Things I learned from Battle of Mewni (spoilers)

-They weren’t really spoiling all that much, most of the bombshells in the ads were dropped pretty early.
-Moon really had to become a hard boiled egg now, didn’t she?
-Eclipsa is adorkable.
-Toffee losing his finger was a bit anti climactic
-River was a cinnamon roll.
-Ludo’s got a semi gollum thing goin’ on
-poor rivers trying to distract himself.
-Marco just wanted to give star a memory of home away from home, poor guy
-Mewni needs wider roads… I guess
-OH hi Ludo, you book burning puppet piece of s***! How are you doing!? Taking over the kingdom with rats and a hand!? That’s… nice!
-Uncle Buff Frog!
-Down the rabbit hole some more with the monsters being an allegory for prejudice! (This is why I f***ing love this show)
-Ludo got rid of the family photos! Y u do that!?
-Metal gear marco
-RIVER IS GONE! Oh god please don’t be dead!!
-Starco reunited! New fave hug!
-Les Resitonce!
-Marco x barrette
-Star is inside Ludo…
-Giant Goopy Toffee!!
-well toffee’s back!
-oh shit, star might be dead!?
-toffee got his body back! After growing all over ludo… ew
-hey glossyrick!
-moon is fucking destroyed, and Marco punched a hole in toffee.
-dip doooooown
-new wAnd and butterfly form for star! This time with more gold and horns
-the eagles are here with everyone!
-goopy toffee irl is kinda creepy… and might be dead… well that’s unfortunate
-back to the void with ludu, this time with concent!
-O shit, eclipsa
-new song and sequance. It’s nice, it has a sunset.


Glory and Gore

Prompt: “All I need is your lips against mine. Right now.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 3,077 Words

Warnings: swearing, a bit of violence, fluff

Notes: This is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k Writing Challenge! Seems like I’m really into Punk!Bucky nowadays. Don’t mind my title, I was just searching my ultra long playlist for ideas and this fit slightly. 

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“Hurry up Y/N!” Wanda calls from the bottom of the stairs. It’s the first day back at school and you’ll be damned if you’re late. Some may give you disgusted side-glances because of your enthusiasm, but honestly? They’re the types of people who are destined to be future gas station attendants, so they don’t really bother you.

“I’m coming Wanda!” You reply, stuffing your matte lipstick into your bag and kicking your bedroom door closed. You hurry down the stairs, and smile at your best friend. “Ready?”

She rolls her eyes, grabbing your arm and tugging you towards the front door. “I’ve been ready since half an hour ago, you just take so damn long getting ready.” She tells you, leaning against the threshold as you lace up boots.

“Well, I’m sorry that I put effort into my looks.” You tease, squeaking as Wanda smacks your head.

“Stop rambling nonsense, let’s go.” She snorts, as you leave your home.

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Tattoo Soulmate AU

Based on the AU where you get a tattoo of what your soulmate likes

  • Percy’s tattoo is really neat and organized
  • .It’s got blueprints and a building with lots of columns, along with an old movie reel and popcorn
  • Eventually Percy’s own name shows up on his tattoo written in slightly messy cursive (When you and you’re soulmate fall in love, your name is added as something they love)
  • Annabeth’s tattoo has the word “Mom” written in Ancient Greek, along with a picture of the ocean and a blue chocolate chip cookie
  • When the word “Annabeth” shows up it’s written really messily in print
  • Jason’s has a picture of a surfboard on it, a feather, and the words "Dad" and “Grandpa Tom”
  • When “Jason” shows up it’s written in loopy cursive, like an autograph
  • Piper’s tattoo has a purple banner with a gold eagle and “S.P.Q.R” written on it, a brownie, and a few names, including a smudged one that eventually becomes clear enough to read “Thalia”
  • “Piper” is written in small, neat, print
  • Hazel used to have a different tattoo, one that corresponded with Sammy’s interests and had her name written in a familiar messy scrawl.
  • Now her tattoo has “Grandmother” and “Mom” written in mandarin Chinese, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and an elephant
  • “Hazel” is written quickly but neatly in print
  • Frank’s tattoo has a horse surrounded by colored pencils, paints, and paper, along with the name “Nico”
  • “Frank” is written in extremely neat and careful cursive
  • Will is glad there’s a videogame controller on his, along with word “Mother” in Italian and “Bianca.” For a while there was splatter of sea green in the corner of the tattoo but it eventually started to change into a bright blue, the color of Will’s eyes. The name “Hazel” also appeared.
  • “Will” is written in perfect cursive
  • Nico’s tattoo has bandages, a videogame controller, and the sun.
  • “Nico” shows up written horrible messy and pretty much completely illegible

