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Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

romans: can’t wait to see u back at camp jason! throwing the brick was just a joke haha we’d never actually seriously want to kill you
percy/piper/leo, dragging jason away: 🖕🖕🖕

staranon95  asked:

This talk of Gavin getting mouthy with strangers has me thinking of the early days where the crew is new and they're all still figuring each other out. So Gavin's silver tongue is more of a defense mechanism. He says things he may not mean but it keeps people away because people always wanted something out of him. He learned how to be quick, how to be sharp, how to be the Golden Boy because in the past he was never quick enough and people got the better of him (part 1)

So of course he’s going to be prickly when the other Fakes first meet him. He’s sharp, he’s mouthy, he’s so so quick. So the other Fakes take that as a message to keep their distance. So they do and they all find a way to work well, but that doesn’t mean Gavin likes sitting by himself at the bar for celebratory bevs. He wants to be a part of something that’s lasting. That’s /intimate/. It’s just hard to get close to people when you’ve forced them away out of self preservation (part 2)

But they all have their hang ups on being close to people. It just takes Gavin a bit longer than the others than to open up, to let the sarcasm stop dripping, to stop being /fake/ around them. He just didn’t realize when the mask he always wore around other people became his reality. (Part 3 end)

fuck. yesssss. i love gav being really suspicious of others at first. i love him being defensive and leaning a bit too hard on his defense mechanisms. See, gav is not a big dude. he’s skinny and weak and overall his best defense is being able to talk his way out of a situation because he sure as hell can’t punch his way out. so maybe he’s a bit harsher with them at first, maybe he’s just barely avoiding making direct enemies with them. but its safer that way at first, or at least that’s what he tells himself

except maybe later gav realizes that defense has gone on a little too long and maybe he’s pushed them a little too far away that even when he does try to get a little closer, they don’t believe it to be sincere for a while. its a bit painful, and it does take him a pretty long time, but they start to realize he isn’t that bad. maybe he starts trusting them with little bits and pieces of his past. its a huge thing, for him to trust them to tell them that and maybe they don’t even realize just how big it is at first. but of course, eventually they do grow closer. and gav finally gets the intimacy and safety and warmth he’s yearned for years. boy finally gets loved

you only exist at 3 am
when its dead silent, and
thats why you live in the city. its
never silent in a city. always
moving. always keeping you up,

eyes open, mouth open,
eyes glittering, mouth glittering,

all shining.

glitter and gold.

you only exist when you dont,
and thats fine enough with you.

you buried your heart
like they bury a horse-
real far down,
in the middle of the ring-

buried with an excavator and
no aplomb.

buried it at 3 am when it was real

there was a gun in attendance
and a bottle of whiskey. you
were there.

you manned the machinery and
also stood by the edge
of the grave. it was okay.
you shoveled dirt in until the
sun rose, and then gave up.
youre not given to giving up,
but you did.

your fake self is a snarler
and a charmer.
he knows how to live.
he painted an anatomically
correct heart on his sleeve
in gold paint and blood
and he can fire a gun,
use a knife,
bruise his knuckles.

your fake self thrives on
noise. hes alive at all hours,
awake at all hours,
bared teeth at all hours-

your fake self survives
on rotten meat and metal
and he never gets the taste
of rust and salt off his tongue.

its fine.

you havent been real for years.

its fine.



( @kingsofchaos )

its twinkie!