golden cube

one year ago ppl weren’t so sure if ptg will ever get to debut but look at them now… hui, a trendy composer with #1 tracks… jinho and his monthly covers that showcase his vocals… hongseok out there eating and working out… dawn got some new tattoos n a started soundcloud acc… shinwon arc aka top anime plot twists… jjanggu became a rude person who goes to church… yanan improved a ton… yuto blessed us with yuto-da among other things… cube golden child kino finally started showing the world his demos… wooseok is still tall n even got himself a loyal fanboy…

Neurodivirgent/LGBT+ Hogwarts AU's

Ok but can we talk about ADHD/neurodivirgent kids at Hogwarts? Think about it.

Golden snitch fidget spinners/cubes. Some sort of potion that works like medication does. Said potions not working, so you go to dumbledor asking for normal Muggle meds because god dammit you just want to sleep. Autistic kids stimming with their cats. Noise cancelling spells to help with sensory overload. Spells that let teachers/friends know when you’re having a meltdown, or an anxiety attack, or a panic attack, or you just need a minute.

Trans/Non-Binary students at Hogwarts. Trans students being releived when no one stops them from using the dorm they identify with. Fluid students going from dorm to dorm depending on the night until they just get fed up with it and create a Non-Binary “dorm” in the common room that is basically the most epic blanket fort ever with sound canceling spells on the walls/blankets. The teachers finding out about this and creating a gender neutral dorm.

Madam Pomfrey (how do I spell her name even) Is the go-to for binding. There’s a spell for that. Want to appear more masculine? Easy peasy. Want to make your voice more feminine? Done. If she can grow back bones she can do just about anything. She gets lots of thank you cards from trans/non binary students.

There’s a secret alliance between a the houses called the Glitter Alliance. If you disrespect a queer, black, or Muslim student, or anyone else for that reason, they will either hex you or cover you with glitter that doesn’t go away. Some older Hufflepuff students started this alliance.

Pride month and the house colours are replaced with different flags. One of the students makes pride ink that changes colour. Charlie Weasly (again, I can’t spell) provides tiny dragons (like the ones from the first task in Goblet of Fire) to all aro/ace students who come out. All Pans are given frying pans to smack some sense into the phobics.

(Feel free to add more)


Finished my custom Gamecube!!! I am so proud. It looks beautiful!! I had to do a little mini photoshoot…..
This was a purple gamecube before I started.
@jeremy-1994 it looks much better now! No more grime or dirt or random sticky spots…. Ewwwww

Also, I absolutely LOVE painting and customizing consoles! The only problem is, I can rarely find consoles that I can afford. I found this gamecube at a flea market in California and it looked like someone drug it through a dump and buried it for five years. It took two hours just to clean >~

Dr. Fate while holding the golden cube of hypertime: This is the singlemost powerful item of the galaxy and should only be used for emergency and multiversal endeavours to conect our two earths

The Riddler while holding the same cube: LETS USE IT FOR CRIME.

The other Riddler from another earth: HELL YEAH


I live two lives. The first, as Oliver Queen, may seem enviable, as i hover over everyone in my penthouse apartment, my top-floor office, golden cubes of light higher than fear or danger can reach. But with every passing days that world feels less comfortable, and that man–the playbloy, the CEO of Queen Industries–, feels like more of an obnoxious stranger. I prefer the company of the streets. I prefer the description of social justice warrior.

Day 351: I love making breakfast!

Today’s Ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 brown and golden potato, roundly cubed
  • 1/3 cup bacon crumbled
  • 3 cherry tomatoes, whole
  • 3 mushrooms, optional
  • 5-7 chopped scallions
  • parsley chopped and sprinkled, optional
  • 2-4 organic eggs (depends on how many you want per person)
  • optional on the side: toast, dollop of jam