Hmmm… silly spells… 

There’s the ritual I do for finding cool stuff at the thrift store. 

“Find money on the ground” spells. I once found $20 and a multi-tool in the parking lot.

“Rube-Goldberg device of obtain the thing” where I basically do one little spell to trip the switch of a bunch of other chain reactions that should, eventually, end in getting what I really want out of it. (For example- I was looking to get a raise at work but instead of doing a spell for that directly, I did a spell to get more email sign-ups, which would bring attention to my name, which would put me in good standing for a raise.)

“Light a candle for my executive dysfunction” for my bad days. 

I once put a barrier across half the room at work so no one could cross it while I mop…. 

I mean… we have to define what ‘silly’ is here because I personally think these are all very important in the course of my life, but I’m also not like… looking for enlightenment of anything. 

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Relationship status: Robb Stark…….
Favourite colour: Maroon or blue
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Good News/Bad News: The Last 2D Animators at Disney are Doing Projection Mapping for Walt Disney World

The Good News: Legendary Disney animators Mark Henn (Tiana, Jasmine, etc.), Eric Goldberg (Genie, Phil, etc.), and Randy Haycock (adult Simba , young Hercules, etc.), are animating characters from Aladdin, The Little MermaidMoana, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, etc. USING THE CLASSIC, HAND-DRAWN METHOD for an upcoming Walt Disney World show, Happily Ever After, scheduled to debut May 12.

Besides the usual fireworks and pyrotechnics, Happily Ever After will feature the now de rigueur projection mapping on Cinderella’s Castle – only it will be done in glorious hand-drawn animation! What a wonderful way to keep kids aware of this now pretty-much-extinct Disney tradition!

The Bad News: Disney is wasting these legends on temporary theme park shows, when they could be using them to train a brand new generation of animators in the fine art of hand-drawn animation! Traditions like this MUST be passed down from one generation to the next, or else the intricacies and subtleties of the art form will be lost. Textbooks and video tutorials can only capture a fraction of the knowledge that these ‘old Masters’ have to share. It would be a shame if this knowledge died with them.

GIFs: Tiana animated by Mark Henn, Ursula animated by Eric Goldberg, Aladdin + Jafar animated by Randy Haycock 


It’s like every week something weird happens.


hello my sweet sweet ship…it’s been a while :D..don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these two (three ?)

you might be familiar with these scenes..yes…it’s from Steven Universe’s episode “Last out of beach city”…all I could think about this episode,well besides the fact that Pearl has finally got a new love interest (?), is I’m imagining that Edd was Pearl and the Mystery Girl was Kevin…they’re somewhat fit for the character XDD…I love this episode…I’ll try to draw them in other scenes if I got the time


(i don’t own any of these character..I’m just a mere fan both of these show and this ship)

Nathan Kedd Goldberg © c2ndyac1d

Edd,Edd n Eddy/Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

fan art ©Spogunasya


‘Girl, Interrupted’, James Mangold (1999)

Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you, or me, amplified. If you ever told a lie, and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child, forever.