyes of masks representing people are square), golden eyeballs, horns and protruding tusks. Sometimes they also have ears.

Mask appears in a 0:49 Kokushikijo (黒 色 尉) - present the mask of the Noh Theater and Kyogen (farce), the black mask, an elderly man

In 0:50 the instrument that you can see it’s Shamisen (三味 線).Tthis is a traditional Japanese instrument (its literal name in Japanese is "string of three flavors). You can see it again in 2:32

The Yongguk’s tattoo appearing at 1:05 is Oni (鬼) belonging to the Yōkai (妖怪) (demons). There are two kinds of them, some are terrifying monsters that feed on human flesh and threaten the world. Second kind of completely harmless, little devils, creatures. People believe that the Oni often are unconquerable and that they bring all sorts of catastrophes, but thanks to the help of Buddhist prayers they can be pardoned. It is also possible to get enlightenment.

In 1:41 you can see the mask of Jō-men / Okina (翁). This is the mask of the old man. Such masks occupy a special place among the masks of Theatre Nō. They have a solemn character. It is based on the conviction of the Japanese that old people, due to their imminent death, have the possibility of direct contact with the gods and spirits of the deceased. Such masks are long and have ears, sunken eyes, protruding cheekbones, pointed beard, mostly visible only upper teeth. The most characteristic is the implanted stubble and long white hair, which is in the middle of the head.

In 1:147 you can see the word ありがとう. This word means Arigatō (Thank you).

In 1:49 you can see 3 masks, Kokushikijo, Ko-omote and Okame mask (おかめ)-  the figure of a smiling, fat woman, the goddess of "multiple happiness”. One of the many guardian deities, she is the caretaker of pregnant women andyoung couples. It also helps other people in many different life situations.  He is to protect and bring happiness, hence the term “goddess of multiple happiness”. This goddess has a rather distinctive appearance, easily recognizable on different images. He has a white face with narrowed forehead. Her probably most characteristic feature is the very chubby cheeks. It also has small, small lips, often depicted as red-painted and narrow black eyes.

In 2:16 you can see another Hannya mask, the same mask appears again at 2:47

In 2:26 you can see that the girl in the background plays on koto. Koto (箏 or 琴) is a traditional Japanese string instrument, originated in China, and was brought to Japan from around the 7th to the 8th century. Initially, people played on Koto only at the imperial court. However, over the years, the instrument has become very popular.

In 3:03 you can see Sleepy from Untouchable, his face disappears for a moment behind Hannya’s mask.

In 3:05 you can see the inscription 獨 立 (dokuritsu), this word means independence, where the sign 獨 (doku /toku) means loneliness, and 立 (ritsu) - stay

Golden Heart

Heimdall x Reader Request Fic

For @littlepurplechipmunk . Request fic for Heimdall based on this Ask. Hope it’s what you wanted, darling!

Pairing: Heimdall x Reader  | Word Count: 2170
Warnings: None

Whoa… that’s one big dude!

Such was the first thought to cross your brain upon seeing the giant warrior dressed in golden armor, horns like that of a bull adorning his helmet, and eyes unlike anything you’d ever seen before. He stood with Thor and Steve, seeming to dwarf the two men of whom you’d always thought larger than life and all before them. But this man, this giant of a man, was massive.

Wow he’s pretty, was thought number two.

His skin was beautiful and dark, looking to be smooth and soft. Still, you imagined there were many a scar upon his body beneath all that armor. He appeared to you as the night, skin so dark and eyes like stars, but he was wrapped in the sun in that golden armor.

“(Y/N)!” Steve called out, breaking you from your musings. “Come meet Heimdall.”

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