The Black Friday River

I’m a DM for a campaign of chaotic evil characters. This particular session, they encountered a toll bridge to cross over a river and out of a corrupt county’s land.

DM (me): The woman behind the counter of the tollbooth looks exhausted as she repeats, likely for the hundredth time today, “The toll’s 4 gold pieces.”

Ranger (OOC): 4 gold for a toll?? I’m not paying that! I vote we kill this chick.

Several moments later, the rest of the party is in agreement. The bard slaughters the woman in one turn.

DM: As you easily decapitate the unarmed lady with your sword, the crowd of people that had been gathering to leave start to panic. Some scream, and all make a mad dash for the other side of the river. Imagine Black Friday shopping, but with peasants charging for the opposite bank.

(The whole table cracks up laughing for a minute before settling back down)

Rogue (OOC): Wait. Are they just taking advantage of the fact that they don’t need to pay the toll, anymore?

DM: No! They’re terrified that you murdered the toll keeper!

Rogue (OOC): But they do LIKE not having to pay the toll, right?

DM: Sure, they’ll be grateful for that after they escape with their lives. If they do.

And that’s how my murder hobo players discovered that it was profitable to ransack tollbooths. That’s also how the county discovered that they should guard tollbooths better. To this day, the river where this went down is called the ‘Black Friday River’ by my players.
And to think I spent weeks on worldbuilding


Oh gosh! I just realized that I never shared my ver 2.0 Kingranger custom with you all. Also, I apologize for the lack of activity but so much has been happening life and hobby wise from positive changes in my day job to total misfortune with some prop projects to a huge dip in motivation working on any thing hobby related to slowly clawing my way back to speed. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride.

Anyway, here is Kingranger 2.0. Improved his forearm cuffs and lowered the leg armor. Used a sanded down Super Legends head this time but ultimately decide I needed to sand it more (still too big). Also modified the shield to fit better around the neck and shoulders. Sadly this guy is already on his way to his new home BUT I have already started Kingranger 3.0 and I think he’ll be the final version (fingers crossed).

Added bonus: WIP of my Deathryuger custom with custom made working flute buster (at least that is the plan)