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raw chrysoprase + brass boho necklace by xuanqirabbit

swooning hardcore this morning — doesn’t this raw green gemstone + brass circle statement piece make your knees a little weak?! i love it, i need it.

The Winter’s Ball

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Ft. Eliza, Angelica, Peggy, General Phillip, John Laurens, and Aaron Burr


Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 2200

Warnings: Cheating, implied smut, angst, kissing, mentions of war, possible incorrect timeline

Request: (anon)  alex x reader where you’re one of the schuyler sisters who rly gets along with him @ the winters ball but you have to leave for studies in london and when u come back he’s engaged to eliza and ???!! ANGST

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long. I completely forgot about it. But I absolutely loved writing this one. It’s an emotional one and it’s honestly one of my favorites. Peggy is like a little girl in this one, even though I know she was like 17 at the time. But I just like to imagine her as a daddy’s girl. This was going to possibly be a two parter but I just said screw it. Enjoy!

“I’m not really looking to court anyone.” you said, looking down at your lap, playing with your long red dress.

Angelica smiled at you in mirror as she fixed your hair into a braid. “There will certainly be someone courting you at the Winter Ball.” she smirked

You laughed and sighed. “I just don’t want any distractions.” you let out a long breath, relaxing your shoulders. “I’m leaving for London in less than a month. I don’t want to have anything tying me down.” you looked down at your hands and ran them over your red dress.

“You just need to relax.” you heard Eliza from the other room. She walked in smiling in an emerald dress. “Are you ready yet?” Eliza walked up next to Angelica and smiled at you in the mirror.

“(Y/N), you are truly beautiful. Inside and out.” she rested her hands on your shoulders.

Angelica’s smile grew wider and put her chin on your head. Eliza and Angelica squeezed you tight. “I love you all so much.” Angelica said.

“ELIZAAAAAAA!” you heard someone screaming down the hall. She ran in and thrust her face in her sisters’ stomachs. Peggy smiled up at you. “I didn’t want to be left out.”

The three of you turned and embraced her. She was small in her little yellow dress, her hair dark and curly falling on her shoulders. She was only blossoming into the beginning of an adolescent. She insisted on coming to the Winter’s Ball with her older sisters.

“Ready to go, my darlings?” came a soft voice at the door.

“Papa!” Peggy flew off and ran into her father’s arms. He smiled, dressed in a dark blue army coat with a puffed up collar and a general’s hat. Philip Schuyler hugged Peggy and bopped her on the nose.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, Margarita.”

“Thanks, Papa.” she smiled.

Phillip put her down on the floor. He pulled out a golden pocket watch.  “The Ball should be starting soon. Are the rest of my gorgeous darling’s ready to go?”

“Yes, Father.” you all said in unison.

“Very well, then. Off to the carriage.” he kissed each other daughter’s foreheads. “I shall see you in a moment.” He started off for the door. “Coming, Peggy?” he smiled.

She ran at him and held his hand. They walked downstairs and out of the mansion to the carriage.

You took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”


The atmosphere was full of socialites and charming soldiers. Hums of violins and a piano played over conversations. Philip stood in the middle of his daughters. He linked arms with you and Eliza, each of you on the other side of him. Peggy held Eliza’s hand and Angelica smiled as she walked beside you. You walked into the Winter’s Ball. Something swelling in your chest.

“Be careful, my darlings.” he smiled, as Angelica and Eliza separated from him. “Excuse me, loves, but I have some business to tend to.” he kissed all his daughters’ foreheads and hugged you goodbye, then walked over to a group of men in matching blue coats, chatting about politics.


You turned around to see three men in blue army coats decorated with golden lapels and brass buttons. They all smiled charmingly at you. One of the men with dark skin smiled at you.

Angelicia scowled at him. “Burr. What a pleasure.” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Burr shook it off with a laugh and took a step closer. He reached for Angelica’s hand but she slapped his hand away. “Get lost, Burr. You disgust me.”

