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José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa. Aliases El Chino Antrax, R-5.7, Comandante Antrax,(“Commander Anthrax”) Scarface Renacido, (“Reborn Scarface”) El Oriental,(“The Oriental”) El Quinto Elemento,(“The Fifth Element”) 5.7, Member of the Sinaloa Cartel, Mexican Drug Lord, Los Ántrax Leader and Founder

Jokers Daughter Headcanons: Jealousy

Request: (anonymous) Can I request headcanons for Joker being a really over the top insanely jealous dad with CP dating and boys around her?

  • Joker sits dead eyed in the club watching the men in the crowd, clutching the top of his cane so hard his hands might bleed, ready to stop any man that goes near his daughter threatening his alpha male role.
  • When he see’s a man approach her in the club he forces his body in between the two of them knocking the guy out of the way, as he begs Joker for mercy the goons carry him away for the torture session late.
  • Joker carves a smile into the face of a man who was undressing her with his eyes, so he remembers every time he looks in the mirror that he’s not worthy of Joker heir.
  • If he tries to dance up no her all the people see are flashes of his green hair and blood against the lights as he slaughters the guy.
  • He pays his bartender extra to slip arsenic into the drinks any man who makes a move on her orders and the bartender, scared shitless, does as he’s told.
  • During a business meeting he wants her seated right next to him so his mind isn’t distracted with where she could be while he’s working.
  • He likes to keep his hand in her lap while she plays with his bracelets because it has a calming affect on him and signals to the men there who she is.
  • When they’re walking down the street or anywhere in public he always has his hand around her shoulder and holding her firmly next to him so no one grabs her, while showing the world she’s his girl.
  • Harley has to hold him back when they see her talking to a boy, her noticing that her daughter made the first move.
  • The clown princess doesn’t even flinch when she hears gunfire, after growing accustomed to her dad firing right across her out the car window to kill men who catcall her.
  • The goons know not to go near her after one helped her put on a coat and pulled her hair out of the collar to help and Joker slit his throat on the spot. Going crazy at the sight of another person touching his baby’s hair.
  • Joker keeps a loaded, golden AK-47 on one side and his purple knife on the other side as he sits across from the boy who came to pick her up for a date.
  • While his daughter is still getting ready, Joker grabs the boy by the throat and squeezes until he almost passes out, leaving bruises all along his neck just as a taste of what he will do.
  • He doesn’t let them go anywhere without his henchmen following one car behind and his own tracking device put into her phone.
  • When she comes home from her date, Joker kisses her forehead or cheek leaving a red lipstick marl, making sure he was the last man to touch her before bed.
  • Joker catches her sneaking out to the club in her mother’s gold and black dress, he swings his long purple coat around her and picks her up around the waist off her feet and carries her himself to his car.
  • He goes back inside and captures all the men that where watches her dance in the glass box and strings them up in the back like meat, he gouges out their eyeballs and feeds them to each other for thinking they had the right to look at her.
  • If he see’s her looking at a boy she likes he’ll turn her chin gently with his hand to face him so he has her attention, then puts his smile tattoo over her face making her laugh.
  • When a boy sends flowers to the house for her, Joker answers the door and sets them and the delivery person on fire before ordering his own flowers for her three times the size.
  • The clown princess constantly moves her date’s hand off her leg when he’s trying to be romantic, knowing from experience if her dad catches them he’ll cut the boy’s hand off.
  • Without his daughter’s knowledge, Joker finds her boyfriend and puts him through hours of psychological manipulation and interrogation until he cracks. Joker proudly acts as his daughter’s shoulder to cry no as she wonders why the boy ditched their date later on.
  • When she’s out Joker sits on the couch not taking his eyes off his phone or finger off the trigger of his gun, waiting for her to call that something is wrong so he can be her knight in bloody armor there to save the princess.
  • Joker watches her leave the club to jump in the car with him and slamming his head up against the window to get his frustration out when he see’s men’s eyes following her.
  • Joker’s thoughts get the best of him while she’s out one night, he storms her date and carries her away while his goons beat the life out of the boy.
  • He drives her home in the lamborghini thinking he’s rescued her, but notices her crying and feels a shiver run down his spine and an ache in his chest, the most human thing he’s felt.
  • She breaks down about how she wishes she could date and he wasn’t so overbearing, Joker wants to make her happy but absolutely refuses to accept that she’d be any other man but his.
  • He uses his master manipulation to his advantage and takes her to Ace Chemicals, the place where his love Harley was created.
  • He says that he loves her so much that he wants her to have that same love him and her mother share, promising that he only does what he does to the bad men he knows will never treat her the right way and aren’t good enough.
  • As he lies more to her she embraces him in a hug and forgives him, he holds on tight and kisses the top of her head even more prideful that his plan worked. Still the alpha male in her life and never planning to give it up.

UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection coming this October

Yep, we all saw this coming. And just like I said, if you purchase the collection you get entry into the Uncharted 4 MP beta. Damn, I should play the lotto today, maybe I’ll win something. 

By pre-ordering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection now, you can receive the Nathan Drake Pack which includes single player skins of iconic Drake outfits as well as everyone’s favorite weapons: the Golden AK-47 and Golden 92FS guns. If you pre-order the digital download via the PlayStation Store, you will also get an Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection PS4 dynamic theme.