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When it’s Canada Day

Don’t know why we’re amazing?

Check these out:

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If only school was going on, I’d bombard my class with all these… nah, it’s summer time!

Hope everyone has a great Canada D’eh!


Kinkakuji Temple by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Kinkakuji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan


Beautiful and extremely talented Latino and Latino-American actors. Because let’s be real here, Latino men don’t get nearly as much love, representation, nor opportunities in films and TV as they deserve. Give Latino men more leading roles, dammit. Consider this a long overdo appreciation post. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month 2017!

• Pedro Pascal (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Game of Thrones, Narcos)
• Tony Revolori (Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The 5th Wave)
• Carlos Valdes (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow)
• Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery, 13 Reasons Why, Rent)
• Nestor Carbonell (Bates Motel, Lost)
• Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why, Bushwick)
• David Castro (Shadowhunters)
• Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin, Coco)
• Aarón Díaz (Quantico)
• Adan Canto (Designated Survivor, X-Men: Days of Future Past)


Mont Saint-Michel by Tony
Via Flickr:
an evening visit to the mount, as it was evening (sunset timed at 9:20) the roads to the site where clear unlike in the morning. this was a magical sight with just enough clouds to give interest. Eagle eyed flickerists will point out that a full moon to the west is some what impossible. At this angle the moon should be a new moon on it’s back. Ok hands up the moon was out that night but behind me, so I threw a rope and dragged it around the sky………….with a little help from photoshop.


Bagan by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Beautiful scenery during sunrise at the pagoda of Bagan, Myanmar


As a gift from the citizens of Amsterdam, the Gouden Koets (Gold Coach) (made of gilded teak wood) was presented to the new Queen Wilhelmina and received today September 7th 1898)

Since 1903 it has mainly been used once a year, except from royal marriages,  in The Hague, on the third Tuesday in September, Prinsjesdag, on the occasion of the Monarch’s Address, a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives to give the speech from the throne.  

–Meanwhile, we still do not have a new parliament, because formation day nr 175 was today, and they still did not reach an agreement….–

(Foto: Koninklijk Huisarchief)   

Egbert van Heemskerck - An Alchemist in His Study

17th century

oil on canvas

Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia


Kinkakuji Temple by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Kinkakuji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan