golden flamingo

Animals Associated To The Hogwarts Houses

Gryffindor: Golden retrievers, flamingos, monarch butterflies, tigers, elephants, horses, wolves, huskies, seals, deer, ring tailed lemurs, squirrel, cheetahs, kangaroos.

Hufflepuff: samoyeds, ladybugs, rabbits, hummingbirds, goats, giraffes, hamsters, penguins, dolphins, frogs, pigs, capuchins, clown fish, red pandas, pomeranians, whales, beavers.

Ravenclaw: owls, house cats, snow leopards, chinchillas, african grey parrots, budgies, foxes, hedgehogs, moose, tortoises, octopi, raccoons, bonobos, wombats.

Slytherin: orcas, swans, sharks, black jaguars, sea turtles, polar bears, dalmatians, bats, ravens, peacocks, jellyfish, lobsters, alligators, gorillas, rhinos, koalas.


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