golden age hip hop


Slick Rick “Children’s Story”

“Sirens sounded…he seemed astounded

Before long the lil’ boy got surrounded

He dropped the went the glory

And this is the way I have to end this story…”

Slick Rick | 1988 | Album: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick


…I select when I hang…


Raekwon - Ice Cream


Can you believe it has been six years since we lost Guru?


Legends NEVER die.

“I’m like a sniper rhymes’ll strike ya when I’m rockin

Mad chicks be jockin’ when the G Starr’s talking

And that’s because my word is bond

I get much fan mail and I always respond

So tell your hon to write me too

Make sure she puts attention Mr. Guru”

As long as REAL Hip-Hop is honored, the craft of MC Guru will ALWAYS rise.

Rise In Power Guru.

NYC 1994 © Chi Modu

- Ime, Wisdom B | Hip-Hop Journalist