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so, with the announcement that the vegas draft would be happening during the NHL awards, i’ve been thinking about some things.

we’re probably going to lose some really beloved players to this vegas team (looking at you, MAF), and that’s going to SUCK. it is. and you know what? this team is probably going to be terrible for the first few years at least.

but that being said–i’m kind of excited for it at the same time.

i’m a relatively new hockey fan. i’ve only been following for one season. and while i really love this sport and i love my teams, i know how intimidating it is to get into a team when there’s so much HISTORY behind it. there’s so much you feel like you’re supposed to already know about this team, all the players on its roster, its entire backstory.

there won’t be any of that with the golden knights. no “name their goalie from 1972-1976,” no “well YOU don’t get it because you weren’t THERE when [xyz] happened.” this could be a really great opportunity for potential fans to get into the game without the fear of coming off as “bandwagoners” or “fake fans.” it’s pretty hard to gatekeep a team that doesn’t exist yet.

and that’s not to mention the fact that if we do lose some of our favorite players to vegas, that’s just another reason to root for this team to succeed. if one of my faves has to get traded to the middle of the goddamn desert, i’m still going to root for him out there, even if he’s not on my primary team anymore.

so yeah, i get how upsetting this is going to be. but i’m not ready to just totally write this team off, and i hope other people aren’t either.


Throwback to the VERY first episode of #Girlfriends in 2000! 

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Avenged Sevenfold won Best International Band at this year’s Golden Gods Awards! 😁😁😁

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