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I just googled cameron campbell (because i have never seen camp camp) and lemme tell you, i didnt see him fight a bear and i know thats one cuality silver fox, a gilf, a golden aged papasito, i think im seeing camp camp now

honestly anon i’m having the worst day rn but this ask made me laugh for a solid minute, so thank you.
also, preach.


is hot chicken on sopping white bread with green pickle

chips—sour to balance prismatic, flame-colored spice

for white people. Or, rather, white people now curate hot

chicken for $16 and two farm-to-table sides, or maybe

they’ve hungered fried heat and grease from black food

and milk—but didn’t want to drive to Jefferson Street or

don’t know about the history of Jefferson Street or Hell’s

Half Acre, north of downtown. Where freed slaves lived

on the fringe of Union camps, built their own new country.

Where its golden age brought the Silver Streak, a ballroom

bringing Basie, Ellington, and Fitzgerald. First-run movies

at the Ritz and no one had to climb to the balcony. 1968,

they built the interstate. I-40 bisected the black community

like a tourniquet of concrete. There were no highway exits.

120 businesses closed. Ambulance siren driving over

the house that called 911, diminishing howl in the distance,

black bodies going straight to the morgue. At the downtown

library, a continuous loop flashes sncc videos with black

and white kids training for spit and circular cigarette burns

as the video toggles from coaching to counters covered

in pillars of salt and pie and soda—magma of the movement.

On 1-65, there is a two-tone Confederate statue I flick off

daily on my morning commute. Walking down Second Avenue,

past neon honky-tonks playing bro-country and Cash

and herds of squealing pink bachelorette parties—someone

yelled Nigger-lover at my husband. Again. Walking down

Second Avenue, I thought I heard someone yelling at the back

of my husband. I turned around to find the voice and saw

myself as someone who didn’t give a damn. Again. I turned

around to find that it was I who lived inside the lovely word

made flesh by white mouths masticating mashed sweet potatoes

from my mother’s mother’s mother—Freelove was her name,

a slave from Warrior, North Carolina, with twelve children

with names like Pansy, Viola, Oscar, Stella, and Toy—my

grandmother. There is always a word I’m chasing inside and

outside of my body, a word inside another word, scanning

the O.E.D. for soot-covered roots: 1577, 1584, 1608 … Tracing my

finger along the boomerang shape of the Niger River for my blood.

1856, 1866, 1889 … Who said it? A hyphen—crackles and bites,

burns the body to a spray of white wisps, like when the hot comb,

with its metal teeth, cut close to petroleum jelly edging the scalp—

sizzling. Southern Babel, smoking the hive of epithets hung fat

above bustling crowds like black-and-white lynching photographs,

mute faces, red finger pointing up at my dead, some smiling,

some with hats and ties—all business, as one needlelike lady

is looking at the camera, as if looking through the camera, at me,

in the way I am looking at my lover now—halcyon and constant.

Once my mother-in-law said Watch your back, and I knew exactly

what she meant. Again. I turned around to find I am the breath

of Apollo panting at the back of Daphne’s wild hair, chasing words

like arrows inside the knotted meat between my shoulder blades—

four violent syllables stabbing my skin, enamored with pain.

I am kissing all the trees—searching the mob, mumbling to myself:

Who said it?

Who said it?

Who said it?

- by Tiana Clark

The Great Campbell War of 2017

Love this blog so figured I’d submit this.
First time writing a fic, but I got really inspired by this blog’s war thread so tada!!


Cameron Campbell’s Camp Campbell was once a promising camp, the kids were happy and enthusiastic, and all seemed well….. That was ten years ago. The kids now were constantly angry and bored, the camp was in disarray and there was a few to many police shoot outs for a summer camp. David was getting fed up, why couldn’t he get the kids excited for anything. He needed something to boost the camp into it’s new golden age. But what could possibly get them to bond, to laugh and just enjoy the summer……. Oh that could work, that could definitely work.


The Some groans and side eyed glances were his only greeting, but this only got him more excited for the big reveal.

“Once you’re all done eating your super great meals meet me by the flag pole!”

He gave camp campbell’s signature salute before disappearing out the door once more, a few campers rolled their eyes. But Max was suspicious, he looked to Neil.

“What the hells got him so excited?” He asked before sipping his black coffee.

“What do you mean?” Neil replied giving Max a look

“ Yea …..what do….. you mean?” Nikki added shoveling scrambled eggs into her mouth.

“He is way to fucking happy this morning, and that’s even for him!” Max pointed out.

“You must be imagining things cuase that’s him every morning”.

“No way that David is way more happy then normal! I should know cuase it’s pissing me off more than usual.”

“Your always pissed off how can you get anymore?”

Max sighed and just got up with everyone else. He knew deep down he was right, there was something making David even happier if only he could figure it out, though it didn’t take long for as soon as the double doors opened they revealed a smiling David next to a large black chalk board, with a slot for each camper. The rest of the camp shared the same confused look that came over Max’s face as they tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Good Morning guys!! Now today Gwen’s gone but we can still have fun without her till she’s back!! Anyone wanna guess today’s fun activity?” David announced happily watching the campers faces.

“You are forcing us to redo the stupid camporee?” Neil postulated, only to see David Shake his head his smile getting more prominent, maybe max had the right idea earlier.

“Oh oh Platypus egg hunt?!?!” Nikki excitedly yelled only for David to again shake his head.

The rest of the campers tried guesses but each got it wrong, the campers getting more and more curious.

