Tattoo Soulmate AU

Based on the AU where you get a tattoo of what your soulmate likes

  • Percy’s tattoo is really neat and organized
  • .It’s got blueprints and a building with lots of columns, along with an old movie reel and popcorn
  • Eventually Percy’s own name shows up on his tattoo written in slightly messy cursive (When you and you’re soulmate fall in love, your name is added as something they love)
  • Annabeth’s tattoo has the word “Mom” written in Ancient Greek, along with a picture of the ocean and a blue chocolate chip cookie
  • When the word “Annabeth” shows up it’s written really messily in print
  • Jason’s has a picture of a surfboard on it, a feather, and the words "Dad" and “Grandpa Tom”
  • When “Jason” shows up it’s written in loopy cursive, like an autograph
  • Piper’s tattoo has a purple banner with a gold eagle and “S.P.Q.R” written on it, a brownie, and a few names, including a smudged one that eventually becomes clear enough to read “Thalia”
  • “Piper” is written in small, neat, print
  • Hazel used to have a different tattoo, one that corresponded with Sammy’s interests and had her name written in a familiar messy scrawl.
  • Now her tattoo has “Grandmother” and “Mom” written in mandarin Chinese, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and an elephant
  • “Hazel” is written quickly but neatly in print
  • Frank’s tattoo has a horse surrounded by colored pencils, paints, and paper, along with the name “Nico”
  • “Frank” is written in extremely neat and careful cursive
  • Will is glad there’s a videogame controller on his, along with word “Mother” in Italian and “Bianca.” For a while there was splatter of sea green in the corner of the tattoo but it eventually started to change into a bright blue, the color of Will’s eyes. The name “Hazel” also appeared.
  • “Will” is written in perfect cursive
  • Nico’s tattoo has bandages, a videogame controller, and the sun.
  • “Nico” shows up written horrible messy and pretty much completely illegible

Colt 1860 Army revolver

Designed and manufactured by Samuel Colt c.1861 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States - serial number 14773.
.44 cap and ball six-shot stepped cylinder, silver plated, Colt factory engraving, checkered ivory grip engraved with the Mexican eagle, gold-washed creeping loading lever hammer and cylinder.

Some Mexican flair.

Aquila - Roman Imperial Gold Eagle standard.
Equipment of The Ermine Street Guard Living History military re-enactment group.
Re-enacting part of the Roman invasion of England in 43AD
Event organised by English Heritage.
Photo taken in at Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire in July 2009.

Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda]
Open Mike Eagle
Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda]

I won’t walk like an Egyptian
Don’t talk like I be pimpin’
There’s in-groups and there’s out-groups
And I believe in making distinctions
I’m just smiling and offer you greetings
Hopefully with no pretense
My aim’s to honor your physical
And leave room for all of your secrets
We should all play a big Scrabble game
And make every word a confession:

  • Emma: Codenames: Mine is "Eagle
  • Emma: Neal is "Been there, done that".
  • Emma: Hook is "Currently doing that." [They high-five]
  • Emma: August is "It happened once in dream."
  • Emma: Regina is "If I had to pick a dude."
  • Emma: Graham is I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it.
  • Emma: Gold is "Eagle 2."
  • Mr Gold: Oh, thank God.

anonymous asked:

I think Wonder Woman's Rebirth costume is the best she ever had. It keeps her overall classic look and color scheme (I think a "WW" chest logo over an eagle and gold over silver in trim works better for her), slices off unneeded details (the stars and neck-brace) and adds in sensible Greek armor elements via the battleskirt and armored boots. I hope it becomes cemented as her new "classic" look of all time. Is there anything of her costume you like or dislike? What's her perfect costume to YOU?

I like it, though I don’t know that I’m totally satisfied either. The problem is that she really should have pants, with how many times DC’s toyed with the idea and continually pulled back, but I’ve yet to see a version of that that really works, since it’s always a sharp cut from armor to regular tights, but putting her in more armor feels off too. I’ve wondered for awhile if perhaps, like Batman on occasion, she should have a few ‘main’ costumes. Maybe the current suit for her more mythical adventures and time on Paradise Island, other getups for certain missions or in certain areas in the world the way the recent volume of Sensation Comics suggested, and something more traditionally superheroey for her time with the League, like what Wonderous Man of Earth 11 wears:

Has anyone ever drawn a version of that suit for Diana? I’d be curious to see what that’d look like, since I like it a lot.

Love on the Baseball Field - Smut (Baekhyun x OC)

A/N: I don’t really know baseball too well so please ignore any mistakes I made when referring to the rules, positions, and teams of the sport. Other than that, enjoy!

Cover Credit: yourtypicalasianfangirl

You supposed you deserved this after betting your roommate/best friend, Hye-ri, in a game of air hockey during the previous night. The rules were simple: if she lost, she would clean the room for the entire month. If you lost, however, you would have to go with her to the upcoming school baseball game. It seemed pretty fair so you gladly accepted the challenge. But, with your luck, you ended up losing.

You begged her for hours trying to get her to ease up on your punishment; even doing aegyo which you dreaded. Hye-ri had a good laugh at that, but refused to drop the bet.

It’s not that you hated baseball…in all honesty you didn’t quite mind watching it on tv if nothing else was on. On top of that, your university housed one of the best baseball teams in the region. Anyone who was anyone tried to at least go to one game. So why didn’t you?

Well…there was a reason. A reason that Hye-ri knew all too well and used to her advantage in your vulnerable situation.

His name was Baekhyun. Byun Baekhyun to be exact. Pitcher and fifth infielder for your school’s baseball team; the Eagles. He was one of the most prized possessions of the school. Enrolling through a fully paid baseball scholarship, Baekhyun was also very focused on his studies. He was the perfect all-rounder with the added bonus of looking very attractive.

Almost every girl had a crush on him; yourself included. And it was by luck that Hye-ri happened to be good friends with him from when they were younger. Many girls would do practically anything to be in your position. All you had to do was tag along with Hye-ri when she went out, and 90% of the time Baekhyun would be going with her.

But you were different from the other girls. Simply being in the presence of Baekhyun had you choking on your words and your knees feeling weak. It was like the ability to form a simple sentence disappeared every time you looked at him. The worst part about it was that Baekhyun knew who you were. Hye-ri introduced you to him during the first week of freshman year. You had to excuse yourself to the washroom just to let yourself breathe after completely falling for him. Ever since then, he would wave to you on the campus if he ever saw you…but holding a conversation with him was very rare.

Hye-ri would invite you along with Baekhyun and some other friends for coffee or day-trips but you refused consistently. While she would attend Baekhyun’s games, you would sit in the dorm and finish any outstanding homework. Keeping yourself away from Baekhyun was a priority, but losing the bet against Hye-ri was about to change that.

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Anon: “Imagine being bored at school and the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ) appear to “ rescue ’ ’ you from boredom and everyone ( teachers, colleagues and friends ) are surprised by you go with them..”

Warning: Kinda Violent :\

Pairing: Joker X Teen!Reader X Harley

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