golden age hiphop


A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum

From the album: People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)


Flashback Friday

From time to time I’ve received messages asking me to tell you all a little bit about myself. Up until now I have not answered messages like this, not out of disrespect, but simply because i’m pretty much a private individual. However, Thanks to all you wonderful people that take the time to follow me & find me remotely interesting, I feel that I can now share a little insight! But before I do, let me first apologize to those of you who have asked in the past: adonispalustre j-eli-bean kndylovr lorin-irena ink-bug! Truly sorry if I’ve missed anyone!

So here we go!

1- I was born in the 70’s. 5yrs outside of the CounterCulture Decade of the 60’s, literally in the The Haight & Ashbury district. And… 5yrs. before the PopCulture Decade of the 80’s. If you add The Golden Age Of HipHop Music of the 90’s to the list of preceding decades i’ve mentioned, then you can get a good sense of where some of my art influences come from.

2- I’ve been told I have a great memory, so much so that I can tell you exactly what moment sparked my interest in art. I was 9, and I was sitting at a dining room table watching my uncle draw this really cool multi-armed, multi-eyed alien. Right then and there I knew I wanted to have that kind of imagination and skill to create artwork such as this.

3- Although my uncle was initially part of my path into art, I owe my talents, creativity and overall skills to working with my hands to my dad. Although we have similar interests in art, we go about creating it in very different ways. I use mostly traditional & digital media, whereas my father creates his works in Stained Glass. Someday our goal is to work together combing both our styles.

4- After graduating High School, I relocated to Phoenix, AZ. to attend college for Graphic Design. Literally on graduation day I decided to stay in the Phoenix to pursue my career. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me… it would take years before any real jobs were available for Graphic Designers. I would spend the next 8yrs. working odd jobs before landing a job in the field I was actually trained for.

5- One of these odd jobs was working at a Skin Care company. It is here where I would meet, date, and ultimately marry my beautiful wife.

6- I like speed, no, not the drug, but the rate something moves rapidly. So much so that I’ve jumped out a perfectly fine airplane at 13,000ft. Some call it skydiving, I call it a adrenaline rush! However, I believe in being practical, so… I have no real interest at tempting fate again! Although, now that I think about it, there was this one time I went White Water River rafting and… I loved it!

7- I used to work in the Golf Industry. No… i’m not a golfer, as a matter of fact i’m terrible at this sport. For me, the game is too slow… did you read fact #6? If so then you know speed and golf Do Not go together! Actually here is where I would land my 1st Graphic Design job. If you’re into golf, have picked up or have a subscription to Golf Digest in the past few years, chances are your the proud owner of some of my artwork. I have created graphics for some of the most popular courses and events like the US & British Opens.

8- In high school I was known for my unique lettering designs (hence the above image). Valentines & Birthdays were popular days for me, and I was paid generously for this work. The funny thing about this is that you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t done much posts that include typography. Well, towards the end of high school up until present times i’ve always loved drawing original characters. One of those characters was the little Court Jester you see above. For whatever reason I felt like I related to this guy. From the silly costumes and face paint, to his willingness to go out of his way to make people laugh, his personality resinated with me, so much that I drew him a lot! Don’t be shocked if some form of this character shows up here on my Tumblr!

9- At one point in my life I wanted to be a tattoo artist and actually owned my own equipment. However its not the easiest field to get into, so for multiple reasons I changed my mind. Instead I would focus mostly on designing & selling my designs to those who wanted them. To date I can say I actually know 3 or more people including myself that have my artwork tattooed on their bodies, and I know of several others who want the same!

10- Although i’m a Freelance Illustrator, it is not my main job. I am a Fulltime, Stay-At-Home Father, and its the best job in the world… ever!

Thanks saileshcreates for the questionnaire!

Thank All of You for your wonderful comments, likes, and for following my continued growth in creativity!

Last but least… instead of passing this on to 10 individuals i’ll leave it up to any of you that wants to tell us a little about yourself!

Artwork is circa ‘93.