you say
‘friends forever,’
and i say
in my experience,
you simply can’t acknowledge a good thing.
good things are picky.
good things are skittish.
good things hear words like
and good things run and hide.
you say
'we’ll be friends forever,’
and i say
'i used to think so, too.’
—  what we had was plated gold ; bright, beautiful, flaking || l.e.
Signs as hipster food trends

Aries- Spaghetti donut

Taurus- Blk water

Gemini- Waffle pops

Cancer- Ramen burger

Leo- Gold flake pizza

Virgo- Avacado burger buns

Libra- Acai bowl

Scorpio- Black ice cream

Sagittarius- Rainbow grilled cheese

Capricorn- Deconstructed coffee

Aquarius- Sushi burrito

Pisces- Rainbow bagel

  • YouTube Makeup Tutorials: Now, this look is very easy. All you will need is twenty-four kinds of real horsehair brushes, all of which you can buy at Chanel for about five-hundred dollars, which is such a bargain for something so useful. Anyways, let's take out our palette of pure 24 karat gold flake eyeshadow and get started!
Self-Love Spell Jar💖✨

All ingredients were charged under the Full Moon in Cancer. This spell jar was assembled while burning rose incense and visualizing me loving and taking the best care of myself possible. 

  • Pink Himalayan salt for purification and self-love
  • Rosemary for purification and self-love 🌿🌿🌿
  • Rose quartz chips for love/self-love
  • Lavender buds for healing and love
  • Brown sugar for sweetness toward myself
  • Gold flakes for sovereignty over the Self ✨✨✨
  • Rose petals for love/self-love 🌹🌹🌹

The candle burned on top of the bottle was charged with cinnamon oil.

i keep laughing because golden boy gavin and vagabond ryan absolutely have equally stupid aesthetics but theres no way either of them would ever own up to it? like yeah gavins wearing actual gold flakes but ryan you have a skull manscapped onto your chest so who’s really being ridiculous here.

Making Victuuri

A world where people can fuse with others they have a strong, personal connection with, be it friendship or love. Fusions are usually easy to spot, having two-colored natural hair, split-colored eyes and usually something normal people don’t have (like flecks of gold in their skin) and they can be breathtakingly beautiful. An AU made for the express purpose of using @zephyrine-gale ‘s ungodly GORGEOUS Victuuri Fusion. Kinda short, but i was having Feelings.

Yuuri’s first fusion was with Phichit, back in Detroit. It was during practice, when Yuuri was having a particularly bad day, finding himself unable to nail a certain jump. Phichit had offered trying so he could show him through his own body. They had become close enough friends that it worked and Yuuri was able to do the jump after. Yuuri remembered the fusing being as easy as stepping into the onsen at home.

Fusing with Victor was different. It was infinitely better.

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Bulgarian Muslim bride Dhzemile Lilova, 30, poses with friends and relatives in front of the dowry, wearing a special make-up called “ghelina” during her wedding ceremony in the village of Draginovo, Bulgaria on October 13, 2017. The traditional wedding ritual is held among Pomaks – Slavs who converted to Islam under Ottoman rule. The highlight of the ceremony is the painting of the bride’s face, where in a private rite her face is covered in white face cream and decorated with gold flakes and colourful sequins. (Stoyan Nenov/Reuters)