I am going to say this you can’t talk smack to me at all. I don’t look at my team at the moment. I love my team unconditionally. But don’t forget that my team is on the Top 3 in NBA history! We have the record and still holding, 33 Winning Games Baby! If someone is to break it would be us again :) we are a historic team with one the highest number of NBA Championships, 17 as a matter of fact. 18 Conference Championships, 35 Division Chamoionships, 53 Playoff Appearances! Some of you folks don’t even know your team, you just band-waggoners. Im Laker Girl and I Approve This Message. #TeamLakers #TeamLakersAllDay #Lakers #LosAngelesLakers #GoldAndRoyalPurple #NBATeam #Winners #KnowYourTeam (at Staples Center.)

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