I love video games so much, but YIKES the video game industry is so bad right now. PR nightmares everywhere, constant shitty releases and more and more terrible triple A titles, developers and publishers.

It’s really messed up how companies can release a game that is clearly unpolished or buggy or straight up non-functioning, but it doesn’t matter cause they can just patch it. What happened to quality control? So much money goes into development of these games, and what do we get? In the words of our savior Jeff Goldbloom; one big pile of shit. Not even indie games are safe. Indie games got popular cause triple A titles sucked, but now indie is just a really bad gimmick that has the exact same problems. UGH


I am the Pull Out King


Cookie Monster’s advice is truly timeless. 


Is it ever too late to learn how to code? 


Check out The Art Assignment: VidCon Edition, featuring Emily Graslie, WheezyWaiter, Mike Rugnetta, Steve Goldbloom, and yours truly!

Last month in Anaheim, Sarah and the Art Assignment crew challenged me and a few other YouTubers to contribute our own assignments from past episodes of her show (if you’re not watching it, you should really be watching it). 

I articulated my take on David Brooks’ “Never Seen, Never Will”, Emily created a playful psychological landscape (no fair because she’s an actual artist!), Mike shared a wonderfully intimate and indispensable moment via GIF, Steve sought a quiet place in a land with no quiet places, and Craig spoke like God through a walkie-talkie. They are all brilliant and creative and thoughtful and I am so happy that I got to be a part of this :)

I hope we inspire a few of you to go out and experience the many kinds of art that exist in your world.

BREAKING: Area Dog Reaches End of Rainbow

An enterprising young dog has put an end to centuries of scientific and mythological speculation by reaching the end of a rainbow, according to meteorologists with him on the ground.

“Ginny chased that thing and would not let up,” says Dan Goldbloom, who studies climate patterns and aerial phenomena. “A lot of us fell behind, but she just kept going. It was obvious where he was headed.”

They found him 30 minutes later at the end of the rainbow, or “color termination point” as the rainbow science community calls it.

“She didn’t find a pot of gold,” Jeff Rogers, who has been studying rainbow origins and endpoints for 23 years, tells The Fluffington Post with a laugh. “Weirdly, she found actor Nicolas Cage in a lawn chair. We’re not sure what’s up with that, but we plan to investigate further.”

via @ginny_jrt