golden gate tree

Read in between the lines
San Francisco

instagram: richhomiehua
Gear: Leica M240 90mm
Settings: ƒ/2 1/2000 500 ISO

gnarly, 2017

“A squirrel from North Carolina squirrel decides to jump from tree to tree until she reaches California, where she plan to climb the Golden Gate Bridge. 

When the trees finally thin out, the squirrel is forced to travel dangerous phone lines, hitchhike, sweet-talk deer into giving rides, and burn her own small feet on hot asphalt. 

By the time she gets there, the apocalypse is fully underway and an enormous creature has already destroyed the bridge. Filled with rage and toxic waste from all the garbage and polluted water she’s survived on during her journey, she turns into an enormous monster.

With this newfound buffness, she attacks this creature of the apocalypse, who tries to explain that he needed to knock down the bridge, as per the Hollywood rules of doomsday entertainment. He then realizes that according to these same rules, he must die a gruesome death. 

The squirrel emerges victorious and is hailed first as humanity’s savior, then as the first colossal mutated squirrel president, then as Grand Overlord. 

The Golden Gate Bridge is rebuilt in San Francisco, as well as across every body of water in the world. Trees are genetically manipulated to be enormous. All toxic waste and garbage must now be sent to Washington, D.C. for the Grand Overlord to eat for dinner.

The world is a better place.

The end.”