“You’ve finally snapped and are planning on killing us all?” Max threw out loosing interest.

“Nope we are going to be the first to start a brand new tradition here at camp campbell!” David finally announced. “The First annual Camp Campbell tickle war!”

Confusion changed to shock then to disbelief then back to confusion. Max’s eyes went wide as he realized David was totally serious. Other campers still hadn’t gotten over the confusion.

“I can see you’re all a little confused, but the rules are simple when you tickle a fellow camper you get a point, you get tickled you lose a point. Our esteemed quartermaster will be keeping score. I will be a referee of sorts and help get you guys more involved in this activity!”

“You cannot be serious!” Max yelled out. “Who the fuck would wanna praticipate in this shi……” Before max could even finish his sentence Nikki had Neil pinned and started attacking her friend/potential step brother. Neil caught off guard immediately started laughing as Nikki attacked his sides.

“I’M GUNNA AHAHA KILL YOU NIKKI!!!!” He called out in between laughs.

That’s what set the rest of the camp descended into anarchy. Nerris used a glitter charm to distract Harrison before getting his knees, the magician dropping and trying to stifle his laughter. Space Kid and Doplh wrestled a bit before space kid got the upper hand, reducing the artist to a giggly mess. Nurf and Erid made a truce with each other before going after preston and Scotty.

During the initial confusion and outbreak Max managed to drop his knitted double and sneak away, running into the woods and climbing high into a tree to stay out of sight.

From here he had a good vantage point into the developing chaos. Nerris was getting tickled by what he could assume was Harrison. Nikki was laughing maniacally but not from being tickled, she was going after anyone she could get her hands on. Space Kid proved the underdog as he went after Erid letting Preston escape long enough to help get Nerris. The laughing could probably be heard from The Flower Scouts camp!

“Max what are you doing up there? Don’t you wanna join the fun” Max’s felt his stomach clench as he heard David, looking down to see the smiling counselor below him.

“I’m not fucking doing this shit it’s fucking crazy, and you can’t make me camp man!” He protested holding the branch tight.

“Aww Max don’t be like that you might have fun!” David perked up, reaching up to pluck Max from the tree like an apple

“No I won’t! Now let me go you idiot!” Max protested twisting and squirming trying to get loose of David’s hands.

Max stopped moving and bit his lip when he felt David wiggle a finger in his side. A few more fingers lightly tickled at his side as Max tried his hardest to not laugh. His face contorting into a half smile as he tried to not give David the satisfaction of winning this battle.

“Come on max let’s turn that frown upside down!”

Max couldn’t help it and started giggling as the finger dug into his sides. He began squirming again and tried to push David’s hands away. His giggles turning to laughs as David’s tickling got closer to his belly, rising in tone as he got his belly button.

“There we go now we’re getting in the spirit!” David cheered as he finally saw Max smile and laugh.

“Fuhuhuhuhuuck you asshole ahhahahahahaha!”


His fingers danced up and down max’s sides, as max tried to get away, causing his sweatshirt to ride up just enough for David to go and tickle right on max’s belly, Max jumped before snorting as he laughed louder then before. His face turning red as he laughed and squirmed. David’s tickling traveled up towards max’s underarms causing the young man to squeal and clamp his arms down, trapping the wiggling digits where they were.

“AHAHHAHA STop It YOu motherFuhuhuhuhcker!!!” Max Protested.

“Language! Looks like you need a lesson huh Max?” David teased.

He managed to Free one hand to dig into max’s belly again. The attack to both spots driving Max insane. He almost couldn’t take much more before he finally broke free of David’s grip. He fell down the tall tree like man before being caught just in time and lowered gently to the ground.

Max curled up panting, giggling and trying to get rid of the phantom fingers. But he still had a small smile on his face.

“Now see wasn’t that fun? Don’t you wanna go join now?” David said excitedly.

“Fuck No!” Max protested, this time it seemed almost for show.

“ You know you just had to say stop right?” David pointed out, causing Max to blush a bit.

“Holy shit Max is ticklish to!!” Nikki declared for all to hear as she jumped out of the bushes.

Max jumped back in surprise at being caught before seeing everyone look at him. A few to many excited to hear this news.

“Kill Him!!!” Nikki Cried in a warrior’s call as the chase began.

David watched as the campers ran past him. Smiles and excitement this is what he had hoped to see today. He was so glad this plan had worked out. Then David heard Max’s laughter kick back up and he began to think that maybe this activity could last them the rest of the week at this rate.


There’s part one, if people like it i’ll add more parts! Feedback welcome!

OMG I LOVE THIS!! It’s honestly perfect!


Charles Laughton as the emperor Nero in The Sign of the Cross  (Cecil B. DeMille, 1932)

DeMille was afraid Laughton was too camp in the role. Turns out he gave it just the right amount of camp. The Sign of the Cross is really a must-see for Old Hollywood lovers.

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Heeey, im the "[in reference to Cameron Campbell] cuality silver fox, a gilf, a golden aged papasito" anon, glad i made u laugh, I DID watched Camp Camp after that and I stand by what I said, but lemme tell you, i dont think i have had a crush this big on a "good boy" such as David since i was like 10 and innlove with Aang. David is such a sweetheart and one of the characters i love and want tie up (which seems fairly easy conciderin he is been tied up enough times before) nd hold close for ever

you, anon, have an excellent taste paired with fantastic opinions and i’m so proud of you.