“The only thing I’ll get lost in is your eyes.” he grinned.

“Go!” Angelica shouted.

He took a humble bow and kindly accepted the rejection. “Good evening, ladies.” he smiled as he walked over to another group of women. The kind that would fall for his charm. “Good evening, ladies.” you heard him say, ordering a glass of champagne for each of them.

Angelicia rolled her eyes.

“Please, excuse Burr. He has no manners.” A man with long dark pulled in a ponytail smiled at you. “I don’t believe I ever introduced myself, that summer night.” he bowed and kissed Angelica’s hand, then Eliza, then yours. He smiled at Peggy. “Name’s Alexander Hamilton. I’m General Washington’s, Right Hand Man.” he smiled.

He elbowed the man next to him in the ribs. A man with equally dark hair but curly and softer. “This here, is my Right Hand Man, John Laurens. A gentleman at its finest.”

“Good evening to you, Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Laurens.” you and your sisters said, curtseying.

“Thank you for your service.” Eliza smiled to Hamilton.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.” he said to Eliza, but looking at you.

You talked with Hamilton and Laurens, with your sisters. You felt unease in the conversation. Peggy had gone to find your father. Alexander spent time with each of you individually. He took you aside last.

“Will you dance with me?” he smiled.

“Of course.” he took your hand and pulled you to the ballroom floor. You stepped in time with each other. He smiled at you.

“Forgive me, but I don’t think I ever asked you your name.”

“(Y/N),” you smiled.

“(Y/N),” he smiled, repeating it to himself. “It’s beautiful. It is pure essence, grace, and beauty. Everything wrapped into one.”

You blushed and looked down at your feet.

Alexander frowned. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No.” you said. You looked back at him and smiled. A tear slipped down your cheek. “You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just, I know how you feel about my sisters. I know you are captivated and infatuated with them. You just take pity upon me, like any gentleman would. It matters not anyway, I will be departing soon.”

Hamilton stopped and you accidentally stepped on his foot. He ignored it.“Why would you say such a thing?” he frowned. His eyes bore into yours. Something continued to swell in you that you hadn’t felt before.

“Angelica is intelligent and beautiful. Eliza is kind and beautiful beyond words.” you laughed sadly to yourself. “Peggy is just a child. You are only a soldier with large and radical ideas, but have enough humanity in you to give me one last night of peace.”

“Forgive me.” Alexander said. He grabbed your hand gently, and pulled you aside. “I do not know what you mean. (Y/N), you have captivated me. You have stolen my heart. I’m helpless. You are different. You are grander than the rest. You are special.”

You sighed. Still holding hands with Alexander. “I don’t want war. Angelica believes in the Revolution and Eliza believes in love. She believes in you. How can I believe in something if I can’t believe in myself? I only wish to go to London for my studies, without the conflict of politics and opinions. I don’t want war. I don’t want anything tying me here. But I fear I have built these walls too tall. Too strong around me.”

You began to shake.

“I am afraid I cannot ever escape. I am afraid I will never feel love again. I am afraid I will never let anyone in. I am afraid of losing my father, my sisters, and my friends to the war.” you began to cry softly. Alexander wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m afraid of losing you.”

Alexander was struck raw with your words. His arms shook around you. He pulled you into his chest and let you cry on his shoulder.

“I will write you.” Alexander said. “I will not lose you to the war. You will not lose me.”

He cried. “We will be together in the end.”


Arriving in London a month later, to an empty room was a lonely one. It was a lonely first night. You unpacked and looked out on the view. A feeling of guilt filled you. You had left Alexander without saying goodbye, when you had previously spent every day with him after the Winter’s Ball. Except not on the day you left. When you boarded the last ship to London, before the war took it’s toll on the world. Trade and transportation would be suspended for several months to come.

