golden chai

*·´ when having a rough time`·*

Lately, I feel the the atmosphere around me is dense and filled with saddness- yuck.

I have been trying to keep myself as steady as I can, really relying on my intuition and my crystals/stones (amongst other things).

* Here’s my personal friendly reminder

° take your shoes off and sink your toes in the earth
° do yoga outside, or meditate
° make some golden milk chai tea, I swear it’s a beautiful healer and a wonderful pick-me-up
° eat lots of fruits
° if your like me and have lots of rings, clean them
° surround yourself with your favorite crystals/stones/shells/herbs
° tea, tea, tea, oh and tea
° play animal crossing, legend of zelda, skyrim, or something
° write down every magical thing you are grateful for, and draw doodles all over the page(s)
° light some candles and incense sticks, turn the lights off, enjoy the ambiance you created- magical, cozy, soothing, inspiring
° tarot cards
° rest, if you need too

Hopefully the vibes around me begin to change soon…