Im drunk so this is a list of us states and how I feel / think bout ehm

Alabama - this is a song state
Alaska - it’s cold
Arizona - snakes and tea??
Arkansas - saw not sas
California - this is just weed
Colorado - I think they have gold
Connecticut - eagles
Delaware - tupperware
Florida - crocodiles yo
Georgia - hot and.
Hawaii - why is this us
Idaho - ??? nice name
Illinois - noi not noise CHICAGO IS HERE
Indiana - is this where minnaepolis is
Iowa - eye oh wah?
Kansas - no place like home
Kentucky - I like ur chicken
Louisiana - new orleans good food
Maine - prob the best state to live??? stephen king?? Y'all seem to be chill
Maryland - I have no knowledge of this place whatsoever
Massachusetts - who came up w this word
Michigan - nice
Minnesota - I thought this was canada
Mississippi - is this where Tom sawyer is from
Missouri - misery
Montana - hannah y'all real north
Nebraska - omaha or smth
Nevada - that’s hot
New Hampshire - is this a western state
New Jersey - I never realised this was close to new York
New Mexico - give it back to Mexico
New York - why
North Carolina - im guessing there’s farms
North Dakota - dakota is a nice name
Ohio - never thought u were western
Oklahoma - I love y'all I don’t know why I think u had that sand thingie going on in the 20s
Oregon - didn’t j see this like 5 times already
Pennsylvania - who comes up w these names forreal
Rhode Island - I thought this was new York
South Carolina - why y'all hatin
South Dakota - srsly why y'all split up
Tennessee - ten I c yea
Texas - that’s that shapy one it really the only shape I know
Utah - mormons
Vermont - ice cream ( why the fukk??)
Virginia - I thought there was another one?
Washington - not dc, pine trees and messed up lil towns and vampires?
West Virginia - Oh see there js another one
Wisconsin - ok they are all melting together but this is the water icy one from that 70s show hello
Wyoming - not sure u are actually there


Colt 1860 Army revolver

Designed and manufactured by Samuel Colt c.1861 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States - serial number 14773.
.44 cap and ball six-shot stepped cylinder, silver plated, Colt factory engraving, checkered ivory grip engraved with the Mexican eagle, gold-washed creeping loading lever hammer and cylinder.

Some Mexican flair.

Aquila - Roman Imperial Gold Eagle standard.
Equipment of The Ermine Street Guard Living History military re-enactment group.
Re-enacting part of the Roman invasion of England in 43AD
Event organised by English Heritage.
Photo taken in at Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire in July 2009.

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Hey! If you're still doing prompts, could you please Kaz meeting Inej's parents? Thank you!

i will always do kanej prompts. please send them my way, distract me from my modern heist au. also, read on ao3

With tears streaming down Inej’s face and her hands clasped over her mouth, Kaz worries that she may break down again in sobs. Instead, her voice raw and brimming with a sort of happiness he hasn’t seen in her before, she asks him to come with her, to meet her family.

“Wait.” He flexes his uncovered fingers, steels himself for the potential of… what? “Is my tie straight?”

And then her hood falls back from her hair when she laughs, a sort of unbridled mirth that could find a place among the stars, bright and enrapturing. He wants to bottle it up, to set the darkest of nights aflame with the twinkle that escapes from in between her lips.

Before he can say anything else, Inej starts sprinting down the pier towards the newly-docked ship. She could be flying—gliding—across the wooden slats, with the weightlessness and alacrity her steps possess. He follows, albeit much more slowly, in hopes of letting her reunion to be as private as possible, just as she deserves.

In truth, Kaz hadn’t expected the privateer to find her parents, especially not as quickly as he did. Ravka is a large nation, and the Ghafas a family of travelers, drifting throughout the northwestern portion of the country. And, practically, the caravans could have very well moved hundreds of miles from its original spot on the coast in the past two years, lost in the wild expanse. When the letter with the pale blue wax and the eagle of gold arrived, he briefly considered believing in Inej’s saints (and then immediately dismissed that idea).