Alexander wrote you every day. The letters would often arrive late, leaving you ten long love letters to catch up on. When you felt remorse, you pulled them out of their thin rugged envelopes and red wax seals, stained with dirt from the war and the journey across the sea. You wrote him back. You counted your days till your return. He counted too, saying another day away from you, was just another day his love only grew for you.

Then one day.

They stopped coming.



Your father greeted you with a worn out smile. The war had begun to take its toll on him. He felt weak as he wrapped his arms around you. The war seemed to take hope out of everybody. Even though it was a joyous day when you returned and all of your sisters squealed as she hugged you, something felt wrong. Eliza embraced you reluctantly.

You returned home to your old bedroom. Peggy had taken it over. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She spoke eloquently and worked feverishly during the war as a nurse. She fought in the battle too.

Your family held a ball and grand dinner in the honor of your return. Many handsome soldiers arrived for the momentous occasion. Some with familiar faces. You smiled at Laurens as he walked in. They all looked a little older. Almost a decade older when it hadn’t been nearly that much time. Their eyes and smiles were tired but still, they tried to put on a show. Just like your father. Alexander was the last to arrive. Eliza ran to the door to greet him. He had been gone fighting a battle alongside General Washington, only a week ago.

Something shattered in you when you saw him kiss her.

She wrapped her arms tight around Alexander. He kissed her hand. That’s when you saw the ring.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” You ran upstairs to your room and slammed the door behind you. You cried into the velvet sheets.

A soft knock came at the door. “Go away, Eliza!” you shouted.

“It’s Alexander.”

You didn’t respond.

He took this as an invitation. He closed the door softly behind him and sat on the bed next to you. “(Y/N),” he cried, “I’ve missed you so much.”

You stared into Alexander’s eyes. Filled with an abundance of sorrow and anger. “You courted me! You wrote me, Alexander! You promised. You said every day without me, was a day you could not live.”

“I did not lie to you, (Y/N). I never did. I said I loved you because I did. I still do. But you weren’t here. Some of your letters, I felt irritation in them.”

“The war, Alexander! It hasn’t only taken a toll on you. It has to me too. I was after all, living in enemy territory. I was only safe and not bothered because of my father’s abundant wealth. I had been planning on going to London, far before this Revolution began. When I arrived at the Winter’s Ball. I had no intention of falling in love. But you changed that, Alexander. You gave me hope in the misery of London. Many tried to court me. But you had stolen my heart. Now you have shattered it.”

“(Y/N).” Alexander pleaded. “I’m sorry. I am sorry I had not the patience to wait. It was torture without your body on mine. I could not wait. (Y/N). I wrote Eliza during the war. Angelica too. But that doesn’t change my love for you. I feared you would never return or that you were lost to me. (Y/N), I was a coward. I was selfish. I still am. I love you and your sisters. But I have always been fond of you. You are nothing compared to all of them combined.”

“Then say that you love me, Alexander. Say that you will be mine.”

“I-I-I can’t.” he cried.

“Why not?” your voice cracked. “Is this all just a lie? You only do this because you had no intention of breaking my heart. But, Alexander, you were a coward. Yet, I am foolish enough to take you back, when your heart belongs to my sister.”


You moved closer to each other. Alexander’s hand trembled as he combed his hands through your hair. You closed your eyes. His lips touched yours. The kiss was full of all emotion. Guilt. Lust. Shame. Sorrow.

“Say, you’ll be mine.” you whispered, your forehead pressed against Alexanders. “Say, that you love me. Just say it.”

“I can’t.”

Alexander kissed you slowly and you pushed him down against the sheets You sat on top of him and kissed the tears on his lips. They didn’t feel like home anymore.

Alexander pulled you up and pulled away. “I love you, (Y/N). But I cannot be yours. I have made a commitment. I cannot leave Eliza.”

“Say you’ll be mine!” you cried.

“I cannot leave my child!”

The words struck you.

He smiled with his eyes full of his tears. “Phillip. We named him after his grandfather. He is beautiful. He’s captured my heart. Every time he smiles I fall apart. I will not forget the love we had. I will always love you, (Y/N). More than you can ever know.”

