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Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

romans: can’t wait to see u back at camp jason! throwing the brick was just a joke haha we’d never actually seriously want to kill you
percy/piper/leo, dragging jason away: 🖕🖕🖕

you only exist at 3 am
when its dead silent, and
thats why you live in the city. its
never silent in a city. always
moving. always keeping you up,

eyes open, mouth open,
eyes glittering, mouth glittering,

all shining.

glitter and gold.

you only exist when you dont,
and thats fine enough with you.

you buried your heart
like they bury a horse-
real far down,
in the middle of the ring-

buried with an excavator and
no aplomb.

buried it at 3 am when it was real

there was a gun in attendance
and a bottle of whiskey. you
were there.

you manned the machinery and
also stood by the edge
of the grave. it was okay.
you shoveled dirt in until the
sun rose, and then gave up.
youre not given to giving up,
but you did.

your fake self is a snarler
and a charmer.
he knows how to live.
he painted an anatomically
correct heart on his sleeve
in gold paint and blood
and he can fire a gun,
use a knife,
bruise his knuckles.

your fake self thrives on
noise. hes alive at all hours,
awake at all hours,
bared teeth at all hours-

your fake self survives
on rotten meat and metal
and he never gets the taste
of rust and salt off his tongue.

its fine.

you havent been real for years.

its fine.



( @kingsofchaos )

its twinkie!

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HI NISSI,,, i was wonderin if u knew any volleyball/haikyuu!! bangtan fics?? im jus waiting for season 4 and maybe fics can satisfy my needs for it atm,, thanks in advance nissi!!!

i know a few.. honestly there needs to be more hq aus bc…. kook/min have literal kage/hina dynamics djds
closeted by wordcouture; taegi
- the ball’s in your court by kookiekeys; jikook
under pressure by 8gfat; jikook
- a hard thing to miss by cheekybrunette; taegi
they call me try-hard by maknaeline; jikook, vhope
- golden boy by ginforink; kookiemonster


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