I wrote this song from the perspective of a man who is lamenting the fact that he has just struck out with the woman he was smitten with. If only he had the kind of je ne sais quoi that could single-handedly resurrect the Law & Order franchise. If only he could pull off the casual shirtlessness of a Dr. Ian Malcom. He surely would have won her heart, if only he were Jeff Goldblum.


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Jurassic Park

one of the most impressive and memorable films I’ve ever seen, on both physical and emotional cinematic levels. It’s very Spielberg, with the focus being fully on the characters rather than the catastrophes and his collaboration with John Williams has paid off to create a film that manipulates in just the right ways - it scares, amazes, and gives you those warm tingles. It’s not only a great family film but it has secondary messages about consumerism and science, and it’s not only got these amazing effects that are still entirely convincing twenty years later but it doesn’t let itself be carried by them - people still have full conversations on screen that aren’t just a necessity but add something to the film. Overall it’s deservedly called a classic, all the acting is fab, Jeff Goldbloom is especially great, the cinematography is, of course, also fab, the stuff about gender roles is pretty important and most of all it’s terrifying!