Alexander kissed you one last time.

You felt love.

One last time.


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beautiful textured brass goodies by spicewildflowers

i’ve been looking for a salt cellar spoon for a while (not for me; as a gift — my pal jenny gave me a beautiful cellar-and-moon spoon set for christmas last year!!) and this gorgeous spoon by spicewildflowers may be just what i need! love the texture. it’s the same as the dotty teardrop crystal (or ring) dish too — doesn’t it look a little like a ouija planchette?! both are SO RAD.


etsyfindoftheday | 5.27.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: brass hair picks by anethumjewelry // square | round

minimalist shapes are the perfect little accent to your updo — and these solid brass hair stick styles by philly-based anethumjewelry won’t break the bank either at just $20 apiece.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.9.17

vintage brass animal pals by untried // owl | elephant

i love the eclectic vintage finds (and the original art!) at untried on etsy — their product photography shows their goods in the best light :) i think i need this pair of brass animals on my desk at home!


etsyfindoftheday 2 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 5.19.17

modern brass necklaces by fableandlore

i own a fableandlore necklace, a pyrite beaut gifted to me from my wombmate and twin katherine <3 it’s my favorite … but i’d make room in my heart for another one of these gorgeous and varied-silhouette brass necklaces, too.

Meet The Parents {S.M}

requested// Shawn Mendes imagine where you meet his parents for the first time and you are really nervous

author’s note// sorry I never post, grey’s anatomy has taken over my life


You sat in the passenger seat of Shawn’s car and you were basically shaking with anticipation. His right hand was pressed firmly on your thigh whilst his left hand was gripped firmly on the steering wheel. You were shaking your leg and wringing your hands. A million things were running through your head. You looked down at your shirt, which was literally a purple sweater, and wondered if it was too revealing. Was it too tight? Was it too see through? Oh God, you should’ve worn a cami… 

“Babe, are you okay?” Shawn looks over at you, squeezing your thigh slightly. 

“Is my sweater to tight?” You look at him with sincere panic in your eyes. He looks at your reaction and laughs a little. 

“That sweater? Too tight? Y/n, you are wearing a sweater and jeans?” He chuckles, “And I am wearing the same thing.” He adds. 

“I didn’t realize you were wearing a size small lavender sweater and size eight jeggings.” You shoot back at him with a side smirk. He looks over at you for a second, smiling but quickly looks back so he can focus on the road, his hand leaving your thigh. You were nervous to say the least. You were meeting your boyfriend’s parents. And your boyfriend just so happened to be the Shawn Mendes. The famous singer Shawn Mendes. The award winning Shawn Mendes. But first and foremost, your boyfriend Shawn Mendes. It is nerve wracking enough that you are meeting your boyfriend’s parents, but it doesn’t help that he is famous. What if they thought you were a gold digger? What if they thought you weren’t good enough for him? What if…

“Y/n, you gotta chill.” Shawn sighed, not even having to look at you to see that you were worried out of your mind. 

“Shawn, I am meeting your parents. I am meeting the people that birthed you.” you clarified to him, which earned a laugh. 

“I know, but they will love you just as much as I do, I promise.” He leans over quickly and pecks your cheek before her pulls into the driveway of his house. You have been here countless times, but his parents were never home, or you just saw them in passing for the past three months. Tonight was actually meeting them and talking to them and them actually knowing you and the fact that they would know you is absolutely terrifying. “You’re meeting my sister too.” Shawn added two seconds before he hopped out of the care and you couldn’t breathe. Sure, the parents were one thing, but his little sister? Really?

“Shawn!” I squeaked out as he opened the car door to let me out. I looked at him with a death glare as I swung my legs over and hopped out of the car. You looked up at him with folded arms and angry eyes, and all he did was give you his winning smile. 

“Come on y/n, it’s just my family! They are like me! I’m not that scary, right?” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and kissed you on the cheek. 

