golden globes winner

of course Jennifer cannot control if she wins or not but Jennifer is a recipient of white privilege and benefits from that privilege so much so that she can give a sub par performance in a sub par movie and be wrongfully recognized as this great talent which she is not. 

she’s a serviceable actress but there is no way in hell she should be a two-time golden globe winner and an academy award winning actress. 

Lupita gave one of the best on screen performances i’ve ever seen and i’ve watched a lot of movies and this girl has only just begun acting. 

She was robbed tonight. Pure and simple. And instead of focusing on poor Jennifer being blamed from something she can’t control we should be focusing on poor Lupita who can be damn near flawless in a movie and yet is not deemed good enough to be awarded for her efforts because of a system that is set up for her and others like her to fail. 


“It’s an actor’s dream, I think, you know? I feel very fortunate to be in that position. Not everybody gets to stretch themselves in that way, or to that extent, and I, I mean, I’m very young and it’s a huge honor to get to do something like that.” - Tatiana Maslany re: playing so many different roles in one show.


December 6 – James Franco & Nicki Minaj

James Franco makes his third appearance as host and is joined by second-time musical guest Nicki Minaj!

December 13 – Martin Freeman & Charli XCX

Emmy Award winner Martin Freeman will make his hosting debut December 13 alongside Charli XCX who’s also an SNL first-timer.

December 20 – Amy Adams & One Direction

Golden Globe winner and multiple Academy Award nominee Amy Adams will return for her second time as host on December 20. One Direction joins Adams on the holiday show, marking their third time on SNL.

And of course, Cameron Diaz hosts this weekend with musical guest markronson & Bruno Mars! We can’t wait for the next four shows!!