golden girls: season 4

what i say: i’m fine

what i’m thinking: The Golden Girls was an American sitcom that originally aired in 1985. The show revolved around four older women living together in Miami, Florida. In episode 4 season 2 of The Golden Girls, Rose Nylund aka Betty White says the line, “What happens when there’s only one of us left?” while the four friends are discussing aging, nursing homes, and the reality of death. After three decades of the show being over,Betty White is the only actress from it who is still alive. Does Betty White remember saying this line? Was this indeed some kind of prophetic line in the script? Does Betty White miss her costars, Bea, Estelle, and Rue? Does she think about this line every waking moment the way I do? Was it mere coincidence? How am I supposed to go on with my own life when-


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