Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda]
  • Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) [prod. Gold Panda]
  • Open Mike Eagle
  • A Special Episode Of - EP

I won’t walk like an Egyptian
Don’t talk like I be pimpin’
There’s in-groups and there’s out-groups
And I believe in making distinctions
I’m just smiling and offer you greetings
Hopefully with no pretense
My aim’s to honor your physical
And leave room for all of your secrets
We should all play a big Scrabble game
And make every word a confession:

Tattoo Soulmate AU

Based on the AU where you get a tattoo of what your soulmate likes

  • Percy’s tattoo is really neat and organized
  • .It’s got blueprints and a building with lots of columns, along with an old movie reel and popcorn
  • Eventually Percy’s own name shows up on his tattoo written in slightly messy cursive (When you and you’re soulmate fall in love, your name is added as something they love)
  • Annabeth’s tattoo has the word “Mom” written in Ancient Greek, along with a picture of the ocean and a blue chocolate chip cookie
  • When the word “Annabeth” shows up it’s written really messily in print
  • Jason’s has a picture of a surfboard on it, a feather, and the words "Dad" and “Grandpa Tom”
  • When “Jason” shows up it’s written in loopy cursive, like an autograph
  • Piper’s tattoo has a purple banner with a gold eagle and “S.P.Q.R” written on it, a brownie, and a few names, including a smudged one that eventually becomes clear enough to read “Thalia”
  • “Piper” is written in small, neat, print
  • Hazel used to have a different tattoo, one that corresponded with Sammy’s interests and had her name written in a familiar messy scrawl.
  • Now her tattoo has “Grandmother” and “Mom” written in mandarin Chinese, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and an elephant
  • “Hazel” is written quickly but neatly in print
  • Frank’s tattoo has a horse surrounded by colored pencils, paints, and paper, along with the name “Nico”
  • “Frank” is written in extremely neat and careful cursive
  • Will is glad there’s a videogame controller on his, along with word “Mother” in Italian and “Bianca.” For a while there was splatter of sea green in the corner of the tattoo but it eventually started to change into a bright blue, the color of Will’s eyes. The name “Hazel” also appeared.
  • “Will” is written in perfect cursive
  • Nico’s tattoo has bandages, a videogame controller, and the sun.
  • “Nico” shows up written horrible messy and pretty much completely illegible

SKIP YEAR: a fanmix for Shiro, after Kerberos

Listen on 8tracks

01. 22 (OVER S∞∞N), Bon Iver
02. Enter the Machine, PANTyRAiD
03. Basic Instinct, The Acid
04. Soldier, Fleurie
05. Easy, Son Lux
06. Cogs, The Whiskers
07. Anonanimal, Andrew Bird
08. Red Horse (Judges II), Colin Stetson
09. Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Raps) feat. Gold Panda, Open Mike Eagle
10. Jail bait, PANTyRAiD
11. Slip, Elliot Moss
12. Forests, Duologue
13. Animal, Javier Dunn
14. Won’t Be a Thing to Become, Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufield
15. Good Death, Pearl and the Beard
16. Threnody, Goldmund
17. All is Well, Sam Amidon

Unique Gorgoneion Coin of Abydos, Troas, c. 410 BC

The only known gold coin from this period in Abydos.

Obverse: ABYΔ / HNON (the lower part of the legend retrograde) with and eagle standing left. Reverse: a gorgoneion within an incuse square.

Abydos (map) was a colony of Miletos, situated on the Hellespont, and was perhaps an early location of the minting of electrum staters in the sixth century BC. The city had been part of the Athenian empire during the fifth century until it revolted in 411 BC, becoming a Spartan ally. This incredible gold stater, the only known example, is of the highest numismatic importance.

29. Ravenclaws have the (not entirely undeserved) reputation of being mad scientists and doing experiments. The first years in the other three houses are told be wary should one ask if they can borrow them for a moment or to test something out.

No one’s ever been seriously injured, but the chance of ending up blue or a tadpole or singing showtunes nonstop is too great for even Gryffindors to take the chance without asking any questions

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