Prob less than ideal, but I’m not entering any contests. My waist is actually smaller than the dressform, I don’t think I adjusted it right. Everything fits me thou. Tons of mistakes but who am I trying to impress? No one. I just want to dress up and have fun and forget all my stress for an entire weekend. I think I’ve done enough for one day.

Featuring my cat, Momo. Seems appropriate lol. I hope I don’t look too frumpy in this…:/ lol Okay, I’ll stop spamming now. I am tired and feeling bleh so I’m going to go find something to eat and then probably vege for the rest of the night.


Spark and his brothers and sister.

Spark and his siblings are splices of human,maned wolf,grey wolf,and horse. 

Spark is the youngest and smallest in his pack, Playing with the smaller mutations and exploring the rain forest. He’s a sweet pup that is determined and playful.

Ash the oldest of the pack is protective with his siblings, keeping watch of hunters and attacking any that come near his family. He has a kind heart with people he knows and his family. Ash spends much of his time with Spark exploring the bio rain forest.

Rain is the only female of the pack, she is knowledgeable on most things and enjoys observing things to quench her curiosity. She also spends a lot of her time with Dr. Francis who gives her some lessons on medical work and other lessons.

Storm is the fastest of the pack, energetic with a wild attitude being a little dare devil. He likes to collect things that are shiny and likes to chew on anything he can sink his teeth into.

Bolt is the largest of the group, he may not be the fastest but can make up for it with his strength in his back kicks, he also gives the best hugs. He likes to tell corny jokes and playing with his siblings.

Characters belong to me.


Teen Wolf [Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)- Oh Wonder]

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