“Questionable…” You muttered, crossing your arms, but Shawn heard you and took a hand and pressed it to his heart. 

“Now that hurt.” He joked and you judged him in the ribs. Shawn may not be scary, but that doesn’t mean that his family isn’t scary. The one time you saw his mother you swear she glared at you. Probably because you didn’t say hello or introduce yourself, you just stood there with a cartoon of cookie dough ice cream in your hands and in her son’s t-shirt. It wasn’t a good first impression. It was three nights ago.That’s why this dinner was planned. To make his mother not hate me for those thirty seconds. Shawn held on tight to you as you both made your way over to his front door. Those three steps leading up to his front door was absolutely agonizing. You had no idea what in the world what was going to happen when Shawn let go of you and twisted the golden brass doorknob. 

“Hey mom! Hey dad! Hey Aaliyah!” Shawn hollered through the house. You took only one step in and instantly went into sensory overload. You started to observe. Shawn’s sister was sitting on the couch writing in a notebook, I assumed she was doing homework. She didn’t even look up when you two walked in. Shawn’s dad, whose name was Manny if you remembered correctly, was sitting in a chair on a laptop typing away, which you assumed was for work or something. He looked up and smiled. 

“Hey Shawn, and hello Y/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He put his laptop on the ground and stood up and walked over to you. You started to panic and stuck your hand out for a handshake, but he totally ignored it and went in for hug. You are in shock for a minute, but you eventually hug him back, but make sure to be the first to pull away but not rudely. 

“Oh wow, it’s certainly nice to meet you as well!” You chuckled. You looked at Aaliyah for a moment, and she didn’t look up and continued writing in her notebook. 

“Aaliyah, be polite, say hello to y/n.” Mr. Mendes snapped his fingers and Aaliyah’s head snapped up. She looked at you and raised an eyebrow. She scanned you up and down, as if she was judging you. 

“Hi, I’m Y/n.” You tried awkwardly. 

“So you’re the girl my brother never shuts up about?” She questioned, stopping her gaze right in your eyes. 

“Well, I would hope so.” You laughed, shifting uncomfortably. Aaliyah cracked a smile and turned her gaze to Shawn. 

“She is pretty, has a sense of humor, and stood you for what? Two months? I like her. Keep her.” She looked down at her notebook almost instantly after the short converse. You looked at Shawn with a smirk and he shrugged. 

Okay, maybe this isn’t as terrible as you thought, right?

“Shawn, is that you? And y/n?” You heard Shawn’s mom, Karen, yell from the kitchen where she most likely was cooking dinner. You swear to God you heard her snarl when she said your name, and you grimaced. 

“Yeah, mama, it is! Y/n is so excited to meet you!” Shawn replied, extremely chipper. You thought you were going to puke. You almost did when Kare- Mrs. Mendes, (Jesus, don’t call them by their first name, it’s rude, even in your head y/n, did your mother teach you nothing?) walked out of the kitchen. She did the exact same thing that Aaliyah did. She scanned you up and down, her eyebrow up. You shifted uncomfortably for the second time in five minutes. 

“Well, I am just as excited to meet her too!” She made her way towards you with her arms wide open and they wrapped around you. You were certainly in shock. It isn’t exactly good when you find your son’s girlfriend in your kitchen considerably late at night in her son’s underclothes, eating her ice cream out of the carton. Okay, yes that was a very, very bad move. 

But she acted as if nothing happened at all. 

“Wow, that’s nice thanks so much for inviting me into your house, Mrs. Mendes.” You chuckled, pulling away from her. She looked at you and chuckled. 

“Karen, sweetie, please call me Karen. Mrs. Mendes makes me sound so old!” She smiled, patting your shoulder. “Dinner is ready everyone. Y/n, would you like to help me set the table?” Karen offered you, and you very quickly nodded following her into the dining room. You picked up the napkins, folding them and setting them by all of the seats. “So, dear, are you happy with Shawn?” She asked. You started to panic. This was quick. Karen didn’t play games. 

