golden boy ;u;

romans: can’t wait to see u back at camp jason! throwing the brick was just a joke haha we’d never actually seriously want to kill you
percy/piper/leo, dragging jason away: 🖕🖕🖕


*screaming 😭😍


👑  royal bois  👑

  • what i say: im fine
  • what i mean: im onto u, hasbro. im onto ur little "replace-Optimus-with-Bumblebee" agenda. first the new cartoon, and now this thing with the movieverse. dont pretend u dont know what im talking about. i see what u're doing there, having a Bumblebee movie after The Last Knight. u got most of us believing that the title is referring to Optimus, or another Prime, but i know better. the "last knight" is gonna be Bumblebee somehow, isn't it. Optimus is gonna be toast by the end of this movie, isn't he. u're gonna off him to make even more room for ur precious golden boy, ain't ya. u're trying to slowly phase kids out of Optimus, i just know it. this plus the new RiD is only the first step. well, i'll tell u what, it might work on the kids but it ain't gonna work on me. i'm gonna think about Optimus and want to marry Optimus till my heart stops beating. cuz i sure as heck don't wanna frick someone i've always viewed as a smol child in giant robutt form.

lizkah  asked:

(1)I'm a fan of a Golden Boy who started at the bottom, broken down and feeling alone (even if he technically isn't alone). Give me a Golden Boy who learned that sometimes getting to the top means climbing on the shoulders of others before they can push him down, so he learns to charm and coerce his way through life, finding targets that suit his purposes and treating them like stepping tones because it's easier to forget they are people that way. He claws his way to the top to survive.

(2)And then the boy that had nothing suddenly had everything and no one to share it with, not until Ramsey recruits him into some start up crew. Now there are others, but Gavin is still waiting for them to try and bring him down. He knows it will happen because it always does, until it doesn’t. They don’t try to break him, together they all climb to the very top of the mountain. There is no betrayal, but there is comradery

(3)He doesn’t realize until that moment that the tightness in his chest has loosened and that endless pit of loneliness has been filled with others who love him and hold him close. They protect him and care about him and he realizes, quite suddenly, that he cares for them as well. He’d do just about anything to protect them. Trust is something he has been missing in his life, and now that he has it with them he never wants to let them go. (look at all this cheesy shit i’m so sorry)

don’t apologize i love it!! tbh this is some of my favorite headcanons. I adore the idea of Gavin starting at the bottom, starting with basically nothing and working his way up.

I add on the more angst where he never even had much of a family, parents mostly dismissive and neglectful. Sure he was rich growing up. Sure he got all sorts of expensive shit (those computers didn’t come from nowhere) but his parents never paid much attention to him besides that.

So once he’s old enough and once he’s done enough with everything, he runs away. Takes the cheapest flight to Los Santos that he can and tries to make a life living there with the hacking skills that’s flourished over the years and those slippery fingers and love for misdirection. Naturally he ends up with nothing, hiding out, disowned so he can’t get money. But fuck if he isn’t determined. Isn’t wanting to make a name for himself, end up on top of it all.

And I’m so for hardened Gavin, not caring about other people not really because he’s cruel, but because he can’t afford it to survive. They’re only going to hurt him anyway and it’s easier to think of them as targets, as marks, instead of regular people. And he’ll step over all of them to get somewhere. To get something that’s his. Stuff he’s worked for, money and riches he owns and not his parents.

And he gets it. With a much better family.


Today is the 5th night. I’m officially out of chips and tissue papers and idk if i can survive this. nEed hELp

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

My Gav headcanon is simple. No matter how golden he gets, how brightly he shines, he'll give it up in an instant and live a drab, poor life in a heartbeat to save the ones he loves. They started out as another treasure in his collection, lovers being just another jewel in his crown, but became the most priceless thing he has and the one object he'd give the world up to save.

What a precious thing, finding a love this strong. Finding people he cares so much for and care so much back. It’s such a shame really he found it in their way of life. Pretty soon your luck’s going to run out pretty boy. And no amount of gold is going to bring anyone back from the dead