Let me be loud
and brash
Let me laugh like I hold the world in my belly
Let me be courageous in my love
and bold with my words
and sure of my actions
Let my hips sway
Let me see the world through kaleidoscope-colored glasses
Let me be colorful and giggly and fucking happy
Let me be me
I say “let” as if asking for permission when really I’m saying
I’ll do it regardless of what you see in me
You can’t stop me from laughing, loving, hugging, or giggling
My hips will not stop swaying because you want them to
I’m gonna do what I want to do
Because, fuck it, I’ve wasted too much time being afraid, insecure, and ashamed about being me, doing me
It’s time I realize that the gold that sits deeply in my chest
And the light that glows in my belly
And the spark that lives in my eyes
And the ease of my walk
And the sway of my hips
Are not shameful
Are not ugly
Are not something I should feel any negativity toward
Because I am gold·en