“Yes ma’m very much so.” You answered politely grabbing the spoons and placing them carefully on the table whilst she passed out the plates. 

“Oh, well that’s very good.” She smiled. “I know for sure Shawn is very happy with you. Happy enough to let you borrow one of his t-shirts.” She chuckled. 

“Oh my goodness, about that Mrs.Mendes-” She interrupted quickly.  

“Karen.” She corrected. 

“Right, Karen, I am very, very sorry about that. That was very, very inappropriate of me to make myself so… at home in your house when I hadn’t even met you or anyone in your family yet, especially in your son’s clothes… I am very sorry, it won’t happen again.” I looked down, now passing out the knives. 

“Darling, it’s fine! Just please, scoop yourself some ice cream instead of eating out of the carton.” She chuckled. She moved on insanely fast. “Everyone, come on in, dinner is ready!” She hollered to everyone, and within a minute everyone was in the dining room and Karen left to get all of the food, telling you to go ahead and take a seat. You did so, sitting right next to Shawn and across from Aaliyah, both of his parents taking a seat at the head of the table. Karen came back in with a bowl and plate in her hands, the bowl was the pasta with meat sauce, and the plate was garlic bread. She placed it in the center of the table. 

“Alright, everyone dig in!” Shawn’s dad smiled and everyone passed around the food, smiling and laughing. Once everyone got their food, the questioning started. But to be honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought. It was casual questions. 

“What is it you like to do, y/n?” Karen asked you first off. You let out a sigh of relief. That was your favorite question to answer. 

“I do photography.” You smiled, trying your actual best not to go off about how much you love taking photos and such. 

“Well, that’s nice.” His dad beamed at you a little, and it seemed fake and you didn’t care at all. 

The rest of the evening was his parents and Aaliyah asking you questions which varied from “Do you see a future with our son, you know with his busy tour schedule and all?” to “What are your favorite things to take pictures of?” But all in all, it really wasn’t all that bad, and when the meal was over you were slightly sad to leave. After everyone finished their food and talked for a little while longer, you decided it was about time for Shawn to take you home. 

“Do you need any help cleaning up, Karen?” You politely offered. She shook her head almost instantly. 

“No thank you, y’n, I’ve got it but it’s nice of you to ask!” She retorted and you looked over at Shawn so that he would get the hint. He did almost instantly. 

“Well, I think it’s about time that I take Y/n home.” Shawn stated pushing his chair back and standing up followed by you.

“Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home, and thank you for the lovely meal!” You told them very sincerely. Karen smiled at you widely. 

“Anytime Y/n. We’ll see you soon right?” She raised her eyebrows. 

“Most certainly, thank you again!” You took Shawn’s hand and he lead you out of the dining room and to the living room where he turned back.

“I’ll be back in a while!” Shawn hollered, and then continued to walk out of his front door with you, your hand in his. You two walked down those three steps that were once agonizing. Once your feet hit the concrete, he stopped and looked at you straight in the eyes. 

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” He asked you with his infamous smug smirk. 

“No, I suppose not.” 

author’s note// shawn got a freaking tattoo and its so freaking hot i think i am deceased 


This adorable young lady picked up a pair of these beautiful Brass “Mandala” earrings from Buddha Jewelry Organics this week, and we think they look so cute on her!

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Take My Hand

comedygirl96 asked: Hi! If your still asking for prompts, Lucy says in the anime that she never had any boyfriends but I feel like with her station growing up she would have at least one ex-fiance from from some sort of arranged thing. Could you do a fic with that? Maybe the guy turns up?

Lucy’s fingers skimmed the felt cover of the book on display, her eyes tracing it’s golden lettering as she moved on further into the little shop. Her hands trailed the sleeve of a beautiful red sweater as she walked past, her feet click-clacking over the linoleum floor as she walked. 

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