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I’m quickly getting tired of the “You can like both La La Land AND Moonlight” discourse. If that’s your only contribution, please don’t offer it.

La La Land was continually built up tonight as a “risk” and “jumping off a cliff” and other such nonsense, when it’s a friggin old school musical about white people falling in love. It relied on nostalgia to sell itself, and anything that relies on people’s fondness for things they already love is inherently NOT a risk.

Moonlight is a drama about gay black masculinity, a topic so little covered in film that there was virtually no blueprint for it. THAT is a risk. That’s the kind of movie people usually aren’t eager to reward. That’s why Moonlight is such a brilliant piece of art.

Sure, you can like both La La Land and Moonlight, but pretending they’re on an equal playing field when it comes to awards and recognition is ludicrous.


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so did no one see this or???


Hollywood’s hottest couple is Spideypool but you’d only know it if you were paying VERY close attention at the Golden Globes

You may not have caught this — it happened fast — but a new romance took flight tonight. As the melodic chords of the La La Land soundtrack sounded a win for Ryan Gosling in the Best Actor, Comedy, category, fellow nominee and Canadian Ryan Reynolds was too busy to notice. The Deadpool actor was caught on video kissing Best Actor, Drama nominee Andrew Garfield.