The Straw hat crew + Ace and Sabo cards as requested

/Took me far longer than it should have to realize that the Strawhats are cards based on the order in which they joined the crew lol

Ethnicity headcanons
  • Red: Japanese
  • Green: Japanese/American
  • Blue: Japanese
  • Yellow: Spanish
  • Gold: Japanese
  • Silver: British/Japanese
  • Crystal: Chinese/Japanese
  • Ruby: Vietnamese/Japanese
  • Sapphire: Japanese
  • Emerald: German
  • Wally: American/Japanese
  • Diamond: Japanese
  • Pearl: American
  • Platinum: German/Japanese
  • Black: American
  • White: American
  • Rakutsu: German/American
  • Faitsu: American
  • X: Japanese/French
  • Y: French

Fake AH Crew -> Gavin Free

He’s the golden boy of Los Santos, the prince of crime, and the dangerous foreigner that’s become infamous for his charismatic personality and brilliant use of persuasion. 

The Boss wasn’t expecting his future protégé and soon-to-be successor to appear to him one cool summer night as a skinny, clumsy teenager carrying only the clothes on his back and the amazingly stuffed pick-pocketed wallet stolen from some unlucky businessman on the subway.

But this boy with the infectious grin and annoyingly high levels of determination to never leave The Boss alone soon turned into a close partnership that the rival crews of Los Santos would someday rue. Gavin’s love for gold and his seemingly lack of morals give him a unique signature on his work- classy and cruel.

Los Santos isn’t prepared for the day that he inherits the helm.

GeoffJack / RyanMichael / Jeremy

Inspirational Quotes from the Pokédex Holders

The other day I was looking at this poster on my wall that has a bunch of inspirational quotes and I noticed that some of them sounded like things the Pokédex holders would say. Then I noticed that I could imagine all the Pokédex holders saying something that was on that poster…so here’s my list of inspirational quotes each Pokédex holder would say.

Red: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Blue(m): “Don’t be your own worst enemy.”

Green(f): “Do it with passion.”

Yellow: “Laugh about it!”

Gold: “Just be awesome.”

Silver: “Create your life.”

Crystal: “Be compassionate.”

Ruby: “Live without regrets.”

Sapphire: “Have a heart.”

Emerald: “Listen to your intuition.”

Diamond: “Just be happy!”

Pearl: “Show your enthusiasm!”

Platinum: “Say what you want to say.”

Black: “Dream wide awake!”

White: “Dream big.”

Lack-Two: “Keep your word.”

Whi-Two: “Be supportive.”

X: “Be there.”

Y: “Speak up!”

The Pokemon GO Teams the Dexholders are on

Team Mystic: Blue, Silver, Crystal, Platinum, White, X

Team Instinct: Yellow, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Lack 2, Whi 2

Team Valor: Red, Green, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Black, Y


What happens to me between now and then doesna matter to anyone. It matters to me! 
I know it does, mo duinne. And that’s why you’ll go now. So I’ll know there is someone still who minds for me.

guys u should all go watch Spy aka that new British comedy movie now out in cinemas bc lemme tell you son

  • misogynists are made to be the creeps they are
  • badass women kicking ass without having to be tomboys
  • miranda hart is in it 
  • jude law is in it
  • helpless male character insists he knows what he’s doing and that the woman will fuck it up bUT
  • helpless male character has no clue what he’s doing and the female character has to sort out his shit
  • funny af
  • total twist on the tragic man pain “bad people killed my family” trope
  • 50 cent is in it and it somehow makes sense
  • you see the D
  • the fat women actually kick ass and aren’t just used as comedic relief?
  • Ukraine’s 2007 eurovision entry is in it and it somehow makes sense
  • hot af male and female characters like rlly
  • the female antagonist literally overcomes her sexist father wanting a boy and is both feminine badass af
  • the female loving the male character isn’t made out to be pathetic / a weakness / something for him to exploit
  • obvious james bond references / piss takes minus the misogyny of that franchise 
  • i seriously laughed so hard in that movie i cried srsly go see it
  • Snow: Are you saying Henry’s trying to kill magic?
  • Gold: Why not? He’s tried it before.
  • Regina: What’s he gonna do, use more dynamite?
  • Gold: Um, yes.

Snugglin’ Time with Rumbelles!
(HiatusSundayFluff - Week 1)


Alright guys! I think I got enough informations about the 1.6.0 update to do this post now, so let’s go!~

1.) New Goodies!

14 new Goodies were added! Most of them are candy themed, but also some kinda spring related ones like the flowers and the little umbrella!

2.) Wallpapers!

You can now purchase wallpapers for your phone! They don’t have an in-game use tho! You can find them when you tap on the shop, a window will pop up and then select “Gallery” !
If you can’t purchase them all due to a lack of gold fish, I got them already and here they are! >>> wallpapers

There’s just a weird bug in my game that i can’t download the Spooky one?? I heard that more ppl have that problem so I guess we get an update with bug fixes soon! 
Also: one isn’t unlocked! I thought you get it when you get the new cats but still hasn’t got it! I’ll update when I find out what this is

3.) New Remodel!!

We got a new remodel called Sugary Style and the name says it all I guess haha


Last but not least, we got 4 new cats with the update. 2 rare and 2 normal ones! I’ll put the infos under a Keep reading thing, bc I don’t wanna spoiler someone!

Keep reading


What’s your name, man?

Gingerbreadman Hamilton