Goldbeck Recruiting Partners with The Art of Sales Conference

Goldbeck Recruiting Partners with The Art of Sales Conference

The Art of Sales conference is coming to Vancouver for the very first time. A conference specifically designed for the sales and business development professionals. Goldbeck Recruiting will be 

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partnering with the Art of Sales. The conference is scheduled to take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on February 5th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. To learn more about the agenda for the day, click here.

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Meet WHC-TV’s newest Producers: Deborah and Roger Goldbeck!

Meet WHC-TV’s newest Producers: Deborah and Roger Goldbeck!

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We here at WHC-TV are proud to announce that Deborah and Roger Goldbeck have taken an underwriting position with us as Take 5 Producers! Please join us in thanking Deborah and Roger Goldbeck for their generous support of West Hartford Community Television – and the Take5 auction party on Oct. 23. About our underwriters: Deborah and Roger Goldbeck are very important to us as community partners and…

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Farewell Ria Inducil

Ria Inducil has been a part of the Goldbeck Recruiting family since 2009. Since then she has helped us reach new heights, approach and serve new markets, and successfully close over 90

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Ria‘s tenacity is what has always driven her; she enjoys challenges and approaches them head on. Today, Ria has decided to move on to the next chapter in her life where the focus will be health and…

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Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Announces The Launch of Their Mobile Website

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Announces The Launch of Their Mobile Website

Press Release

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Announces The Launch of Their Mobile Website

VANCOUVER, BC CANADA – July 20, 2014 – Goldbeck Recruiting Inc., a top recruitment firm in Vancouver, BC, is happy to announce the launch of their mobile-friendly website.

The website is Goldbeck’s response to the increasing number of web traffic generated from mobile devices.  “We felt it was important to give…

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New at Adrenaline!
Penned by ICON Signature Artist Tanner Goldbeck, and flaked and foiled until the gods got jealous, it’s a shoutout to Amenhotep, tge greatest pharaoh of his time.
The Airframe Pro Pharaoh is a lid worthy of a trip from here to eternity…
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Obscure FilmRec: Transfer(2010)

In a future where the wealthy can escape old age and death by transferring themselves into the bodies of “refugees”, elderly German couple Hermann and Anna Goldbeck transfer themselves into the bodies of two young Africans, Apolain and Sarah.

Transfer (2010) is sci-fi, romance, and drama–and it’s true sci-fi and drama, provocative and challenging. It deals beautifully with racism, privilege, poverty, death, loneliness, and exploitation; each of the four main characters has their own views on and responses to these issues and it’s wonderful to watch a film with such dimensions and depth. The transferees and hosts share the bodies for a 20:4 hour ratio each day and the film covers the transfer’s three-month trial period in a compelling story of not just their exploring the ethics and ramifications of the situation, but of their humanity and getting to know one another.

This is a short, 93-minute German film that was shown at festivals in 2010 and released theatrically in 2011. I hope it gets an English dub someday but I thought the subtitles were fine, and I’m also impressed by its production. Despite its modest budget this film looks amazing and the performances of B.J. Britt and Regine Nehy as dual characters are beautiful. And they’re not just relying on their acting to portray such disparate characters in one body, but to carry their whole performance since they’re both African American and had to be dubbed over.

Disclaimer: Any inaccuracies in my research are my own and I may have watched this with a positive bias because of the premise and since I discovered this film because I was looking into B.J. Britt’s career (I loved him as Agent Antoine Triplett in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’m so excited he’s going to be the suitor in season 2 of UnREAL–he’s an amazing actor, it’s an amazing show, and it’s going to address having a black bachelor on a dating reality-game-show which The Bachelor hasn’t done yet so win-win-win!). I absolutely do not regret how I spent my time.