golden flakes

Jehan has very stunning brown eyes, deep and soft but they never saw any romantization of brown eyes. They were always the Generic Brand™, Bland Side Character whilst the Protagonists had blues and greens and *gasp* GOLDEN FLAKES in blue irises.

So Jehan was like “screw you, I’ll dedicate all my sonnets and love poems to brown eyed people, I’ll give you a taste of your own medecine!”

The first time they meet Montparnasse, Jehan notices his eyes first, how beautiful they are with that soft brown shade and they melt a little because it’s like meeting the addressee of their poems in person

I was tagged by @winds-and-whispers! This looked pretty neat~

Five things you’ll find in my bag
- Two small sketchbooks
- Two small notebooks
- Pens
- Pencil
- Phone charger

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom
- Stuffed animals
- My other art supplies
- Usually a big black dog on the bed
- A pile of clothes
- Stashed snacks

Five things I’ve wanted to do in life
- Win the lottery
- Get a tattoo
- Write a book
- Graduate college
- Gain some form of positive self-concept

Five things that make me happy
- Roleplaying online
- My pets
- Chilling with my friends
- Golden Flake Dill Pickle Chips
- Getting A’s on assignments

Five things on my to do list
- Stop procrastinating…eventually…maybe….
- See Ireland again
- Work more on my practice
- Work more on practical life things
- Work on working on working out a bit

Five things people may not know about me
- I do a pretty good Grumpy Cat face
- I have two book series I want to write
- I can’t eat those kiwi fruits
- I collect unicorns
- I’m bad about buying shiny shit I’ll never wear and hang it up so I can look at it instead

Five things I’m currently into
- Erm…roleplaying online
- Doodling
- Listening to random shit on youtube
- Playing idle clicker games
- Procrastinating

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