golden commentary

PSA From your local sorcerer: Stop trying to be friends with B. Battler. It will not work.

What the fuck?! Why does Will get hot fox action, but I’m stuck with fucking Mitsuhide trying to get up on my lap?! It’s not fair!

My dad just watched TFA for the second time ever… his commentary was golden.

“Wait… is that the island she was thinking about?!”


Me: “So do you think she is Luke’s…?”

My father, Star Wars fan since he first saw ANH in 1977 and argued with his friends when they didn’t think it was that great. My dad who was so crazy about the twist in Empire Strikes Back that he went out and bought the Marvel novel comic after seeing the movie because he was so shook.

Proud and firm believer of Team Rey Skywalker.

I prefer my three ways with two girls, and no evil versions of myself included.

Will…. How could you do this to me?!

Are Lady Bernkastel, and Tamamo-chan about to get in a fight!? Wow, this time I can sit back, and watch for once! I gotta find Lambdadelta I need popcorn.

Alright Will, you play with the reaper for a while. I’m just gonna walk away.

Battler is officially tagging out Will.

Beato, you bitch.

If kinkshaming exists, kinkpraising does too, right? Shouldn’t it?

Who knew Lady Featherine was a part of any balanced breakfast?

Sees Lambdadelta && Bernkastel in the distance.

Official proof that god does not exist.