He hasn’t allowed himself to be so lost in thought in a very long time, so much so that he nearly stumbles on a rotted spot on the wood that he knows like the back of his hand. As he approaches the Wraith, he sees a small pile of bodies on the ground and for a moment, he internally panics, until he realizes that it’s the Suli acrobats and their long-lost daughter, clutching at each other after years apart. And so he waits silently, with no intention of interrupting before they’re ready to detach.

In the time it takes them to do so, to slowly stand, he catalogues their features to the best of his ability: her mother, small and lithe similar to her daughter, but her pitch hair cropped short, brushing against her collarbone; her father, tall and willowy, with the same wondrous laugh as his kin. Once they’re upright, he can see Inej’s face again—a wide, watery grin split across her face and a buzz about her that he can only describe as a slight tremor, one that stems from unadulterated joy. Her mother is whispering so quietly in her ear, but he can’t make out the words (though he might have picked up on a Suli proverb he’d heard over the past year), and her father is turning to him, although hesitantly.

Kaz isn’t going to pretend that he looks… not creepy, but for her sake, he attempts as much of a smile as he can. It’s then that Inej pulls away from her mother, and begins to acquaint them, eyes glistening. “Mama, Papa, this is my friend—”

“Kaz,” he interrupts, holding out his right hand after moving his cane to his left. For a second, Inej’s eyes flash towards it, until she recognizes the black leather that had returned to the appendage. “Kaz Brekker.”

Her father takes it, shakes it with fervor (Kaz is glad he’d prepared himself for the contact), introduces himself and then his wife. The other man takes the opportunity to move in closer just as Kaz makes to pull away, and he stifles at the increased proximity. But the man speaks so earnestly, Kaz doesn’t doubt this trait was passed down to his daughter. “Thank you, Mister Brekker. Thank you, for bringing our Inej back to us.”

Kaz lets go then, looks down at his boots. If he could blush, he’s sure the tips of his ears would be stained red at this point. He doesn’t respond, but nods in acknowledgement. When he glances back up, Inej’s gaze is fixed upon him, worry furrowing her brow slightly. But he shakes his head again, almost imperceptible, and that seems to assuage her, and she turns back to her parents.

“Where are the rest of them?”

Her mother smiles. “The scouting ship was too small for everyone to board, so they sent for another larger vessel. They should arrive by the end of the week.”

Inej bites her lip, but he recognizes the relief flooding her features. “That is good. Have you eaten yet today?” They shake their head. “We could visit a restaurant in town, it’ll be a bit of a walk but—”

“I sent word to Wylan to have his staff arrange for guests,” Kaz says coolly. “That is, unless you’d rather go to Sten’s, and spend your first few days in Ketterdam with a nasty stomach virus.”

And Inej smiles again, then she’s whisking her parents towards the Van Eck estate. That is, until she’s halfway across the pier and she slows, looks over her shoulder.

He doesn’t need to say it, and she doesn’t need him to.

I’ll meet you there.

title Drawing
summary The shape of all the things that make up you
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii (here) | Part ix | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv |

Sakura collapsed into the backseat of the unfamiliar car. Raking her tangled hair out of her eyes, she coughed. The sudden blast of warm air clogged up her throat. Sucking in a breath through her teeth, she checked herself for injuries. Ran her hands over her thighs, up inside her dress. Raised her fingers to her cheeks, flinched. Her left fingertips were red.

“It’s just a graze,” she heard Itachi panting beside her. Her head jerked up. 

Itachi leaned forward, rapping his knuckles against the partition. The tinted glass slid down.

“Are you alright, oyabun?” the driver asked. 

“Drive,” Itachi ordered. Curt. The driver grunted and pulled onto the road. 

Itachi settled back in the seat. He sucked down a few more breaths before he turned to face Sakura. He reached for her face. She brushed him off.

“Let me see,” he insisted, reaching again. Glaring, she let him cup her uninjured cheek in his palm. His thumb barely grazed outside the hurt. 

“Those bastards. I’ll make them pay,” she stated. Itachi lowered his hands, almost smiling as he watched her dig in her pockets. She fumbled with her gun. Clicking her tongue, she tossed it on the floor to free up her hand. She finally grasped a stray cigarette in her pocket, shoved it into her mouth. Itachi held out his lighter for her again. 

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